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I’ve been on tumblr for five (maybe six) years now, so I just want to take a moment to show off some really beautiful blogs and people that I’ve discovered since I’ve been here. Mutuals are bolded!

A Few Cool Peeps:

baudaelairs | bloodtraitcr dareduvil petitekhuu | sungoddessre | theaznbrian

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aka-ryuzaki | benriyades | cielsdemondeep-in-trouble | gangstacapshell-butler | lavi-dgm | lawlietisawesomelawllietsmakoharuh | misa-fatale | paulklee-guild | phantomxhivepsycho-greaserspsychos-passing | shinya-k | shuuzei | thirdredking | quinsdecim

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adriensbrodyy | apolho armyofghosts | brodys-nosechandelyer | dailygyllenhaalsdaiyuu | devotedpatroclusfashion-runways |  hhxdes incpetioninquisitiveg | instrumentalejustbrowningknightleyfansle-jolie | modelmoiselle | sherlace | slytheriddle warthol | wooden-folks | wxrdless 130186 | -eliesaab 

it’s been pretty slow around here for a while now and frankly i don’t have the will to pick things back up, even if i’ve met some amazing people who have really helped keep this place alive for me. so because i just hit 2.4k followers—kinda crazy seeing how far i’ve come over time—i decided i might as well do this as my official goodbye for now. i’ve been around since july 2012 so naturally this isn’t anywhere near the first time i take a hiatus, but somehow i always manage to come back at one point or another. not to mention, typist’s life is currently way too hectic to prioritize keeping up with this, so the only place you’ll really be able to find me is probably aim. that being said, onto the fun part!

i’ll start off with the ones who have proven themselves best friend status. thank you for being there for me no matter what (seriously, i don’t know how you guys do it!), making me smile, watching all the ridiculous vines i send you, and basically just existing. hover over your names for a little message!

@vurikwn​ @deffjamzz @taeyeoh @jaeparkib @kjhyun @kimchitae​ 

HOUSE LANNISTER. my purely insane family.

@deffjamzz@taeyeoh@tarrln@bruhbomb​ @xmaliu@tsntere@prkjinyng

HOE SQUAD. love my ladies!


below are the people i enjoy interacting with or admire from afar. follow them—you’ll thank me later. the names in bold are those who i’m especially a fan of.


@130186 @1konic @94vousmevoyez @amoralie @baeyeonsei @borarayoon @chaereign @cheonjaen @creswendolls @csyng @daphnyx @deadahyun @dumbseul @ganggz @hmyx @hwngtiff


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99% sure i missed a ton of people—sorry in advance! thank you so much again to everyone, listed and unlisted, for gracing my dashboard with your presence. if you’d like to continue roleplaying with me, you can ask for my new muse’s url. but because everything’s so busy, like i mentioned above, the best place to find me for now would be aim. once more, it’s not like i’m leaving for good. odds are i’ll be back in a few months’ time, but who knows? lots of love for you all. it’s been lit!

  Hello everyone! This is my third follow forever and I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to all my followers and people I follow.  It’s really great to know some of you guys and if we haven’t talked yet then message me!! In advance, I would like to apologize if I made any stupid/careless mistakes on here. HAPPY NEWS YEAR TOO!! CHECK OUT THESE BLOGS! 

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juliearty  asked:

im not sure if youve answered this before (i just followed you), but how did you start learning how to come up with clothing for designs? i want to practice drawing outfits more (other than just plain tshirts and pants haha) and i really see your designs as inspiration, so i was curious as to how you started designing clothes! (i hope this makes sense)


there are two general things that i usually consider, that is to say shape/lines that i want to use in the character design, and the effect/mood i want to achieve.

it’s easier to look at things with shapes and lines if you start with a silhouette, what i usually end up doing is blocking in the general body shape and then adding shapes/elements(lapels, belts, etc.)  to it until i find something that i like

it’s also easier to kind of get the effect you want that way, whether you want someone that is stately and imposing vs light and agile vs very decorative vs simple efficiency, etc. since a lot of that is dependent on shapes

once you have the shapes / cut of the clothes/accessories/etc. down, i guess consider the texture and material – since fabric have differing weights, it’ll affect the way it drapes (= the way you draw your lines to show folds/gravity). texture will affect the way light hits the fabric (= the way you shade/render), and can also have an effect on the mood thing mentioned above along with print/patterns on the fabric (e.g. a dress made with velvet is very different in feel from one made with taffeta, brocade, chiffon, wool, etc.)

eta: i forgot to mention! please consider motifs and colour as well ;u;b if you want to associate a character with particular symbols/shapes or colour, that is also something you want to think about and something that you can establish with design in terms of clothes (e.g. my inquisitor always wears a set of leaf pins and that makes it easier for me to incorporate it into other clothes he might wear, one of my ocs really likes stars and circles, etc.)

and obviously you need to look at some real-world examples to get an idea of what you like / what looks good / how fabrics work ;u; i follow a few lolita/ouji fashion blogs and some general edwardian/victorian blogs, but 130186 / agameofclothes are some for haute couture i generally recommend and mensfashionworld is more contemporary male fashion (though sometimes it gets pretty weird tbh). i’m also subscribed to /r/malefashionadvice and they often have outfit posts that are more useful in modern/contemporary settings, but there isn’t a really big variety and it’s mostly focused on western street fashion so keep that in mind i guess

i hope that helps!

I recently hit 10,000 followers (!!!) and since I’m unable to do a giveaway, I thought I’d do a FF to celebrate!

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