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It never stops. Today’s topic: Raph is a useless gay.

Family AU tag, in case you’re curious and want more.

  • Amélie and Lena are supportive moms™. No matter what.
  • For instance, they fully accepted her when she came out as gay…though considering their own relationship, it would’ve seemed hypocritical of them to refuse to show their support, so it was obvious that they’d be okay with it.
  • However, when their 13 years old daughter comes to them saying she’s been thinking about joining her school’s soccer team, it raises a few questions.
  • You see, Raphaëlle has never been particularly athletic. Heck, you can see from miles away that she’s a complete nerd, so why the sudden desire to get into sports?
  • “Oh, you know…just so I get more extracurricular stuff to add onto my college applications.” Raphaëlle makes up a somewhat believable excuse. She is not about to confess to her moms that this girl from her science class that she told them about some time ago, the one she has a huge crush on, is on the soccer team and that’s the reason why she wants to join in the first place.
  • Because Raph is shy and in her mind, joining a sports club while she doesn’t know shit about any of the game’s rule and isn’t athletic a single bit is an easier way to get to spend time with her crush than simply asking her if she’d want to hang out after class.
  • Don’t ask how this whole scheme makes more sense than being upfront about things. It just does to Raph.
  • Obviously, Amélie and Lena are suspicious that their daughter’s not telling the whole story, but they agree on letting her join the team anyway.
  • And so, Raph signs up for soccer and the next Thursday, she has her first practice.
  • It goes as well as you’d expect.
  • By that I mean it’s a disaster.
  • Raphaëlle has no control over the ball, she trips over it, and also over her shoelaces that keep getting undone as she runs…things like that.
  • Also, she got hit in the face by the ball nearly half a dozen time.
  • Her teammates are exasperated because an 8 years old would probably have more skills than her. And they don’t hesitate on bitching about it in the locker room after practice.
  • They thought Raph had already left when they started voicing out their complaints, but in fact she was just in one of the changing rooms in the back and no one paid attention.
  • Which meant she heard whole conversation.
  • The mean stuff they said. She heard all of it. She couldn’t leave her hiding spot, so she just sat there and listened.
  • Even though Raphaëlle knew all of this was true, it still made her tear up. She never thought these guys would be so judgemental.
  • And then she hears someone stepping in and say; “You know, we were all beginners at some point. You don’t wake up one day and bam! You’re a pro player; it takes practice. Is shunning the new girl’s skills behind her back going to make her a better player?”
  • To which all the other girls reply a small “No.”, slightly embarrassed by being called out on their rude behaviour.
  • And then silence. Raphaëlle hears everyone finishing changing and leaving one by one. She does the same, but waits until she’s sure everyone’s gone before leaving the changing room she’s been hiding in.
  • Except when she gets out and makes her way to the door, she realizes someone’s still there.
  • Her crush – who has a name, Raphaëlle learned earlier: it’s Audrey – is standing by the door, back against the wall, as if waiting for someone. Though she’s no one else-
  • Suddenly, things click into Raphaëlle’s mind. Her face turns deep red when she realizes that Audrey, who must have known she was still in the room when the other’s started bitching about her lack of skills on the field, was the one who stood up for her.
  • “You okay there?” Audrey asks, noticing Raphaëlle’s reaction.
  • “Y-yeah. Oh, and thanks for standing up for me earlier.” She stammers out before bolting out of the room.
  • Raph’s so embarrassed she just makes a run for the stadium’s entrance where she asked Lena to pick her up after practice.
  • Yes Raph’s school has its own soccer stadium you can’t tell me what to do. I sure wish mine had this luxury but no, most of the schools I’ve been to didn’t even have something that more or less resembled a field outside.
