/Okay so I just spent about 12984928569 hours doing this to help anyone that wants to know about ToppDogg. Their bios, twitter info, Xero fan bases, Teasers, MV’s, Live stages, backstage clips, TV shows etc…

Official MV’s

TheNewestcrew ToppDogg Choreography MV’s

Live Stages

말로해 (Follow me/Say it)

들어와 (Open the Door)

아라리오 (Arario)

Backstage cuts

Eng subbed

Raw (no subs)


Arirang TV (Eng subbed)

More coming soon….

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130612 Show Champion Showdown Link

130621 Asian Dream Cup Xiumin&Luhan Cut

130626 TV Show Champion Link

130627 M!Countdown Opening Link

130701 Beatles Code 2 Link

130703 Show Champion Cut

130706 Star King Cut

130706 Happy Camp Link

130707 1000 Song Challenge Cut

130708 Beatles Code Link

130708 Hello Counsler Link

130710 Weekly Idol [1] [2] [3] [4]

130713 EXO Star King Cut

130715 Beatles Code 2 Link

130719 Chanyeol&Sehun Royal Village 2 Link

130719 I Live Alone Cut

130720 We Got Married Link

130727 Star King Link

130803 Chanyeol&Sehun Royal Village 2 Link

130801 Chanyeol M!Countdown MC Cuts 

130811 Kai Inkigayo MC Cuts

130823 Baekhyun and Chanyeol Music Bank MC Cut

130827 Kris Simply K-POP Special MC Cut 

130830 Tao Star Diving Show Splash Cut

130831 Tao&Xiumin Gourmet Road Link 

130901 EXO Chanyeol MAMA MIA Full

130902 Kris Simply K-POP Special MC Cut 

130906 Baekhyun&Chanyeol Music Bank MC Cut

130914 Tao Star Diving Splash Show Link 

130928 Suho&Baekhyun Quiz To Change The World [1] [2] [3] [4]

130928 Xiumin Music Core MC Cut 

131005 Chanyeol MBC F1 Music Core Special Cut

131006 Baekhyun Inkigayo MC Cut

131007 Suho&Baekhyun Host Gangnam Festival [1] [2] [3]

131025 Kris MC Asian Song Festival Cut 

131103 Kris Youtube Music Awards Cut 

131114 EXO 2013 Melon Award MC Cut

131117 Kris&Tao Dream Team Full

131124 Kris&Tao Dream Team Full 

131130 Kai&Suho Guest Appearance We Got Married Cut