do you know that (8/8) : bts edition


13:54 [[사진]] [20130626] 쇼! 챔피언 현장 STAFF DIARY

빅히트엔터테인먼트 팬클럽 담당자입니다.

6월 26일 쇼! 챔피언 현장입니다.

랩몬스터 발!견!

옆에 제이홉군을 불러 Smile~ :^D
방탄의 94라인입니다.

조용히 94라인을 지켜보던 방탄의 맏형 진과 막내 정국이 셀카를 찍습니다.

95라인 뷔, 지민군은 무대에 오르기 전 다시 한번 모니링을 합니다. (짝짝짝)

저기.. 랩몬스터군의 보조개가 매력적이라면서요?
소문듣고 찾아왔는데 보여주세요.

듣던대로 좋은 보조개를 가지고 계시는군요 (찡긋)

이름이 뭐예요~ ♬

SUGA, V, Rap Monster입니다 ‘3’#

저….저기요…. 리허설 가시기 전에 정국군도 사진 하나만……. 찌..ㄱ..을게요……

소중한 시간 내어주셔서 감사합니다…….

생방송 무대에 오르기 전 V군의 샤방한 모습 한 컷!! 짜잔~

얼굴도 샤방샤방~~♬

무대가 끝나고 정국군은 모니터링을 하고 있습니다.

막내가 이래도 되나~~~ 싶을 정도로 카리스마가!!!!

방탄소년단의 공식 포토그래퍼님 활동中
포토그래퍼 슈가군 언제 쯤 슈가의 시선 퍼레이드를 공개 하실껀가요?

<요청> 방탄소년단 슬로건을 이용해 패션 화보 놀이 좀 해주세요.





이상! 예쁜 곳 많은 방탄소년단 대기실 현장이였습니다 :^)

I made this vine for no reason other than Jinki just sitting there…fanning himself…looking sexy af

listen to that woman in the audience…lol. Jinki smiles when he hears it…he KNOWS what he is doing to us…

Mnet 20’s Choice 130718

Somehow o.O between receiving the award and getting back to the table, Jinki ending up with Taemin’s jacket on…and Taemin was wearing Jinki’s (they are switching back here)…now HOW did that happen…and what was that high five with Minho about???

maybe they took them off in the men’s room to wash their hands and put the wrong ones back on…or maybe Taemin was getting his birthday present backstage…o.O …who knows…

Mnet 20’s Choice 130718

[FANACCOUNT] 130718 XiuHan in Kazan

This fanaccount never made it to the blog because we didn’t want people to misunderstand the fan’s and Luhan’s intentions. However, it goes along with everything we’ve heard so far about Luhan’s protectiveness. He really never liked it when people disrupted his and Xiumin’s privacy.

Anyway, this happened after all those adorable XiuHan pictures were taken in Kazan. The fan had originally been there to take pictures of Xiumin, but Luhan wouldn’t leave him alone for two seconds~

I was filming Xiumin, but then Luhan walked over to him. I started filming them when they heard their manager’s voice and started heading in my direction.

After that I turned around and filmed them again. They were walking along the side of the road, and I managed to take some good photos of them. But then I noticed Luhan gesturing with his hands. He crossed them to form an X sign, indicating that he wanted me to stop, so I did.

The picture below was the last picture she took before Luhan signaled to her to stop: