A collection of secular music from the High and Late Middle Ages (1000-1400). The mix features songs in vernacular from many different areas of Western Europe, as well as a few songs from the Byzantine and Islamic Empires.

De Fortune me doi Plaindre et Loer | Guillaume de Mauchaut (1300-1377)
Ach Owe, daz Nach Liebe Ergat | Meister Alexander (1247-1288)
Mîzân Qá'im Wa-nisf | from the Nuba Ushshaq, (13th c. Arabo-Andalusian Anon)
Worldes Blis ne Last no Throwe | English Anon. (ca.1265)
Bailemos Nós já Todas | Airas Nunes de Santiago (1230-1289) 
Adiu, Adiu Dous Dame | Francesco Landini (1325-1397)
Ey Dervişler | Yunnus Emre (1238-1320)
A Chantar M'er de So Qu'eu no Volria | Beatriz de Dia (1140-1212)
Ecco la Primavera | Francesco Landini (1325-1397)
Bache, Bene Venies | from the Carmina Burana, (11-13th c. Anon)
Cel que no Volh Auzir Chanssos | Raimon de Miraval (1165 - 1229)
The Nightingales of the East (Ta Aidónia tis Anatolís) | Byzantine Anon. (14th century)
Tant M’Abelis | Berenguer de Palou (1160-1209)
Willekomen si der Sumer Schoene | Brunwart von Augheim (1250-1300)
Esperance | Guillaume de Mauchaut (1300-1377)
Laude Novella | from the Laurdario di Cortona, (13th c. Italian Anon)

Photo: Illumination of a Christian and Muslim playing ouds,
from The Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century Spain)

Always (Julian Albert x Reader)

Request:A Julian imagine where Julian &reader are on a date when alchemy starts ‘whispering’ to the reader because she is one of the people that had powers in flashpoint. So she tells Julian she has to go then she goes to find alchemy. He gives her her powers then the reader goes out to be a distraction to the flash and Julian finds her and tries to calm her down and stop her from wreaking havoc but she ends up hurting Julian and she immediately snaps out of it and tries to help him, then Barry shows up and takes Julian to starlabs to get medical attention from Caitlin. Reader gets locked up in the pipeline and once Julian is doing better team flash sends him down to the pipeline to see the reader and theres tears and fluff..

Prompt: You follow Alchemy voice and get the power of telekinesis but he tells you to kidnap someone. Luckily the flash stops you but not before you accidentally injure Julian.

Words:1320 (longest  I’ve writen in a while Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Warnings: none.

A/N: Back to writing! Request will remain close and so will the ships for now, I just don’t want to get overwhelmed and stuff. I will try to catch up with all your request and once that is done I will open them again :) (Sorry for any small mistakes my computer has been weird all day) Happy Readings!!

“Y/n Y/l/n. Come to me. Claim what is rightfully yours.”

You rub your temples and pick up your phone again to check the time. Julian should’ve been here by now and you were starting to worry.

“Come to me.”

The voice was relentless and you were completely freaking out. You pulled out your phone and texted Julian saying you weren’t feeling well and were heading home.

You start walking home and stop when you realized that you had walked all the way to an empty warehouse. You look around confused because you could’ve sworn you didn’t take any wrong turns.

“Take back what is yours. Come to me.”

“Okay, creepy voice, you win!” you shout as you aggressively open the door to the warehouse. You look around and notice it was empty. You laugh to yourself as you turn around to leave. “I’m officially going crazy.”

“You are not.” A voice says from behind you. Well, that wasn’t in my head, you thought.

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The Messenger of Allah  said:“Your Lord, may He be blessed and exalted,is Kind and Most Generous,and He is too kind to let His slave, if he raises his hands to Him, bring them back empty.
—  Classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood, 1320.

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Hunter stiles? Any ship

A Steady Hand by Saucery (Stiles/Chris, 1320, complete, explicit)

It’s all Stiles needs. ‘

Burning Bridges as We Go by calrissian18 (Stiles/Chris, 742, complete, Mature)

They survive. Make a career of it really, surviving where no one else does.

These Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep by calrissian18 (Stiles/Chris, 25K, complete, Explicit)

His real father was a hero who’d died in the line of fire, pun and all intended there. Chris was a hunter who had trouble sticking to a Code that could fit on the back of a matchbook.

