Does anyone else ever look back on shows/books they liked as a kid and just feel such an intense wave of shock at how young all the characters are?  Like when you were 10 it seemed totally reasonable for a 13-year-old to be saving the world, because who else was about to do it.  And a 16-year-old protagonist was super old and mature so you could look up to them; I mean, I used to think 16-year-olds were basically adults. But now it’s like what are you doing you are a BABY you need to stay safe…. let me protect youuuuuuu

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Alex's fans are actually DEFENDING pedophilia because "anime trope". Arn't most of his fans like 12-13 year olds????

yep. and i think these kids really need to learn the difference between anime and hentai because no where have i seen in an anime a teacher like her lol


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Thank you so much for this blog. I'm a 13 year old child being pursued by a 24 year old (long story short I blocked his number, told my family that he tried to make sexual advances on me and now I'm not going outside near the place I met him). But anyhow, this blog has helped me realize what to watch out for

Ugh that’s terrible :/ I’m glad you’re staying away from him though! I’m always happy to help ❤

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i feel like you just made a lot of 12-13 year olds made (judging by how the anons are worded) buy you're totally spot on. those types of fics give children access to self insert sexual situations with an adult and it's Gross

ahh i hope no nice 12-13 year olds were offended a lot of you are genuinely lovely (apart from that one 13 yo phandom member i used to talk to who suddenly just stopped responding to me fuck you) but 12-13 is just the age when you really think you know EVERYTHING and then when you look back at it later you’re like,,,,,yikes

and yeah it kinda teaches kids that dating an adult as a teen is normal and i mean?? no???

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Will @ed a group to tell them "hey wanna see my self harm thanks to your support", blamed a 13 and 14 year old for their fake suicide (theyre very alive, they messaged them specifically to let them know they had pills) and guilt tripped someone with DID just to become the victim, said extremely racist things to an east asian kid, lied about said kid's ethnics to get their friends to attack them, and is still lying. I'm kinda impressed you're defending that disgusting garbage of a person

you’re on anon without any bit of evidence that’s really convincing /s