  • When Raph gets within Lena’s line of sight and she sees her daughter coming towards her, running like hell, she’s certain things went horribly wrong.
  • Raphaëlle nearly crashes into her mother, but stops just in front of her instead.
  • “Did something happen, Kitty?” Lena asks, confused.
  • “I’ll tell you on the way back.”
  • So like during the whole drive back home Raphaëlle recounts all that has happened.
  • Including how she got face to face with her crush after practice and got so nervous she just ran off.
  • Had she not been driving, Lena would’ve just burst out laughing to the point of ending up on the ground. Instead, she just let out a chuckle.
  • Also Raph is pretty sure she heard her mom mumbling something about owing Amélie 20 bucks.
  • Because yes they took a bet on the reason why Raph wanted to do soccer.
  • Lena had more or less believed the whole “extra stuff to put on college apps” thing, and didn’t thought of looking further into it even though it seemed odd for Raph to pick up a sport.
  • And Amélie suspected it had something to do with “That girl she told us about the other day.”
  • Turns out the latter was right.
  • When Raph told the story yet again over dinner the same night, Amélie had to restrain herself from just standing up and point at her wife, yelling “Ha-ah, told you so!” due to her hypothesis being confirmed.
  • The next day, Raphaëlle had science first thing in the morning, which meant she’d see Audrey. Still kinda embarrassed about yesterday’s events, Raph did her best to avoid her.
  • She succeeded fairly well in doing so…until the end of the class.
  • The teacher asked both her and Audrey to stay after the bell rang.
  • Apparently, Audrey sucks at science as much as Raph sucks at soccer, and the teacher wanted to ask if Raphaëlle would like to help her classmate out a bit.
  • Of course, Raph doesn’t want to seem mean, so she accepts. She tries to keep cool but she’s losing it internally.
  • The two girls walk out of the classroom. Raph avoids making eye contact and only nods when Audrey ask if it’s okay if they meet up at Raph’s place the following Saturday to study since Audrey’s house isn’t exactly the calmest place due to her 3 hyperactive younger siblings, all under age 10.
  • They exchange phone numbers and Raph walks off, saying; “I’ll text you the address.”
  • Poor baby gay can’t focus for the rest of the day because holy shit!! She has a date – well, not really a date, but she’s gonna meet up with her crush this weekend.
  • And then during the last period, it hits her that the weekend is tomorrow, because it’s Friday.
  • Cue panic.
  • When she gets hope, Raph finally loses her cool, that she’d barely been able to keep on during the whole day, mind you, at just starts screaming at everything.
  • Amélie just looks at her daughter; “There she go again. I wonder what happened this time.”
  • Because Raph having fits like that is a common occurrence.
  • And Lena’s like “Woah chill, what’s going on?”
  • Raphaëlle calms down for a split second and explains the situation. “So like, this girl, Audrey, from my science class. Well turns out she’s no good at science and basically failing, so the teacher signed me up to help her out because apparently I’m one of the better students in this class…Long story short, she’s coming over tomorrow to study and I’m not ready.”
  • “I don’t see the problem here, Kitty.” Lena shrugs. “You’re good at science, it’s gonna be okay.
  • “Oh…”
  • Screaming x2.
  • Amélie has to be the rational one – but when isn’t she the rational one? – and calm both of them down.
  • “Sois naturelle et tout va bien aller.” (Be natural and everything will be fine.)
  • “Plus facile à dire qu’à faire… T’as pas vu comment je suis en sa présence.” (Easier said than done, you haven’t seen how I am when she’s around.)
  • “What are you guys saying?” Oh right, Lena barely knows French.
  • So the three of them sit down and talk about it. At the end of a two and a half hours long conversation, Raphaëlle is finally confident enough about things.
  • Before going to bed, she texts Audrey her address along with a see you tomorrow.
  • Audrey replies nearly instantly. See you tomorrow :)
  • Raph sees the smiley face and blushes so hard.
  • That night she falls asleep smiling like an idiot instead of her having anxiety keep her awake.