Near to the Wild Heart of Life by Wreck (Stiles/Peter, 3466, complete, Teen)

When Peter left Beacon Hills, he became a guy who specialized in solving problems. When Stiles left Beacon Hills, he may have accidentally become a hunter.

“Oh, Stiles,” Peter calls. “Was there once a face on this guy?”

Stiles comes around the back of the car to stand next to Peter and shrugs. “I guess.”

Peter shoots him a look.

“Well it wasn’t a human face,” Stiles insists.

Silver Lining by cywscross (Stiles/Peter, complete)

As soon as Stiles finds out what his sister is up to, he books the first flight out to San Francisco before making his way to Beacon Hills.

(Possibly with a stolen car.)

Hunting Pains by Ragga (Stiles/Peter, 35K, WIP, Teen)

It was a sad day when one had to resort to time travel because things were just so fucked up. Stiles should know. He went back to undo the whole ‘Beacon Hills is a death trap’ thing but for now he would just settle for knowing where the fuck he was. Even the year would be a nice start. Someone? Anyone?

Or, the one where Stiles travels back in time, karma comes to bite him in the ass, and he ends up as Kate Argent’s hunter mentor. He didn’t take Peter Hale into account either, and he definitely didn’t sign up for everything that came after.

His life.



Life After Love (Victuuri Fanfic)

Gift by: Alisa Yamin
Giftee: Mani

Pairing: Victor x Yuuri
Title: Life After Love
Word Count: 1320 words
Warnings: A little nsfw (as requested) during descriptions but otherwise, its floof
Summary: They are finally retired and they finally get to go on their honeymoon wwww

Will be available on my AO3~


Victor sat back on the couch, crossed legs with a mug of coffee in his hand wearing nothing but a bath robe. The suite was perfect. The carpets were soft and warm enough to walk barefoot on despite the snow outside, the bedroom was spacious and toasty, the living room was welcoming with its decorated art and interior design, and the bathroom had a tub and shower that could probably fit five people respectively. Everything was perfect.

Browsing through the social networks via laptop updated Victor of recent events. He read about various skaters and international news. He even replied to some emails; some personal, and some on behalf of Yuuri.

Victor smiled against the rim of his coffee mug. They had waited quite some time since their engagement to get married. Even longer to go on their honeymoon. Victor had to admit though, the period of their engagement had been some of the best years of his life.

After Victor placed the laptop on top of the table in front of the couch, next to his coffee mug, he stood up and walked to the bedroom where his sleeping beauty laid peacefully.

Two years. Two years of sharing the podium with both Yuri’s. Truly, it was the best two seasons of their lives – inclusive of all the lewd comments Victor and Yuuri would make during practice, the silent smirks and eye contacts during their individual performances and of course, cheering on for their annoyed but adored kitten, Yurio.

Yurio, Yuuri and Victor switched between the top three placements for two whole seasons. Although Yuuri’s anxiety never went away, it was considerably tolerable after Victor or Yurio calmed him down in their own way. Even so, they conquered the men’s singles figure skating world for all it was worth and then abruptly, Victor and Yuuri retired together after Yuuri’s final gold medal. As promised, they announced their set date for the wedding and ran away shortly after the ceremony.

Victor opened the door to the bedroom and smiled helplessly at Yuuri’s sleeping form, body lying flat and exposed as the blanket was discarded on the floor, save for his boxers that he managed to put on in the middle of the night. Yuuri was never a morning person but he was still asleep for a whole different reason. They still had time before their flight but Yurio was expecting a call from them for an update. They were his new coaches after all.

The bed dipped as Victor hovered above Yuuri, hands pressing against the sheet on either sides of Yuuri’s arms, inspecting last night’s damage. There were still some faded marks littered here and there around Yuuri’s back but the prominent and angry mark against Yuuri’s nape made Victor smirk proudly. That was what drove them to climax last night; Yuuri clutching desperately on the sheets as Victor thrust deeply from behind and bit Yuuri’s neck till it bled. Yuuri became very pliable after that, drained completely after such an intense climax.

Victor would probably get Yuuri’s death glares when it starts to throb. To be fair, Yuuri’s marks on Victor weren’t so kind either.

Gently, Victor lowered himself and licked Yuuri’s nape, stirring the younger man awake.

