On Jan. 4, 13-year-old Austin Lacey dressed up as Frozen’s Elsa for “Disney Day” at Ethan Chase Middle School in Menifee, California. His classmates loved the costume.

But Austin didn’t even make it to his first class before being told to remove it. The school’s principal apparently didn’t agree with his outfit.

Lacey’s mom Brooke Francev later met with the principal, who said the costume was “dangerous” — and then used the excuse familiar to anyone who has broken a dress code.

  • Titan’s Curse: Nico is 10.
  • The Battle of the Labyrinth: Nico is 11.
  • The Last Olympian: Nico is 12.
  • Heroes of Olympus: Nic is 13.

And the only thing I’m going to say about Will, because, I’m so tired of it, is: I have seen more bloggers confused about Will and Nico because every since Will was introduced in PJO, everybody pictured him being OLDER than Percy and Annabeth. Rick fucked up using Will last second to create a potential love interest to a THIRTEEN years old, who the last thing he needs is a love interest, let’s be real, and then he changed both of their ages so it will make sense. It’ doesn’t make sense.


Left Photo
Weight: 265-270
Shirt Size: XXL
Waist Size: 36-38

Right Photo
Weight: 197-201
Shirt Size: LG
Waist Size: 33-34

Not anywhere close to my goals, but I need to remind myself on the days I feel down and out that my efforts have gotten me from there, to here.

I’ve lived 24 years in complete and utter hate and disgust in myself. I haven’t swam in a pool since I was 13 years old. I’ve strayed away from, and ruined relationships with people because of my insecurities. I’ve missed out on so many opportunities and avoided so many life changing experiences because I defined myself by my fat. It was a lot easier for me to wallow in my self-hatred, and be used to feeling depressed about the way I was. It was a lot easier to mask my sadness with a poor relationship with food, for food was my best friend. It was there for me whenever I stared in the mirror. It had my back every time my issues got the best of me. I was convinced that I would live the rest of my life with this mentality.

Whoever is reading this, you can do it. You can begin to see how amazing the body is when it begins to shape, and change to your efforts. You can begin to feel comfortable in clothes. You can begin to feel happier and healthier. You can begin to walk up a flight of stairs and not feel out of breath. If you are anything like me, you can begin to love yourself. Make yourself a priority. Make yourself smile.

yeah the thing is no one thinks Kendall is a lazy brat because Abby said so

people think Kendall is lazy because at 13 years old she can’t be bothered pointing her feet or standing up straight

people think she’s a brat because they’ve seen her be really nasty to numerous other girls on dance moms (all of the nasty shit she said about jojo, telling Brynn she couldn’t be in pictures because she wasn’t really a part of the team, talking shit about Chloe in her throwback episode, God even early on when Chloe got a solo over her because Chloe was very clearly a better dancer and Kendall threw a tantrum and said Chloe didn’t deserve it)

so like

apples and oranges

Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler Inspires Young Dancers in New Capezio Campaign Video

Maddie Ziegler is not one to fall in line – and she’s encouraging others to stand out as well.

In Capezio’s latest video campaign #DanceInYou released on Tuesday, the 13-year-old Dance Moms’ star joins a class of young ballerinas at the barre before breaking out into her own free-form number.

Ziegler – who is a regular in singer-songwriter Sia’s music videos – refuses to conform to the typical pink ballet dress code by wearing a black and blue outfit from the dance apparel company.

While her moves are first met with odd stares, Ziegler eventually stirs up a total dance party from the whole class.

VIDEO: What Did Kelsea Ballerini, Nathan Sykes and Maddie Ziegler Spend Their First Paychecks on?

Dance Moms’ Maddie Ziegler Inspires Young Dancers in New Capezio Campaign Video" data-ad-channel=“Brightcove” data-ad-subchannel=“” data-auto-play=“no”>

“Self expression in dance has always been so important to me, so I fell in love with the concept of this film,” Ziegler told the Huffington Post. “Hopefully it will remind young dancers everywhere that expressing yourself can be empowering, contagious and fun.”

Not only is Ziegler a brand ambassador for the company, but she inspired a line of looks all worn in the film including a mesh crop top jacket, knit shorts, and fishnet tights.

