Lance is a Boy #1

Keith vaulted over a fallen tree, running as fast as he could through a dense jungle, thanking allura for making paladin armour so aerodynamic. There was a swift movement beside him as a lanky figure pushed ahead “Lance.” Keith hissed and pushed himself a little bit harder.
“Hurry up pretty boy! Or you’re lunch!” Keith’s eyes rolled as Lance cupped his mouth with his hands while running to deliver the sound over to Keith. It was more than unfortunate that in this second of diversion, Lance tripped over a tree root and face planted, letting his body roll with the momentum. Keith pushed his feet into the ground to stop as quickly as possible, he still had to run back a few paces to stop by Lance. The ground absorbed a groan from the blue paladin.
“Lance come on we need to go. Now.” Keith’s voice was urgent and persistent. “Please get up.” Keith’s hands wrapped around Lances bicep and he pulled, making Lance stagger to his feet. A dark red liquid stained his chest and Lance had drawn his hand up to his nose, pulling it away slightly and frowning.
“Ah quiznak.” The only words Lance left behind as they took off running again. Large stomps were suddenly eerily loud and very apparent behind them as they took long strides, staying closer together. It wasn’t long before their calves burned and the boys looked for any kind of checkpoint. Eventually they both dived past a large, off looking tree with high hopes. A long second passed,

then a loud buzzer went off.

“Simulation end!” A calm voice rang through an intercom, Allura. “Very good boys!”

“Really?” Keith’s voice was hopeful.

“Well… no, not really, but better! You both learned this time and took the wise route and ran, a wise altean once said ‘a brave person will fight relentlessly, a wise person will know when to fight another day.’, I’m impressed you chose to flee.” She walked through the door onto the training deck, her voice fading from the intercom. “Lance are you ok?”

“Better now that you’re here my princess” he winked and put his hand on his hip, clicking his tongue seductively, normally this would be as smooth as ever but with one hand pinching a dripping nose bleed, not so much. “Yknow my princess doesn’t really roll off the tongue, how about my everything instead?” It had only been about two days since Coran and Allura were awoken and Lance had flown in blue to the castle of lions, and he was still trying to get with allura, of course, to no avail.

Rolling her eyes, Allura turned to Keith “I’m glad you waited for him, I saw the hesitation in your eyes as he fell, you did the right thing and theoretically saved your friends life.”

“Wait wait wait, mullet hesitated!? Keith!” A swift (but gentle) smack on his shoulder made Keith smile.
“Lance I don’t think there’s a soul in this universe that wouldn’t have.”

Allura put a gentle hand on Lances shoulder “go see coran, get yourself set up in a health pod, he’ll need all of your information and then you’re set, that nose bleed, and whatever other damage, will be dealt with.” She smiled and turned to walk out, Keith following close behind.

Lance walked throughout the castle, his nose pinched and his mind starting to wonder. “Who knew finding an old man in a castle would be so hard…” as if summoned, Coran suddenly dropped from the ceiling and clanged to the floor. “AGH!” Lance jumped into an immediately defensive stance. “Coran?”

Other than looking slightly dirty, coran was intact and smiled warmly at Lance “sorry my boy! Was just cleaning out the vents, 10 000 years worth of dust, someone had to do it”

“There are vents? On a space ship?” Lance looked doubtfully at the orange haired man.

“Well, yes, they can be cut off but with them it keeps the airflow more consistent.” Lance shrugged and explained what had happened, as coran lead them to the room with the pods, they talked more and more about how advanced the ship was and reasoning for a lot of design choices.

“All right, Lance! I’ll need to ask you a couple questions to set up a basic data base and ID for you in a pod so it can optimize heal time.” Lances nose had stopped bleeding but he was pretty sure it was broke so he obliged.

“Fair enough, fire away.”

“Full name?”

“Lance Charles McClain.” He smiled, remembering his dad, Charles McClain, a nice, respectable man, he was named after him. Coran typed away happily, supposedly coding the system with Lances information.

“Height and weight?”

“5 feet and 9 inches, 130 pounds.”

“Sexual activities?”

“Woah Coran at least buy me dinner first.” Lance smirked and Coran tried not to but the corners of his moustache rose a little. “Currently not active.” He said, not ashamed of himself in the slightest.

“Ok last one, this ones easy, biological sex?”

Lance was about to answer but paused, thinking it over for a second, his answer was lower than usual and he looked down.


To be continUED…

Sometimes I look at old pictures and I think- who was that girl? That girl on the left was sad. I used to lay in bed and cry.. I wanted so much more out of my life and my weight was truly holding me back from being happy. I never imagined being where I am today. I used to make every excuse as to why I was over weight- you know the “I’m big boned” or “my body was meant to be this size” all of which is total bullshit- but at the time I totally believed it! I had no idea what my body really looked like under all those pounds- 130 to be exact! Now it’s hard for me to look I the mirror and see what the rest of the world sees. Obviously I know I’m no longer “fat” but I also don’t see myself as “thin.” Sometimes I feel like a whale- how is that even possible? Extreme weight loss is a total mind fuck. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just hope you know- if you’re that girl on the left- you are brave, you are capable, you are significant- and you can accomplish anything 💕

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These are the only pictures that I could find that show some of my weight gain in the past year. The first pic is from a little bit after senior year of high school, which was like 3 years ago. Second pic was after freshman year of college I think? Both pics I’m about 115-120lbs. 3rd pic was last summer I was about 120-130 pounds. 4th and 5th pics are from a few months ago. I’m about at 140. last photo is a few weeks old and I’m at 150. Sorry I don’t really have any full body pics that aren’t nudes now because I don’t really like my chest at the moment. If that makes sense lol

they | them pronouns only

Ideal Weight Calculator:

4’ 6" your ideal healthy weight is  68. Your recommended weight range is between 63 - 77 lbs.

4’ 7" your ideal healthy weight is 75. Your recommended weight range is between 68 - 83 lbs.

4’ 8" your ideal healthy weight is 77. Your recommended weight range is between 72 - 88 lbs.

4’ 9" your ideal healthy weight is  83. Your recommended weight range is between 77 - 94 lbs.

4’ 10" your ideal healthy weight is 89. Your recommended weight range is between 81 - 99 lbs.

4’ 11" your ideal healthy weight is 100. Your recommended weight range is between 86 - 105 lbs.
5’ 0" your ideal healthy weight is 114 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 102 and 127 pounds.

5’ 1" your ideal healthy weight is 118 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 105 and 132 pounds.

5’ 2" your ideal healthy weight is 122 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 109 and 136 pounds.

5’ 3" your ideal healthy weight is 126 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 112 and 140 pounds.

5’ 4" your ideal healthy weight is 130 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 116 and 145 pounds.

5’ 5" your ideal healthy weight is 134 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 119 and 149 pounds.

5’ 6" your ideal healthy weight is 139 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 123 and 154 pounds.

5’ 7" your ideal healthy weight is 143 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 127 and 159 pounds.

5’ 8" your ideal healthy weight is 147 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 131 and 164 pounds.

5’ 9" your ideal healthy weight is 152 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 135 and 168 pounds.

5’ 10" your ideal healthy weight is 156 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 139 and 173 pounds.

6'0 your ideal healthy weight is 160. Your recommended weight range is between140 to 183 lbs.

6’ 1" your ideal healthy weight is 165. Your recommended weight range is between 144 to 188 lbs.

6’ 2" your ideal healthy weight is 170. Your recommended weight range is between 148 to 193 lbs.

6’ 3" your ideal healthy weight is 175. Your recommended weight range is between 152 to 199 lbs.

6’ 4" your ideal healthy weight is 182. Your recommended weight range is between 156 to 204 lbs.

@sinisterspooks Uhhh I don’t know if I’m gonna McFinish the 5K words this ficc needs to be so take what I have written of this percussion boys AU bc im a Fan

Jeremy’s going to come in and march and play along with a pretty little bruise right on his stupid pretty neck, and MIchael is looking forward to watching him squirm. 

“Well you look happy.” Says Rich, suspicious. “You put that kid in the hospital or something?”

“You’ll see.”

Michael keeps an eye out as the other kids filter in. Jeremy walks in eventually with the short girl he hangs around with, looking unruffled.

Oh yeah.

The DLC uniforms have high collars.



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ananbeth  asked:

okay but imagine percy and annabeth being handcuffed together for some legitimate reason

  • like they’re at the mall when a monster attacks but the security just sees these two kids causing a ruckus so they’re handcuffed 
  • the cop leaves them in a hallway while he goes to talk to his supervisor and Annabeth is like “we’re not waiting here to get in trouble, let’s bail” 
  • and Percy is like “but Annabeth I like this mall I don’t want to have to avoid it for the rest of my life” 
  • Annabeth wins that one obviously 
  • so then they’re sneaking out of the mall and find themselves face to face with the monster again 
  • Percy’s right hand is cuffed to Annabeth’s left– he tries to use Riptide but is basically useless 
  • Annabeth growls through gritted teeth and distracts the monster long enough to get out of the alley 
  • she would normally take care of it herself but with 130 extra pounds attached to her she couldn’t be quick enough to kill the monster on her own 
  • they bicker about how they should fix the situation 
  • they spend 30 minutes trying to pull each other in opposite directions when Percy decides to use his new height/strength to his advantage (and to risk his life) by picking up Annabeth who freezes in surprise 
  • he carries her to a near by hot dog stand, buys them each a hot dog and a soda and pulls the still stunned Annabeth over to a bench so they can eat 
  • “You picked me up” 
  • “Do you mind waiting until I finish my hot dog to kill me?” 

