130114 Rap Monster tweets

안녕하세요 저는 랩몬입니다 맨날 여름에는 겨울이 싫고 겨울에는 여름이 싫다고들 하는데 저는 겨울이 싫어요 옷도 비싸고.. 어.. 추운 건 못 참아요.. 그래도 추울 때마다 저 멀리 캐나다나 그린란드에서 점퍼 한 벌 입고 버텨낸다는 사람들 생각하면서

Hello I’m RapMons. When it’s summer I always say that I hate winter and when it’s winter I say that I hate summer but I hate winter. Also, the clothes (for winter) are expensive… ugh… I can’t stand the cold… even so, while I think about the people in Canada, in Greenland wearing only wear a jumper, like one piece of clothes, bearing the cold

이겨내려고 하는데.. 아.. 그런 게 다 무슨 상관이에요 그냥 너무 추워여 저 좀 덥혀주시길 핫하하ㅏㅎ하사하

I want to overcome it ah… then what’s all of this? just that I’m really cold and want you all to warm up a little hahahaahaha

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We’re only just releasing these two pictures after the broadcast of Idol Sports Championships because we didn’t want to spread any VIXX pictures before. One of our friends has the chance to be at the venue and she kindly allowed us to use these two pictures. Thought we’d just share them with you guys :)

130114 Idol Sports Championships - Ravi, Tao & Leo | cr JaellyBeanSG ; Do Not Crop or Edit.