8 years ago? EIGHT YEARS AGO??!?!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought she had kidnapped him 5 years ago not 8. So this new information it’s kinda disturbing me because he was what? 13/14 years old when she starting drugging him ??!!?? SAERAN WAS A KID. HE WAS A KID WTF.
But she just snapped when Sally died, RIGHT?

And look how he was thinking of his brother!! How lonely and desperate he was. I CANT DEAL WITH THIS.

(starter for @the-ideal-king)

Ghetsis sat underneath an overhang in Castelia City, trying to avoid the pouring rain. He shivered and pulled his jacket tighter around him. All the poor boy had on him was his clothes, a Pokeball containing his trusty Deino, Fuchsia, and a couple of spare Pokeballs. No money, no food, nothing. Ever since he was thrown into the future, he had nothing to his name except the Pokemon his mother cherished and raised before passing away.

He had been fine sleeping on the streets up until it began to rain. Now all he could do was beg people to pity the poor boy. The only thing he had going for him was the sympathy factor, as his right arm was peeling away from untreated necrosis, and his right eye was beginning to go blind, despite the boy being not even 13 years old. Most people were repulsed by him, however, and so he only had spare change to try and buy cheap fast food with, but usually got kicked out for his smell.

A stranger was starting to approach him, and he got out his cup. “Could you spare some cha-” Before he could finish, he went into a coughing fit, doubling over from the pain. He sniffled and stood up straight. “S-Sorry. I’m sick…”

Ok unpopular opinion time: fuck you if you bash Sansa Stark for not being happy with Tyrion. Like how can you look at this miserable terrified 13 year old, forced to marry a man who’s family ruined her life, and think “wow what a bitch can’t believe she doesn’t love him” like…. what’s wrong with you?? Tyrion literally acknowledges that she’s a child, and still forced her to undress, refuses to let her cover herself, gropes her breast, and y'all are still like “well he didn’t rape her so obvi she should swoon into his arms” yikes. Just because Tyrion blames her not wanting him on his looks, doesn’t mean we should take “she’s a dumb shallow bitch” as gospel. Just because you stand for Tyrion or whatever, doesn’t mean Sansa “deserves what she gets” since she doesn’t love him or want to be married to him. Getting real sick of hearing it tbh

Give it time.

she’s 13 years old, she thinks she has found love

- she makes a mistake, which changed her life.

she’s 14 years old, she regrets her actions and realizes the love was real

- she begs for him back, endless sorrowful nights and the only thing on her mind is him

she’s 15 years old, she’s still deeply in love and will not give up

- she learns to grow and change for the better: he realizes

she’s 16 years old, she has finally found her way back to him

- she is absorbed in bliss

– sometimes if you wait long enough and put out the effort to change for the better, what you want will find it’s way back to you. Just like it did for me.

— If the love is real, it will find it’s way back to you (via: @forthe-past)

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tbh I bet that 95% of the people that hate on Pliroy have been shipping or are still shipping EreRi(Eren=15 and Levi=34) from AoT. But I guess it's okay since it's the popular ship the masses can freely drool over. What? That's a 19 years age gap? Who cares, it's popular. But shipping Pliroy? Nah man you are going to hell since you ship something with a 4 years age gap that is not popular...

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. What about the sebasciel shippers from Kuroshitsuji! They are actually shipping a 12-13 year old with a demon that is who knows how old! They ship a child with an obvious adult! But it’s popular so no one seems to notice! It’s like if it’s popular it can bend all the rules and you have absolutely no room to protest, but then on the other hand, if it’s a ship with a smaller age gap but it’s lowkey as fuck, you are the devil’s spawn and must be incinerated. 

The double standards are quite alarming. 

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Can we have highlights?

-just Tydina and Tray

-my mic was off at the beginning

-“where’s T? I miss T.” -Gray being gay

-Tyde wanted something dramatic to happen because we were all being boring

-“‘join us’, I say, ‘okay’, she says, and now she won’t talk”

-Nina read us a person’s real life story and we laughed

-people dying in real life is too convenient

-Nina later moved on to terrible Straight™ gmw fanfiction

-Friar babies

-they’re stealing children


-a 17 year old can’t adopt a 13 year old it just doesn’t happen

-“why am I alive?” “Why is gray alive?”

-then Gray left

-nobody ever tells Nina about anything that happens

-“fight me.” “Okay.”

-Gray came back

-I roasted Gray for a solid ten minutes because I was mad that she never gave me a real answer

-Gray whispered ‘yes’ in the quietest voice and expected me to hear it

-all the yes/no questions are boring

-“do you trust the police?” “Ha, no.”

-Gray was nervous that the person she was speaking to wasn’t Nina but it was


-then I decided to open its petals

-Gray says that makes it look like female genitalia

-then I ripped all the petals off

-then I was upset that I killed it

-Nina suggested that I bathe in rose petals

-Tyde and I agreed that that’s a horrible idea

-Nina used the phrase “a bag of salty male genitalia” and I WAS SO PROUD

-Nina wants to snack on Tyde’s face

-I kept calling the three of them out because I actually tried to do something but they all kept avoiding the issues

-eventually Gray took a stand and declared that Tydina and Tray are official

-Gray is a cute sea urchin

-“why is your hair like that?”

-and then Gray left again

-I felt really bad that time so I spammed her with asks

-I wouldn’t let Nina go to sleep

-Nina doesn’t know what a shower in French is

-I sent a gif to Tyde and Nina and now we’re all very disturbed

-pickled eggs

-lots of “AWWWWS” and then Nina’s monotoned response

-death by salmon

-death by gmw references

-“Tyde’s great.” “She’s gray-t”

-Nina made that joke one too many times

-“I miss Gray.” -me being gay

-eventually Nina went to sleep and I just kept talking while Tyde listened but didn’t respond

-then Tyde started texting the gc her responses like usual

-I was distressed

-Whenever Gray wasn’t around I would just talk about Gray

-I just kept ranting to Tyde and eventually we realized that the squad can see everything she said

-Thick and Dense are incredibly thankful that Skype let’s us delete messages

-Punk!Lemony is everything

-Tyde doesn’t know the difference between ‘apart’ and 'a part’

-“Gray’s name is the only one that can be translated to Arabic because it’s a colour”


-Tyde wants my sister to adopt her

-I got really jealous and protective and mad and Tyde said that it was cute and gay

-I was just going off about everything

-Tyde should get a tattoo of The Rose™ with ’#NeverForget’ across it


-I once put butter in a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and I’ve never seen Tyde so disappointed in me before

-my sister’s boyfriend looks like a dude from year 9 German class

-All I know for sure is that David gave birth to Sabrina

-I explained my theory about gravity/the earth being round to Tyde and she agreed