“Yuuri” Victor called out warmly against Yuuri’s bed hair.

Yuuri groaned out his refusal to wake up. Victor could never hold himself back from chuckling at how childish Yuuri acted sometimes.  

Grudgingly, Victor landed his whole body on top of Yuuri which only made Yuuri groan louder. But Victor knew how to get his lover to comply.

“And here I thought I could have my last shower in this lovely suite with my husband. But I guess not.”

He waited and waited. As expected, Yuuri turned his head enough to look at Victor from one eye. He was not smitten at all by Victor’s manipulation but there was love behind that glare.

“…I hate you…” Yuuri mumbled.

Victor leaned in for a peck on the corner of Yuuri’s lips. That was never enough for Yuuri but Victor liked it when Yuuri took initiative. So when Victor braced himself on his arms again, he was totally ready for Yuuri to turn his body underneath Victor and pull Victor down roughly by the neck for a real kiss.

Along the way, their bodies mingled. Victor’s robe was peeled off despite the distracting kiss and soon, it was discarded on top of the blanket on the carpet.

Hands started roaming; Victor’s tracing his marks on Yuuri’s skin, Yuuri’s doing the same to Victor’s body. The violent scratch marks on Victor’s back were caressed by gentle fingers as Victor deepened their kiss. They exchanged hot breaths as they angled their heads momentarily for the perfect fit of their lips. They’ve done it plenty of times, more than enough to know how the other liked it. Yuuri shivered and broke the kiss when Victor’s fingers pressed into the mark on Yuuri’s nape.

Like that wasn’t enough, Victor rolled his hips to create that lovely friction between their groins. Yuuri bit his bottom lip, tossed his head back and made a sound from the back of his throat as his fingers found their way back into the scratches on Victor’s back.

Victor loves the sounds Yuuri makes. Whether it was Victor tearing Yuuri apart or vice versa, Victor will always love Yuuri’s pants, his gasps and the little desperate moans he makes when he’s close. But the real cherry on top of the cake was when Yuuri came, gasping ‘Vitya’ in the most sensual way Victor never thought was possible for his nickname. Yuuri picked up the nickname when Russia became his home rink after Yuuri’s first silver medal at the Grand Prix Finals in Spain.

Yuuri writhed so beautifully beneath Victor now. They didn’t get to explore each other much during their competitive days but now, there was no restraint between them. It was the last day of their honeymoon and Victor was going to make it so worth it. But first, a shower was due. Victor swiftly gets off Yuuri and before his husband could question anything, Victor snaked his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders and under his knees to carry him off the bed.

“Victor oh my go-“ Yuuri was starting to protest.

“I’ll drop you if you struggle Yuuri~” Victor ‘threatened’ with a sweet smile.

Yuuri sighed dramatically and opted to wrap his arms around Victor’s neck instead. Teasingly, Yuuri kissed along Victor’s jaw, licked his pulse point and naughtily bit into the bobbing adam’s apple. In retaliation, Victor pinched what he could within his hold and reveled in Yuuri’s yelps of surprise.

They were both a mess of breathless, giggling lovers by the time they got into the bathroom.

When Victor was young, he always wondered what life he would live after he could no longer skate competitively. Now, he wondered how he ever considered himself ‘living’ before he met Katsuki Yuuri.



Victor and Yuuri smiled casually as they watched an angry Yurio on the screen of the laptop. Yuuri was tucked in Victor’s arms and was sitting between Victor’s legs on the couch. Technically, they were clothed (bathrobes), just not enough to cover the newer marks made in the shower (which was totally Victor’s fault).

Victor raised his forefinger, “Yurio, you need to get used to this. We’ll be doing AND looking much worse when you’re in our care.”

Yurio had opted to start cursing at Victor in Russian which made Yuuri turn to Victor, “Did you really have to say that?”

Victor smirked, “Wanna make it worst?”

Yuuri shrugged.

When Victor held Yuuri lovingly by the chin, and smiled at each other with ‘that look’, Yurio started saying, “Oh. My. God. DON’T. YOU. DAR-“

Too late. The lovers were French kissing with their upset protégé shouting from the other side of the screen.

