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This video made me really upset today. I know this happens every time on the airport. But this video here, if you look at it more carefully, is so full of details. I know the boys are used to being mobbed at the airport. I bet that they always think of it as hell they have to go through while on the way to catch their flight.

All I see in this video are young girls abusing them. Not directly, but through their actions. All the girls screaming “Sehun-oppa!” shows that they are probably under age. You see some of the girls swearing by the end of the video, pulling each other out of frustration. I don’t get it.

I don’t blame the manager oppas for shoving them. Should they let the girls tug on the boys as if they are some animals? Did you see how Luhan fell at the 1:30 mark? Lay being pushed from behind at 0:58? Girls trying to touch them during the whole time? Do you know this is called harassing?

As an international fan you may think I have no right to meddle in this. Well, I love the boys just as much as you do, although I do not speak your language or live in your county. Hell, I haven’t even seen them yet. But just so you know, I will never do that, because I know what personal space means and I respect it.

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안녕하세요 저는 랩몬입니다 맨날 여름에는 겨울이 싫고 겨울에는 여름이 싫다고들 하는데 저는 겨울이 싫어요 옷도 비싸고.. 어.. 추운 건 못 참아요.. 그래도 추울 때마다 저 멀리 캐나다나 그린란드에서 점퍼 한 벌 입고 버텨낸다는 사람들 생각하면서

Hello I’m RapMons. When it’s summer I always say that I hate winter and when it’s winter I say that I hate summer but I hate winter. Also, the clothes (for winter) are expensive… ugh… I can’t stand the cold… even so, while I think about the people in Canada, in Greenland wearing only wear a jumper, like one piece of clothes, bearing the cold

이겨내려고 하는데.. 아.. 그런 게 다 무슨 상관이에요 그냥 너무 추워여 저 좀 덥혀주시길 핫하하ㅏㅎ하사하

I want to overcome it ah… then what’s all of this? just that I’m really cold and want you all to warm up a little hahahaahaha

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