Other ‘Aged Up’ versions: Yumi

Compared to Yumi (and probably the others) Ulrich sure did go through some changes here. Just like with Yumi, here are some minor blurbs on each age span. 

  • Baby: His eyebrow game was strong even here. Also the youngest out of three sons. He was kind of unplanned.
  • 4-5 years old: Pretty much obedient to what his parents told him to do, which unfortunately included his wardrobe and appearance.
  • 10 years old: Still pretty obedient to his parents but is starting to develop his own individuality outside what his parents set up for him. Probably also the time where he becomes pretty aware of his father’s pressure on him and tries his best to please him, regardless of his own limitation and feelings. 
  • 12-13 years old: ‘Code Lyoko era’. Got sent to Kadic in order to get the best education, regardless if its not an overload on him or not. Somehow gets a lot of admirers from the students with his “lone wolf” look without even trying. Develops more of his individuality and own interests which leads to early rebellion towards his dad (the CL kids don’t help). 
  • 14-15 years old: ‘Evolution era’. Puberty did him good here, to the point he looks old enough to be in Yumi’s grade or even older. Continues to rebel against his parents wishes and doing what he wants to do, leading to his parents assuming he’s just a lost cause. 
  • Early 20s: ‘College AU era’.Continues to room with Odd outside of Kadic cause he’s not willing to room with a complete stranger. Considered to be estranged from his parents at this point, he works a couple of jobs to support himself while going to school. Despite how he looks, he hasn’t completely given up on life yet (tho he’s pretty much given up on befriending people and finding a girlfriend, including Yumi). Also suffers the consequences of Odd bringing a girl over at night and usually goes to Yumi’s house so he wouldn’t have to hear them getting it on.

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what're your opinions on the accusations of rape and statutory rape that were laid on bowie? do you think they're true?

This p much sums up my thoughts on the matter:

“David Bowie had sex with a 13 year old.” Should I be resisting the urge to comment this on everyone’s Facebook posts idolizing the guy?

Yes, you should be resisting the urge. Mostly because you don’t seem to have your facts straight, but also because it’s a nuanced situation.

First of all, Lori Maddox by her own admission was 15 when she had sex with David Bowie, not 13. You can call it splitting hairs, but I think that’s a significant difference. At 15, Lori did not look or act like a child. She looked and acted like a fully developed woman. Obviously, she wasn’t, but that’s where things get sticky.

Secondly, David Bowie was not predatory or coercive. By all accounts, she wanted to have sex with him. Lori Maddox was a teenager who wanted to fuck rock stars, and by golly, that’s what she did — for many years, and with many rock stars. That’s fine. Good for her, but again, things get sticky when we get into the nuances of teenage sexual agency.

That’s the real question here. Can a 15 year old consent to have sex? It’s a trickier question than you might think, both morally and legally. Consider Jerry Lee Lewis. He’s a rock star who married his 13 year old cousin. It was controversial at the time, but perfectly legal. The age of consent has varied wildly over the years, and I’m not suggesting that it should ever be as low as 13, but my point is that there’s a lot of grey area when it comes to the morality and legality of teenage sexual agency. Speaking personally, I had plenty of friends who lost their virginity by age 15, and they were ready to lose it. I personally believe that some 15 year olds are both mentally and physically developed enough to consent to sex. Then again, many aren’t, and thus age of consent laws typically are set to at least 17, and that’s a good thing.

So, was Lori Maddox a victim? She certainly doesn’t think so, and personally, I don’t think she was either. At age 15, I think she was mentally and physically developed enough to have consented to sex. She was definitely underage, so there are still statutory issues to consider, but in her situation, I don’t think she was raped in the sense that she wasn’t able to consent to having sex. Not with David Bowie. Not with Jimmy Page. Not with Mick Jagger. She knew damn well what she was doing, and I’m okay with that. All of this comes down to consent. Was Lori able to give consent, and did she give consent freely? If so, I have a hard time calling David Bowie a rapist or a molester.

That being said, if I were to learn that she had been drugged or pressured or coerced into sexual acts by any of those men (as was the case with Roman Polanski and 13 year old Samantha Geimer, or Woody Allen and his 7 year old adopted daughter), I would instantly and forever have a completely different opinion of the situation, but by all accounts, Lori was a legendary groupie who enjoyed the hell out of herself at a young age. Again, good for her. I feel like I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. She says it was a positive experience, and I have to credit her with the sexual agency that she herself claims (now as an adult) to have had.