Hunter Baggage: Coda to 12x06

Okay, so, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I wrote some Outsider POV from 12x06.  The scene between Max, Alicia, Sam and Elvis on the couch fascinated me, so I wrote it from Max’s POV.  It kinda turned into one-sided Max/Sam.  There is an intentional undercurrent with Max that echoes back to certain events in 12x02.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks to @wetsammywinchester for the second pair of eyes on this one.

Pairing: Gen (One sided- Max/Sam) | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 1320 | Archive: Tumblr

Summary: Max is fascinated by the hunter sitting in front of him and he thinks he’s got Sam all figured out.  12x06 coda.  Outsider POV.


With the beer finally starting to work its magic, Max let himself ooze into the couch cushions.  He was tipsy and relaxed and he fingered his half empty bottle absent-mindedly.  The crowd of hunters around him had proved largely uninteresting- an unwashed drunken rabble that had failed to hold his attention.  Alicia remained close, which told him she felt the same.  No matter.  Hunters rarely proved to be people of depth or intellect.  Max and Alicia had crossed paths with a few of the people in the room prior to the wake, and with cursory ‘hellos’ over and done with, it was time to sample as many beers as politely possible and let the evening pass in relaxed enjoyment with his sister.  They would pay their respects to their father when things quieted down.

He took another sip of the beer and let his head loll backwards, Alicia a warm presence next to him.  He didn’t need her comfort, but it was nice to know he had it all the same.  The rhythmic tones of 90s drumlines pounded away in the background and the warmth of the fire and the sweat-stink of too many people made the air close.  It was all surprisingly pleasant.  

His eyes were closed, but he felt a new presence close-by as someone occupied the chair next to them, and he felt Alicia straighten up beside him.  

“Mind if I sit here?” A low, hesitant baritone Max didn’t recognize made him open his eyes.

Oh.  A tall stranger had eased himself onto the arm of the chair, overly long legs jutting into the space between the chair and couch.  He was hunching his shoulders a little, perhaps in an effort to make himself seem smaller, perhaps because he was nervous in the crowd.   He had an air of uneasiness about him, and his eyes kept flitting about the room, as if he was expecting to be terrorized by an unknown assailant.  That told Max many things- this man was a hunter, for one, and an experienced one.  It was common hunter know-how: never let your guard down around people you don’t know, especially ones that are armed.  Something told Max that the man wasn’t used to hunter gatherings such as this one.  Hunters were generally good people, but they all had their baggage and could be unpredictable.  

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The Kid Inside

A/N: [CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #10] - Super Lovers (Haru/Ren) - 45 “Why are you embarrassed? You shouldn’t be.” prompt by Shiba-chan! @shibakamiko I finally managed to finish this. Originally this was supposed to be fic #4 but it got #10 in the end hehe oops, I hope you like iiit *-* 

Summary: Ren and Haru are back inside after an intensive snowball fight, and as they warm up and argue about how Ren doesn’t show the kid in him enough, things turn out rather… tickly.

Word Count: 1320

“Ahhh let’s go in quickly Rennie! That was so much fun!” Haru huffed as he carried his drenched brother inside. The water dripped from Ren’s hair, face and clothes as he hung helplessly in Haru’s arms, shivering from the cold.

Haru quickly put him down on the couch, wrapped a towel plus a blanket around him and turned on the heater.

“There. Much better huh?” he laughed. He couldn’t stop smiling at adorable little Ren; truth was, for the first time in ages he had seen the little kid in Ren come to the surface. The serious 18-year-old had never showed much of his kid inside, even when he was younger. Except when there was snow. Ren loved snowball fights!

They both had been disappointed when they didn’t get to celebrate a White Christmas, build a snowman and have the greatest snowball fights like they did last year. 

So now that they got this lovely surprise, they were sure to make use of it, and got themselves in what Haru would call the most intensive snowball fight ever. One that got him to show up again: young Ren. 

They had so much fun, Ren had laughed playfully, thrown snowballs at Haru and it had been a wonderful sight. How long had they been out in the snow? Probably for hours. Haru couldn’t stop smiling as he thought back of it, and he bent down in front of Ren and took one of his cold feet in his hands.

“Ren? Why are you embarrassed? You shouldn’t be.” Noticing the way Ren lowered his head, a pouty expression and a blush on his face, Haru immediately noticed Ren was embarrassed of what happened.

“I was so stupid..” Ren mumbled, and he pulled the towel tighter around him.

