Hey black Greeks! Boycott Haute Greeks for this racist, misogynistic bullshit. It’s 100% unnecessary and I’m really trying to comprehend how this person has so much influence in the D9 community.

Its so crazy how D9 Greeks are hating on Burning Sands and calling it inaccurate when niggas have been traumatized and/or dying from hazing for YEARS!

I know how much yall love yall brother and sisterhood and legacy but stop being in denial. Yall know damn well that some of these frats be wildin on these campuses. Just because YOU didnt experience some crazy shit doesnt mean your “brother” and “sister” didnt.

Turning a blind eye and treating certain D9 orgs less than cuz they “paper” is whats continuing this fuckshit. P.s. the director is a Que


Just caught this on AO3 and damn if I didn’t need this today.

Dialogue from the Lego Batman Movie + Sisko-Dukat clips = LOL

Source & lots of notes here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11664915/

Emma found him in a corner in the dark, mumbling strange things. But the worst part was when she saw what was happening. His hook was red with blood…his blood. His right arm sel injurned. She begged him to stop but he was still shaking repeating for himself 

‘S Not Me

Killian was lost in the middle of the room. Fire around him, coming closer every new seconds. And God it hurts. It hurts until he realized that it was his arm. Darkness swrirring around it. And he couldn’t get it away. Soon the dagger from his tatoot started to grow and grow and grow until it cover his forarm, tendrils of poison piercing his skin. It wasn’t him. They beat the darkness long ago and yet here he was, trying desperately to rip it of with his hook.

And it didn’t stop until Emma finally managed to bring him back to reality, holding his body as he let go of all the tension of his body and mind.

Day 9 (3/28/17)
Buckle up! Angst post!

I’m having trouble feeling human and normal, so here are human items I took out of my backpack to make an human ace flag for myself.

1) BLACK [Chapstick]. I enjoy kissing my photographer partner here but I don’t think I get nearly as much out of it as he does. And that’s okay.
2) GREY [Totoro Pen]. A very dear friend gave this to me. One of my favourite things about Miyazaki movies is the huge emphasis on platonic love and almost the complete nonexistence of sexual attraction in these universes. (I’m still learning to grasp romantic love beyond the need for validation from the gender society has deemed to be dominant. Perhaps I am aro too. Haha!)
3) WHITE [Headphones]. I’ve discovered that music really really helps calm my depression + anxiety. Music doesn’t so much distract as it keeps my mind grounded and lets me process my thoughts without spiralling too far. I don’t connect to music as much as most everyone I know though, and I think about that sometimes.
4) PURPLE [Flower]. I was called a plant in high school. I’m also called a grandma a lot. I like plants and grandmas, so I don’t mind it at all, but it’s interesting what you remember when you’re feeling non-human.