I realize how controversial this kind of thing is, and I freely admit that I may not have all the facts straight either. I’m not excusing David Bowie (who was in his early 20s at the time) from having sex with a teenager who was under the legal age of consent, but I also think it’s a stretch for people to call him a rapist, and it’s ridiculous for people to call him a pedophile.

Again, so much grey area, and let’s not forget that we’re also talking about early 1970’s glam rock hedonism and debauchery of such epic magnitude that it’s really unfathomable by today’s standards. That shit was messy, and whatever David Bowie’s sins may have been, the man was also a visionary artist and positive cultural force who spent half a century creating incredible music and making huge strides towards public acceptance of LGBT and gender queer identities.

That shit was important, more important than anything you or I will ever do, so maybe you should resist the urge to make snipey Facebook comments to people who are genuinely feeling his loss. (x)

As for the rape charges, the case was thrown out because the woman a) failed a lie detector test, b) actually wrote Bowie a note thanking him for that night, and c) claimed he gave her AIDS– disproved after they were both tested.

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Oh my gooood holy fuck I'm so sorry to hear anons are telling you to kill yourself they're fucking assholes. Like, I fucking love Coldplay. I think your jokes about them are amusing so ignore the angry 13 year olds have a good night man

no worries, this whole situation is so ridiculous that i can’t even find it particularly upsetting

hell, i can’t even say i really dislike the band (i think they’re kinda bland, but that’s about it), i just find it funny that people were getting so up in arms over such a silly joke


Valerie and Her Week of Wonders subverts expectations about lesbian vampires in the movies by having lesbianism actually cure a woman of vampirism.  Instead of sex crazed lesbian vampires turning everyone else into lesbian vampires per usual, the act of having sex with a 13-year-old girl (yikes) makes a vampire lady not be a vampire anymore.  I’m not sure that’s how lesbianism works (or vampirism for that matter), but it’s certainly a reversal. 

Things my Dads have said to me that I will never forget.

“That’s not very anime of you.”

“Do furries really like diapers?”

“How come you draw yourself uglier than how you look? Shouldn’t you be drawing yourself prettier than you really are like everyone else?”

“Deadpool looks fun, should I take your 13 and 10 year old sisters to go see it? Yeah I know in one interview he equates food to a dick, that is fine right? I took you to Superbad when you were like 14.”

“Trust me I’m a mail professional”

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What's wrong with a 13 yo and a 15 yo dating, or being romantically involved?

A 13 year old just started their teens years, is still young and immature, their body is starting to change, they are just starting to grow.

15 years old have a different mentality, they are older, so yes, even if doesn’t seem like tha age gap is different, the mental gap is. and that’s what is wrong.

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Okay you need to elaborate on the forest monk with the chocolate frog

OKAY SO I was on vacation with my family in August way way way at the tippy top of Michigan. Like you look at a map of Michigan and that thing sticking up into Lake Superior? We were there.

People call it the end of the world and for good reason like there is NOTHING up there but forests and lakes and cell signal about every 30 miles.

So we were hiking through these fucking thick forests looking for waterfalls and cool rocks and pretty scenery and we did find some it was pretty dang coolio.

So imagine you’re me. A 17 year old girl, miserable because you’re with your family and your annoying 13 year old brother who’s complaining his feet hurt every two minutes and you can’t text your best friend because your phone has said no service in the little corner for the past half hour and your mom keeps making everyone stop to take pictures of waterfalls.

So we do, we stop at this steep little waterfall near the side of the trail and being the adventurous little chick I am I start to wander off. My dad followed because even though I’m 17 and perfectly capable of not being eaten by a bear he was still worried. So we’re walking through the NOTHINGNESS of northern Michigan wilderness trying to find a cell signal when my dad goes “Katie, check it out.”

Lo and behold there’s a church in the middle of the woods. And I’m not talking like a dingy little shack no man this thing was glorious and tall and had beautiful stained glass windows and looked like it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And perhaps the most miraculous thing is that I finally had a cell signal again so if you ever doubt this story take it up with @firstnameagent I was texting her the whole time. She’s my witness.

