Hey black Greeks! Boycott Haute Greeks for this racist, misogynistic bullshit. It’s 100% unnecessary and I’m really trying to comprehend how this person has so much influence in the D9 community.


Best probate I’ve ever seen !

Day 9 (3/28/17)
Buckle up! Angst post!

I’m having trouble feeling human and normal, so here are human items I took out of my backpack to make an human ace flag for myself.

1) BLACK [Chapstick]. I enjoy kissing my photographer partner here but I don’t think I get nearly as much out of it as he does. And that’s okay.
2) GREY [Totoro Pen]. A very dear friend gave this to me. One of my favourite things about Miyazaki movies is the huge emphasis on platonic love and almost the complete nonexistence of sexual attraction in these universes. (I’m still learning to grasp romantic love beyond the need for validation from the gender society has deemed to be dominant. Perhaps I am aro too. Haha!)
3) WHITE [Headphones]. I’ve discovered that music really really helps calm my depression + anxiety. Music doesn’t so much distract as it keeps my mind grounded and lets me process my thoughts without spiralling too far. I don’t connect to music as much as most everyone I know though, and I think about that sometimes.
4) PURPLE [Flower]. I was called a plant in high school. I’m also called a grandma a lot. I like plants and grandmas, so I don’t mind it at all, but it’s interesting what you remember when you’re feeling non-human. 


Delta and Que Set it OWT in Divorce Court… funniest thing I’ve seen this week *shrugs*


The only Greek switch i have seen at my school

Kappa Kappa Psi impersonating the AKA's on our yard


[ Open ] | Taken | Reserved

Tribute: Pierce Hartman || District: 9 || Age: 18 || Face Claim: Caleb Landry Jones

Pierce’s first Reaping was the Fourth Quarter Quell. No one remembers those Games as well as he does. Pierce was twelve and terrified when his name was drawn but he was saved that time when the eventual Victor, Jaxon Bo, volunteered and took his place. Six years later, the Reaping ceremony produced his name once again; but this time Pierce was ready. He had spent the past few years learning to fight and developing a hatred for the Capitol that grew stronger every day. Pierce knows that his life wasn’t the only one permanently damaged by the Games and, although he hates to admit it, he also knows that he won’t live long enough to see an end to that suffering. He probably won’t survive the Games but he hopes for two things: the chance to make a memorable, defiant gesture- just enough of a spark to start something -and to guarantee that this year’s Victor will be someone worth saving.

Weakness: angry and impulsive, stealth || Strengths: determination, hand to hand combat || Weapon of choice: hatchet