-Google translate lied to me

-Tyde was excited cause my mom said her name

-Shae hates us all

I’m reading on recent criminal cases involving sex and some of it makes me feel sick. There’s this guy who entered contracted BDSM-relationships. Nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is that he searched for partners online and that all girls who answered him were teenagers without any sexual experience. Some as young as 13 years old. They all read Fifity Shades of Grey and wanted that romantic story themselves, so they agreed that a 40-something guy could tie them up, made them have sex with others, re-enact porn with him, get to be punished by him, etc. That’s all fine if you are an adult and know what you do and what you like, but it shouldn’t be your first experience with sex, just because you read a book.

i’m traveling back in time to tell my 13 year old self that johnlock is canon and whatever happens from there happens

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It's not ageism though. Ageism would be treating you badly because you're 13 or 83 or looking down on you because of your age. There comes a point where it may be inappropriate for an adult to converse with a child via social media and it's important for adults to be careful with that while navigating the internet and social media.

Yeah, it may not seem that way to someone who’s older but as a 13 year old girl with a plethora of mental health issues my age is a sensitive topic. I don’t deserve more or less followers because of my age. TBH i don’t want those people following me anyways. It bothered me that they came into my inbox and told me though

My name is Angie. I’m 13 years old and I’m from Mamhattan, New York. I play soccer on a team but baseball and football are my other favorites sports. I’m also really into music. I play guitar, my favorite genre is hip hop/rap, I like artists such as Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, J.Cole, and Bryson tiller but I also like pop music. My favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Shamless, The fosters, and Jane The Virgin to name a few. My parents are from Latin America so I speak fluent Spanish.
I want someone that I can be weird with but if I need someone to talk to they’ll be there for me cause I’ll do the same with them. I don’t really care your race, gender, or sexuality, I’m an open person. Someone close to my age, not that much older, would be nice.

Email: angsmi133@gmail.com
Kik: angies_33
Snapchat: angie_843
Instagram: angie.843

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After Hitler's death , Stanlin's soldiers violented 2 milion of women (13 years old-70 years old) .......i have no word.

Yes, absolutely sickening.

Dear 13 Year Old Me:
  • It’s not okay to quadruple message your crush until he answers. 
  • The boy you meet in 7th grade is not good news. He’ll just leave you really hurt and confused. Also, your friends don’t approve and when your best friends don’t approve, you know it’s for a reason.
  • You’ll meet two very amazing girls in the 8th grade who become your best friends. They’re still your best friends till this day and forever will be.
  • The boy you honestly think you’ve fallen in love with in the 8th grade won’t matter to you in a year. 
  • You will have the BIGGEST crush on the same guy since 6th grade-on and off. Your senior year in high school, he will finally acknowledge you. Just a heads up, his intentions are no good. But you have to just let yourself have this because you won’t get over him if you don’t. Just do it, learn from it and you’ll end up calling the shots with him. You’ll realize he’s trash. He still hits you up btw. 
  • The Asian boy you liked in middle school that thought you were scrawny and ugly suddenly likes you in high school when you’ve blossomed. Funny how things turn out. You don’t want him anymore.
  • High school isn’t as scary as you think it will be. You will get lost. On the first day and awkwardly walk in ten minutes late to class. But you’ll get used to it.
  • You’ll survive French 2.
  • You’ll get your first boyfriend sophomore year. He’ll be too intense for you and you’ll end up breaking up with him. Twice.
  • Junior year will be the biggest blur. You’ll loose some friends, but realize they were never truly your friends. You become class treasurer. 
  • Senior year is the turning point for you. You TRULY step out of your comfort zone a LOT. You become CLASS PRESIDENT!!!!
  • Lololol at 9th grade you liking Owen. Just lol.
  • You and Amber will have a great friendship in the 10th grade, but you guys will have a falling out. You’ll still appreciate the friendship that developed between you two but you realize the friendship was toxic. She required too much energy and didn’t really allow you to have health relationships with other people. Looking back on it, she was actually very degrading as well.
  • LOL no Eminem didn’t put something in his music to make you have to listen to it nonstop. You were just weird and obsessed. 
  • Read. Keep your love for reading alive.
  • Watching Grey’s Anatomy will be the best decision you’ve ever made.
  • It’s ok to see a dermatologist.
  • Everything will be okay. Breathe.
  • You always manage, somehow.
  • Drive safely, please. You’re not invincible. 
  • Seek God.
  • Be nicer to your sisters.
  • Be nicer to your mom.
  • Senior year will be the best year for you. You will have a summer romance, your grades will be GREAT. You will give a great speech and graduation+project grad will be the best night of your life.
  • You did a great job putting together senior prom. 
  • College is difficult. 
  • The guy you meet on the elevator will actually mean a lot to you.
  • Even though you hate doing nails, keep doing it. It’s good money.