ANYWAY my dad and I call the rest of my family over and my mom is like!! I know this place!! There’s a little bakery here!!

In the middle of the woods.

So my mom takes me into this little house next to the church and inside is probably the best smelling bakery you will ever smell ever. Like I probably died and went to cinnamon roll heaven. And there’s an old monk standing at the counter and my mom being the mom who used to be a reporter for the news station way up there in the middle of nowhere was like “aw!! I remember doing a report on you guys way back when you’re so cool!”

I don’t care, there’s a little bowl of chocolate frogs on the counter next to the monk and I’m like I want that frog. But I mean I don’t say that out loud because I’m polite and know they probably cost money so my mom won’t let me buy one.

But mr. Old Monk who looks like he’s been here since 1884 notices me staring at these chocolate frogs with such intense desire that he’s like “would you like one?” And I’m like “oh oh no it’s okay” and he picks one up and gives it to me and says “eat it as soon as possible” and then winks? He winked?! Like ok it could be an old man quirk but also he’s a monk in a bakery in a forest in the middle of nowhere I’m assuming this chocolate frog has some sort of magical powers. I say thank you, my mom says thank you and we make the trek back to the car.

It was the worst chocolate I have ever had.

A Character defense for Miki Sayaka that I did.


External image

I can never understand haters of Miki Sayaka. She may not be my most favourite character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica (tbh Madoka is my favourite), but she is one of the characters who I admire because of how she’s written. She’s a tragic heroine with realistic flaws and faults, but the fandom hates her because of these characteristics? I can’t let this pass. Without further ado, let me tell you why she doesn’t deserve any of this hatred.

Had a crush on Kyousuke and turned into a witch when he turned her down: Seriously? I think people forget that Sayaka is a middle school girl, probably 13 or 14 years old, and that this is the age when girls usually start crushing on guys. And don’t start saying that her story revolves around him, or that she’s shallow because she likes him or whatever. It’s not the only reason she turned into a witch! She is a young girl who witnessed a mentor figure getting her head bitten off and eaten in front of her, she finds out that magical girls are essentially empty shells meant only for fighting witches, and to top it all off, she has self-esteem issues and is constantly seeking approval from those around her! Sayaka is hurting from all of these events, and even without her crush on Kyousuke, she would’ve broken down and turned into a witch. 

If you add in the fact that Sayaka is a middle school girl, then all this hatred for her becomes quite petty. She’s young, she wants approval, and that’s why she makes the contract. So to hate on her simply because of her love for Kyousuke is a tad bit misogynistic and very petty.

Lashes out at her friends: And who wouldn’t, if they witnessed what she had witnessed? Again, this is part of her self-esteem issues, and it shows that she’s feeling unloved and lonely. She wanted to be seen as worthy and useful, and because she’s not, she’s slowly breaking down. This is a very tragic part of her story, the way she starts lashing out at everyone as she slowly breaks down up until she turns into a witch. She’s also affected by watching Mami getting eaten and realizing that she’s pretty much a ‘zombie’, because her body is no more than an empty shell. Being a magical girl is taking its toll on her emotions, and is slowly eating away at her. Because she feels like she’s not getting any good from everything that she’s done, her self-esteem becomes even more damaged and she starts lashing out at her friends out of anger, frustration, and sadness.

I think that’s very realistic, and that’s what makes her a very well-written character. Not all characters have to be stoic and emotionless people who rarely cry or have self-esteem issues.

Indirectly caused Kyouko’s death: She was a witch. Her soul had been corrupted and she was consumed by despair. And have you even watched the episode? Kyouko was willing to sacrifice herself to save Madoka and Homura, and to make sure that Sayaka doesn’t die alone! It was not her fault that Kyouko died! 

“Idiot” and “bitch”: She is not a bitch. Yes, she may be a little bit of an idiot, but that’s because she’s in middle school! She’s young, and she makes mistakes, like all of us. That’s what makes her realistic. Just because she made her wish to heal Kyousuke’s hand, doesn’t mean that she’s an idiot. If you hate her because she likes Kyousuke, then that’s extremely petty and misogynistic, and it completely overlooks her as a whole. Her breakdown in episode 8 is when she realizes that there’s no such thing as a completely selfless wish, and that she was naive for believing so. And as for her being a ‘bitch’? Yeah, that was because she was going through a lot of stress and emotional trauma. She feels worthless and useless, and her acting ‘bitchy’ is perfectly justified.

