Dear Vivian Tran,

Hi cutie(:.  I’ve known you for quite a while now. It hurts a bunch to know you’re gone. Well, I know that I will most likely see you next year at Missouri, and that makes me like super duper excited and all, but to not see you for all that time? It’ll suck . A lot .

When your train was coming at JFK after those super fun two days spent with you, ffhdkjahfk. I tried my best to keep the tears in. I don’t know, I really hate it when I cry in public. It was so hard to keep it in all the way home, and when i got home, I just balled.

We’ve had so many wonderful memories together. I actually don’t think we’ve ever had a bad moment together, or it could just be my horrid memory. We’ve had so many laughs together.  I’m going to treasure those times forever.

I’m going to miss seeing your face (practically) every Sunday.  I looked forward to seeing you every week.  You were probably one of the girls I was most close to in our class, even though we weren’t that close at all.  This year I was kinda sad because you didn’t show up as much, but when you did show up, it legit brightened up my day. I liked seeing you.  You always looked wicked pretty no matter what, ugh, I’m jealous d: .

Every time I think about you moving to Texas, it’s really hard to keep the tears in. I’m going to miss you very very very very very very very very much.

Keep smiling with that smile that brightens up everybody’s day. Keep looking beautiful, but haha, we all know that easy for you ‘cause when you wake up, BAM beautiful ! I would know d: . Keep being the amazing girl I know.

 I love you Vivian.


Mai Linh.

p.s, i hope you liked that sucky two minute voicemail i left you.  it was too noisy at canobie to try to make you another D: