f(x) #1 AWARDS collection for Pinocchio and Hot summer (2011)

Cr: Jess and K ^^

The girls had totally 10 wins within 84 days for Pinocchio and Hot Summer

I feel like a proud mom tbh, to put these precious moments together :)

Rest well and comeback soon,f(x)~


[INFO] 2PM's Schedules 13072011-17072011

Wed 13 Jul   KBS2 Music Bank in Tokyo Dome [Japan][Record]

Fri 15 Jul      KBS2 Music Bank [Broadcast][6.05PM]

Sat 16 Jul     MBC Music Core [Broadcast][04.00PM]
                   MBC We Got Married  [Khun,2PM][Broadcast][05.10PM]       
                   KBS2 Immortal Song 2  [Junsu][Broadcast][05.50PM]
                   KBS 1 Open Concert [Record][8.00PM]   

                   SBS Plus 2pm Show [Broadcast][11.00PM] 

 Sun 17 Jul   SBS Inkigayo  [Broadcast][03.50PM]


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[INSIGHT] Khuntoria's Unseen Photo in WGM Ep. 54

cr: winnie bar

Our lovely FBI-Winnies have discovered an unseen photo of Khuntoria during this week’s episode. Check out the slide show screen, its a pic of Khuntoria taken on the anniversary bus. How can I tell, you say? Well, most obvious is Vic’s veil. Other thing is, you can see the clothes line of memorobilia photos used to decorate the bus. Winnies also spotted their Khuntoria fanart used in the ceremony slide show as well.

This further proves that there are ALOT of Khuntoria pics on that lovely pink camera that we have not yet seen. Not to mention their personal cell phones. Nice~~


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110712 생생정보통 - Young People’s Favourite Songs for the Summer

cr: v1 myth/Winnie bar

f(x)’s ‘Hot Summer’ is the hottest (not just a pun) song for the summer according to young people. 2PM’s 'Hands Up’ is also the second hottest song (again, not just a pun) hehe. f(pm) FTW!



(ENG) 2PM Show Episode 1 Part 2.B

Cr: 1womansubs

Please watch the rest in the same channel 


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[NEWS] 2PM Show Teaser for upcoming episode + Taecyeon tears up from…

On the upcoming episode of “2PM Show”, the boys faced a difficult task as they were challenged to eat lemons as quickly as possible.

While members Junsu and Nichkhun confidently stated, “I’m normally good at eating sour things,” the other members weren’t so confident stating, “Just looking at it makes me taste the sourness.”

Especially concerned was Taecyeon who looked averse to the fruits, saying, “I was never able to eat sour foods.”

As his tears fell while eating the lemon, he showed a different image opposed to his beastly idol image.

The episode will air on the 16th at 11PM.

cr: limabean17 @allkpop

*We posted the preview earlier*

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[FANCAM] 2PM Arrival at Haneda Airport in Japan 12072011

cr: Winnie bar