I’m not even a huge fan of Yukari myself, but not enough people draw her as ripped as she would be. She’s an archer using non-compound non-modern longbows (which tend to have draw strengths of between 80 and 130 pounds). Her upper body would be ripped as hell by the end of the game, she could easily choke someone out with her rippling biceps. She could arm wrestle Akihiko and give him a good run. She could lift Junpei over her head almost without question.

Draw Yukari ripped you cowards.

anonymous asked:

*accidentally tips poison onto some of Bim's plants* oh whoops.... *damages some of the Host's more recent work* yikes.... *tears off part of Oliver's stuffed otter* oh no.... *cuts Doc's headband strap* geez you guys what a horrible accidents....

^cracks knuckles* Alright, you know what? You wanna attack my sons? You wanna go? I am 130 pounds of pure spite, and I will end you if you touch the beans! *jumps through my computer at you*

My friend Alison and her son Jaidon are missing.

Alison and her son Jaidon Wilson went missing on Tuesday, Nov. 25 from the corner of Case Avenue and Burr Street in St. Paul, family said, and the pair was last seen getting into a unknown black car.

McIntyre is 5-foot-6, 130 pounds, has brown eyes and brown hair. She has her lip pierced on the upper right side, both of her dimples pierced and has several tattoos. She was last seen wearing white coat, black sweater, white pants, and grey boots. Jaidon has brown eyes, brown hair and has dimples.

If you’ve seen her or know anything, call SPP at 651-266-5646.

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everyone has their own version of “skinny” - just because 130 pounds isn’t thin enough for you doesnt mean it isnt someone else’s thin.  let people reach the goals they want to reach.


In this corner, weighing in at 130 pounds soaking wet, she’s the queen of alternative facts and a victim of the bowling green massacre, KELLYANNE CONWAY!!!

And the challenger, weighing in at a hefty 175 lbs, he’s currently chewing three whole packs of gum, SEAN “I’m not hot I’m spicy” SPICER!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a match to see who will be President Trumps’ Ass Kisser in Chief. The winner of this match will be awarded the right to speak for trump for the next four years and a majority stake in Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing, while the loser will be exiled to Mexico to live the simple life of being a bad hombre.


Bodies are so weird and adaptable and it’s all starting to kind of blow my mind.

My arms have always been my least favorite body part; I accepted years ago that I would never love them.

1st pic: highest weight. Poor eating, no exercise. Height of arm hatred.

2nd pic: 130 pounds. From November 2016. Did solely cardio for almost a year to lose 40 pounds. Tracked everything I ate and ate at a deficit to continue losing weight. Never touched any free weights and barely messed around with some at home exercises.

3rd and 4th pics: from May of 2017. Same weight. Intuitive eating, no tracking of calories or macros at all. 6 months of baptiste yoga. A few weeks into weight training. I’ve done cardio just a handful of times the last 6 months.

And my arms are becoming one of my fave attributes. So impressed with the human body (and myself) for all the rad things it does ✌🏼

Troy Otto One Shot Series

“Let’s Try this again doll. I’m Troy.”

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The rain beat down on her with purpose. It was as if the skies had decided to break her spirit that night. After a particularly loud burst of thunder, her feet shook out of fright, causing her to trip and fall face first onto the muddy ground. The pouring rain hid her brief sob of anguish as she allowed herself to lay there for a few moments. She gave in, in those moments and wondered what it would be like to just die. Right there, in the middle of god knows where. Atleast she wouldn’t get eaten by the dead.

The thick coating of mud on her hands and face somewhat warmed her and she sneered in disgust at herself. It had been five days since she’d had a shower. The last time she had attempted to cleanse herself by jumping into a river, she had come across floating corpses. One by one, in abrupt succession, they had started turning. She had hacked away at them with her machete till her body was drenched in crimson water. Her throat had been raw for the next few days. She would only belatedly realise, through nightmares, that it was because she had screamed bloody murder till every single one of them had died. Again.

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