@AllRiseSilver: You do know that tomorrow is Super Junior’s 8th anniversary since debut, right? It wouldn’t be Super Junior if we were to just pass the day. There will be an airport fashion event on day we fly to Mexico. All you guys have to do is just watch and enjoy. And so that there is no harm at the airport, please be in order and keep ELF’s kind and beautiful image! (c)

하지만 방탄소년단이 진격한다면 어떨까!! 여러분 드디어 내일 진격이네용 \@-@/ 다들 진격할 준비 되셨죠?? 캬캬 가자아아~~~~ 지금은 열심히 연습중 !! http://t.co/ZhT5KpcIEr

[J-HOPE] But what will happen if BTS rises!! Everyone we’re finally rising tomorrow \@-@/ Is everybody prepared to rise?? Kyakya let’s go~~~~ Right now we’re working hard practising !! http://t.co/ZhT5KpcIEr

여러분 랩모니 슈가형 열심히 (일)하는즁 … 캬캬캬 아!! 그거 알아요??? 지금 홉이 로그뜬고…. 캬캬캬캬 얼른 보러오세요 http://t.co/GZnjOV6G9wquote>

[J-HOPE] Everyone RapMonie and Suga hyung’s busy working … Kyakyakya ah!! You know what??? Right now a Hobie log has popped up…. Kyakyakyakya go and watch right away http://t.co/GZnjOV6G9w

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans


[ENG] 131105 B.A.P on SELECT Interview Vol.2