“Naahhh you were a lot of fun!” Haru said, now peeling off Ren’s socks that had gotten all wet through his shoes. His feet were freezing, so he started to massage them lovingly to warm them up.

“Please just pretend you didn’t see that. I’m eighteen, I shouldn’t act like a kid…” Ren sighed, still pouting, and Haru tightened his grip on Ren’s feet.

“You’re sulking about that one time I finally get to see the kid inside you? Stop fooling around Ren!” Haru couldn’t help give the soles of Ren’s feet a quick tickle, and the cutest cackle left Ren’s lips.

“Wahh Haru!” Ren pulled up his knees and tried to hide his feet under the blanket as well, causing him to fall onto his side as he was curled into a little ball.

Ah, Haru had wanted to give Ren a break from his merciless tickles for once, especially after such a tiring snowball fight. But seeing Ren like that, na-ah, he was sold.

“Tell me again. Are you sure you won’t act like a kid again?” Haru asked, slowly seeking his way to an excuse to tickle Ren as he stood at his side, hovering over him and watching him swallow nervously.

“P-positive,” Ren muttered with a blush. Oh that cheeky little-

“GYah!” The blanket burrito jolted hilariously when Haru drew his fingers up his soles, and Haru smirked devilishly.

“I don’t think I agree,” Haru said calmly, and he pounced on the now panicking guy. Ren squirmed around hilariously, but he was quite trapped in the blanket like a sushi roll and Haru was already grabbing his ankles and pulling him over onto his lap as he took a seat on the couch as well.

“NO- nahaha Haru! No tihihickling! Not my feeheheeet!” Ren exploded and that was definitely some kid inside Haru got to see. An entirely different one. A ticklish one.

“But your feet are so cooold Ren, I’m just warming them up!” Haru teased, and he fluttered his fingers up Ren’s ice cold soles. Ren’s toes curled and a cute hiccupy laugh was forced out of him.

“HAha! Hahaharu nooo!” Haru couldn’t stop smirking while his fingers tickled every ticklish little inch of Ren’s soles. He felt the sensitive skin warm up at his touch, looking at him he noticed how adorable he looked laughing like that, and the music of Ren’s beautiful laughter was the big bonus of it all.

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Soft – Jeon Jungkook badboy!au

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1320 

Summary: You were the only girl in the whole university that was not head over heels for Jeon Jungkook, but a party changed your mind about him.

Jeon Jungkook. A fuckboy, ridiculously handsome, but a total bad boy.

He was everything that you were not, god – you hated his guts. His constant flirting, his ridiculously loud parties, his annoying group. Frankly, he just pissed you off and you didn’t want to even see his face around campus. You were the only girl in the whole university that was not falling head over heels for him.

“Oh my god! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Guess what?!” your friend came running to you, almost tripping in the process.

“Calm down, what’s so important that you needed to run here?” a small chuckle escaped from your lips.

“Jungkook…winked at me today oh my god – I was so red!”

“Okay, I’m going to class” obviously, not being humoured by her answer you picked up your books and started to walk away from her. Either people hated Jungkook, or they were more than willing to give up their lives for him and his posse, your friend was no exception.

“Aw come on, don’t be a sour pussy. If Jeon Jungkook, Jeon – hot – as – fuck – Jungkook, winked at you you’re telling me you wouldn’t blush? Not the slightest bit?” your friend crossed her arms, eyebrows raised.

“Puh-lease, if he even tried to flirt with me, I’d want to punch that cocky smirk off his–” a sudden clearing of the throat from someone behind you caused you to stop what you were saying, making you turn around to come face to face with none other than Jungkook.

“It’s not nice to talk about people rudely behind their backs kitten. Do you really hate me that much?” he chuckles, the corner of his eyes slightly wrinkling. Cute. Wait, did you just call Jungkook cute, in your head? Oh god.

“What’s wrong kitten?” he smirks, that bloody smirk you’d love to take of his face with your fist in his face but heck, you’re too nice to do that. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Tsk tsk tsk, next time I see you kitten, you better have learnt some manners towards your master” Jungkook’s hand came up and ruffled your hair, his smirk never fading, before walking away from you.

You simply stared at your friend. Master?