Overall, I think Miki Sayaka was a very well-written character. She was a tragic heroine with flaws and who made mistakes, and her downfall in the end was ultimately heartbreaking to watch. However, she does not deserve any of the hatred that is directed at her, and she should not be reduced to ‘turning into a witch because of a guy’. If this isn’t enough, then I suggest that you rewatch the series and do a bit of homework on tragic characters, because Miki Sayaka does not deserve anyone’s irrational and petty hate.

I had submitted this to Fyeahcontroversialcharacters a while back, and I was wondering if you’d like to read it? Let me know what you think!

Defending Miki Sayaka, by serene-faerie

“Short & Sweet Ship” confession scene~

It was the day after a game and as such, there was no practice. Yamamoto happily bid his friends goodbye for the day after class and strolled out of the school, hands lax in his pockets and mouth whistling a cheery tune. This all came to an abrupt end when he turned a corner.

Akane?? he almost squeaked before realizing that he shouldn’t be there. Quickly, Yamamoto jumped behind the building and peeked around it to see just exactly why his 13-year-old sister was at his school. He craned his neck out a bit more and almost choked on his tongue. Yaku was there, too, standing in front of Akane. Cold sweat broke out from Yamamoto’s forehead as he remembered what had happened a few nights ago, when he’d discovered that Akane had a big crush on Yaku. 

He wanted to burst out from his hiding place and put a stop to this, but for some reason that day his common sense was working more than usual. 

He heard Yaku say delightedly, “I was surprised to see you waiting at the gate, Akane-chan! Did you want to tell me something?”

Yamamoto wanted to cry; she was already confessing?

There was a brief silence as Akane fidgeted. She presented Yaku with her card, the one with small hearts over it. “This is for you, Yaku-kun!” she said anxiously. “I meant to give it to you yesterday after the game, but I couldn’t.” 

Yamamoto felt his throat constrict; his little sister, whom he cherished to the ends of the earth, sounded so nervous. He narrowed his eyes into slits as he awaited Yaku’s response.

“Wow, you made this for me?” Yaku said, sounding genuinely amazed. “Thanks! Can I read it right now? Do you mind?”

Akane shook her head and wrung her small hands together. “If— If you’d like!”

Such courage! Yamamoto thought with conviction, clenching a fist. My brave little sister!

There was a lengthy silence as Yaku read the contents of the card, and Yamamoto observed him shrewdly. A small smile appeared on Yaku’s face, and all Yamamoto wanted to do was howl. Yaku-san’s a reasonable guy, he thought restlessly. And Akane’s still a baby. There’s no way he’ll say yes to her! He began rolling up his sleeves. If he accepts her confession, I’ll kill him! But if he makes her cry, I’ll still kill him!

“I’ve liked you for some time now!” Akane blurted, scaring both Yaku and Yamamoto. “You’re so cool and good at volleyball; I really look up to you!” She played with the ribbon on her sailor suit uniform. “But I know I’m still just a kid, so I understand if you don’t think of me that way. I just want Yaku-kun to know how I feel about him!”

Yamamoto bit his fist, fiery tears welling up in his eyes. Akane…! Yaku, you bastard!

Yaku smiled warmly at her and held her card to his chest. “Thank you for giving me this card you worked so hard on,” he said sincerely. “It makes me happy that someone as wonderful as you likes me!” 

Yamamoto withheld a whimper. Yaku, you’re a good guy!

Yaku looked up to the sky with a hand beneath his chin, pondering. Then he snapped his fingers with a grin. “I know, Akane-chan! I’ll wait for you!”

Yaku, you bASTARD!

Akane looked up at him with wide eyes, her lips spreading into a radiant grin. Several feet away, Yamamoto collapsed against the wall. As he felt his soul leave his body, he thought he could already hear wedding bells (or were those funeral bells?) as Yaku yet again promised Akane, “I can wait until you’re older!”