Kai131107 KBS-R Cool FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio Special DJ

Credit: TAKE ME OUT!. (KBS-R 쿨 FM 슈퍼주니어의 키스 더 라디오 스페셜 DJ)

Choose who do you want as your lover among the members of this MC.

*Natsu seems tremendously serious while she’s thinking about who to choose, since Natsumikan, Madoka and Aoi aren’t in this MC she doesn’t know who to choose*

Love-tan → Natsu
Chihiro → *she didn’t say the name and I don’t get who she indicated, it seems Haruppi or Chiyori*
Natsu → Love-tan
Haruppi → Chihiro
Chiyori → Natsu
Riinu → Natsu
Nao → Shinamon
Shinamon → Chihiro

Natsu: It’s reciprocated!

Haruppi (making a fool of Natsu): Kinjirareta futari~

Chiyori (disappointed since Natsu chose Love-tan): Natsumi.
Chihiro: Creepy!
Haruppi: She’s really popular!


Choose who do you wanna marry among the members of this MC.

Love-tan → Riinu
Chihiro → Chiyori
Natsu → Riinu
Haruppi → Love-tan
Chiyori → Chiyori (yes, she indicated herself)
Riinu → Love-tan
Nao → Riinu
Shinamon → Riinu

Love-tan: If I marry Chiyori and we’ll have children they’ll be a bit… unattractive. So I chose Riinu.


Xiumin, Lay - 131107 MBC-R Pyojun FM Shimshimtapa Special DJ - [ENG SUB]

Credit: anerianat39. (MBC-R 표준FM 신동의 심심타파 스페셜 DJ)