The next meeting you had with Jungkook was after a few days at a party that you’d been dragged too by your friends, but they ditched you going off with some guys. The part setting was definitely not one for you. You’d much rather stay at home, dress in pj’s, cuddle up in bed with a good book and binge watch some shows or even study. Not be wearing a strapless dress that was way too short for your liking (but according to your friends ‘it makes your ass pop!’) and to be surround by people who are half drunk and basically swallowing each other’s faces.

“Hey Jungkook! Isn’t that your kitten over there?” a deep voice rang out against the blaring music, making you turn around. With a red cup full of – god knows what type of alcohol – there was a boxy smile and brown haired boy grinning back at you probably the one who called you kitten. Taehyung. Standing right beside him was Jungkook. Fucking hell now Taehyung’s calling me kitten too.

Turning on your heels and head hung low you started walking away, hoping that the door out will open for you and you can just leave without being embarrassed. But a strong grip pulled you in a different direction. A small “oof” escaped your lips as you came in contact with someone’s chest.

“Look what we have here boys, some entertainment”, a drunken voice caused you to look up but before you could even try and push this stranger away Jungkook’s voice was heard.

“Oi Jackson, let her go” he was still holding the red cup in his hand, in the dim lighting you swore he was clenching it that it was crumpling.

“Aw come on man. Loosen up a little, this ones too pretty too let go” Jackson’s lips came awfully close to your neck but you saw a fist come out of nowhere and hit him in the nose, making him fall backwards. Before you could process what was actually going on, Jungkook grabbed your wrist and dragged you out of the party.

“You need to go home” he spoke after you were pulled outside into the cold and started to shiver.

“Oh my god are you ok–”

“Home” he emphasised, finally letting go of your wrist.

“But my friends–”

“I’ll tell them you left cause you were feeling sick” he spoke as he took off his leather jacket, how typical, but then he placed his jacket over your shoulders, not so typical.

You didn’t see Jungkook until a week later. You hated to admit it, but you were worried. After the incident at the party all you wanted to see was Jungkook.

I just want to return his jacket, yeah…that’s all. You tried to convince yourself of that but deep down you knew, you really just wanted to see his face again. You wanted to see his perfectly sculpted jaw, his pink lips, his soft luscious hair, his smile– fuck you were getting carried away again.

“Uh ___?” a nudge to your elbow snapped you out of your day dream. Your friends in front of you were pointing behind you. You raised an eyebrow out of curiosity about what could have made them so silent, after turning around you found out. Jungkook.

“Hey uh…can I talk to you? In private…” he raised his hand to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck.

The fact that Jungkook was actually wanting to talk to you wasn’t the most shocking thing to you right now. It was the fact that he had a busted lip, bandaged over his cheek and knuckles, a swollen eye. What the heck had he been doing before we came here?!

“I got into a fight with Jackson cause stealing ‘his girl’ away from him isn’t a good idea and apparently he doesn’t appreciate a broken nose but jokes on him cause I just made it worse” you stood there in shock.

“You got into a fight with him– over me?

“I-I wouldn’t say, for you b-but…yeah…” Jungkook was nervous. Jeon bloody Jungkook was nervous in front of you. He looked cute. His cheeks had a small colour of pink in them and he wasn’t looking at you, instead his eyes were fixated on the ground. He looked, really , really cute.

A shy smile spread across your face. “Thank you Jungkook” He looked up at you with wide eyes before smiling back at you. He was smiling, actually smiling, not smirking. His front teeth were slightly bigger than the rest which made him seem like a bunny to you. Just when you didn’t think he could be any cuter.

Jungkook ended up walking you to your class that day, refusing to take back his jacket, saying it was like a gift to you. You weren’t able to keep your mind off him. His smile, the way his cheeks protuded when he grinned, the way his tanned skin complimented his body.

When you got back to your aparement that night, you stripped of your clothes and tossed them on your bed but you noticed a small coloured piece of paper fall out of your books. You picked it up and started reading it:

To my kitten,

It may be a bit sudden but, would you like to go out on a date?

My numbers on the other side of the paper. Hope to see you soon…hopefully?


You couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. Jeon Jungkook, the bad boy, was asking you out on a date. Looks like he wasn’t all that tough, he was a total softie. It was very cute, there was no way you were going to refuse his offer for a date.

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asdfghjkl i just wanted to say thank you so much for 100 followers!! i love you all so much and i’ll try my best to keep updating but i may not have time cause school started for me but i will try!