I’m not even a huge fan of Yukari myself, but not enough people draw her as ripped as she would be. She’s an archer using non-compound non-modern longbows (which tend to have draw strengths of between 80 and 130 pounds). Her upper body would be ripped as hell by the end of the game, she could easily choke someone out with her rippling biceps. She could arm wrestle Akihiko and give him a good run. She could lift Junpei over her head almost without question.

Draw Yukari ripped you cowards.

DIY Adult Onesie Pajamas

Hi lovelies! Here is my first ever tutorial, adult onesie pajamas! These jammies are suuuper cozy and easy for anyone to make, even if you don’t have a sewing machine! This project can take anywhere from 3-8 hours, so make sure you remember to take breaks for snacks and drinks! Have a friend or caregiver help you if you’d like. These jammies can be made in any size and can be modified to your liking as well. Tutorial begins under the cut! If there is a step that you don’t understand or need clarification on, please feel free to message me!♥ Note: It’s picture heavy!

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when are we gonna stop calling jimin and yoongi chubby when jimin weighs 130 pounds and yoongi weighs less than that. I know y'all are gonna say “it’s not that deep” but calling skinny people chubby etc. is not only harmful to them but to everyone who struggles with weight and the unhealthy and unrealistic body standards that we see everywhere bc if these two guys who are obviously nowhere near overweight are being called chubby, fat, etc. then what kind of body image do y'all think thats promoting?

Hey everyone! I want to do a photo project about weight. I feel like there’s this myth that all girls/women should weigh between 110-130 pounds to be “healthy” or “pretty” or “skinny” which i don’t think is true at all. i used to believe that because of what i hear from celebrities, but once me & my friends started talking about our weights i realized that some of my tiny skinny friends weighed 140/150 etc and as i’ve said before i weigh 200 which from the media you would think is HUGE but it’s really not.

anyways tl;dr i want to show that the way you look often has nothing to do with how much you weigh and we can be all different sizes and “skinny” or “healthy” or “fit” or “thick” at all different weights.

SO if you can, pleaseeeeee message me a picture of yourself (it could just be your face or your body, w.e. you want) holding a paper/sign that says your weight and/or your size. if you want to be anonymous you can blur out your face or w.e. you feel comfortable with.

thank you!!! xoxoxo


On Sunday, his birthday, John went out hunting and got his first deer ever. He crept up to it, wind in his favor, and landed a shot with his compound bow at about 4pm. He almost fainted from adrenaline. He managed to call me and I sprinted up the normally hour long hike to the area in under 40 minutes.
We tracked it into a huge field of neck-high weeds and lost the trail. By then it was completely dark and frost was forming everywhere. The search carried on for another two hours with no trace. It was almost 8pm and we were exhausted. We almost gave up the search for the night when we stumbled into a small clearing 120 yards from where we were looking. The deer was laying there dead but peacefully.

It was beautiful, sad, and relieving all at once. We were glad he went quickly and found a comfy place to do so. We thanked him for his body and brought him all the way back home. He weighed in at around 130 pounds, a pretty big boy. We kept his skin, buried his head to dig up in the spring time, and butchered him ourselves the next morning. Our dogs will be having venison mixed into their foods the next couple weeks and we will also get to eat for a long time to come. Some of the meat already went to friends and about 14 pounds went to the butcher to make jerky and sausage. We kept most organs and I took enough fat to make some candles. Whatever was left went back to the earth for the coyotes and birds to pick from.

The last photo is not just most of the deer meat, but also a whole wild rabbit who was hit by a car (legs were mutilated, he had to be put down asap), and a piece of moose and elk from work. I am so thankful to these creatures and to feel so close to the ebb and flow of nature. I think most creatures have a very good concept of predator and prey, and while they do not want to die they understand as a prey animal that death is a constant. I don’t really know how to express it correctly, but I tried!


In this corner, weighing in at 130 pounds soaking wet, she’s the queen of alternative facts and a victim of the bowling green massacre, KELLYANNE CONWAY!!!

And the challenger, weighing in at a hefty 175 lbs, he’s currently chewing three whole packs of gum, SEAN “I’m not hot I’m spicy” SPICER!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a match to see who will be President Trumps’ Ass Kisser in Chief. The winner of this match will be awarded the right to speak for trump for the next four years and a majority stake in Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing, while the loser will be exiled to Mexico to live the simple life of being a bad hombre.

Things noticed after top surgery

- Hugs feel closer and warmer
- Boobage takes up a lot of shirt space
- I no longer wear a medium in most tees
- I’m actually more fit than I thought
- Muscles 0-0
- 130 pound dogs can get caught in drain tubes
- Sleep can actually become boring
- Oxy is an interesting drug
- I remember why I quit smoking pot, damn post high depressions
- Friends are great
- Laxatives help
- I’m not good at sitting still
- Animals know when something’s up (my cats won’t leave me be!)
- If you don’t shave for a week you’ll look like a werewolf
- You’ll be tired even after you’re done using the oxy. Who knows why but you will be
- Sleep
This has been an amazing journey and I can only be thankful for my friends and mom for supporting me through the ups and downs of the surgery and recovery.

One year ago, right now, I was sitting in a hospital gown with IVs in my arm, about to be wheeled back to the surgery room.

Since then, I have changed so much. Yes, I have lost 130 pounds. Yes, I have dropped dress sizes. And that’s fantastic, and I’m really proud of myself for that.

But the best part of my weight loss is how I feel. I feel stronger. I am more confident. I feel like I can express myself better. I feel healthy.

I eat better, I exercise, I practice gratitude and mindfulness. This journey has taught me so much more than weight loss. It has taught me its ok to be who I am, to take things in moderation, and to enjoy the little things in life.

Happy one year surgiversary to me! Here’s to another great year!


except the ones that are dark skin, weigh over 130 pounds, taller than 5'5, aren’t mixed, has a sense of independence, calls me out for my bullshit, smoke weed (but she has to know how to roll my weed), drinks or goes out to parties. She has to be educated but not too educated or I’ll be threatened and leave. She can’t have natural hair that is short or nappy. She has to be a pure virgin but can’t have virgin hair from Aliexpress because I don’t like girls who wear weave.”

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I am so jealous of my best friend. I am about 130 pounds and I just just look big. I think she's about 115 and she looks so small and dainty and she has these small shoulders and if I touch her she feels so fragile.

I’m traveling to see some friends in a month and their 14 yr old daughter weighs 90lbs and it makes me so jealous to see someone so tiny singe I’m 120


This is my wife and I! The above picture was on our 2-year anniversary (a year and a half ago, November 2014.) We were happy together, but not happy with ourselves. Bottom picture is May 2016, heading to the Mumford and Sons concert she surprised me with.

She made changes in her diet before I did, and I had surgery the next summer (June 2015.) I have lost 130 pounds, and she has lost 70! THAT’S 200 POUNDS TOGETHER.

This woman inspires me every day to be a better, healthier person. I could not have gotten this far without her support and love. We make a great team, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!