it’s 90 degrees in my house i swear i have my ac on and the tiniest clothes i own and 2 fans blowing on me and im hugging my giant perrier but i’m melting. in other random no one cares news, if i post different sims than my usual family should i just post it here on my main or make a side blog? i know it’s not  big deal either way but it feels weird because i only post tavy and co. here ever so i’m like will it bother people to see different sims? do i care? did i leave my phone in the car? also something you might not know about me i’m a huge sci-fi fantasy nerd and probably only squischy remembers that one time 90 years ago when i posted elves on my blog the shame. and then i posted zombies and then outer space things and that random supernatural challenge i never even started, too. i was all over the place damns. but now i’m kind of bored and i just randomly made a new save one night and it’s like steampunk elves and ??? lmao why do i love elves >.>  anyways should i just post?? my blog is so boring right now like please and this new save has been fun for me (lmao ive played it like twice nice) so lfdsajkfsj *side crawls back into igloo*

Comic Jessica Williams On ‘The Daily Show’ And Learning To 'Never Ever Be Average’

Many comics struggle for years before making it big, but Jessica Williams’ lucky break came early. She was just 22 and still in college when she landed a gig as a correspondent on The Daily Show in 2012.

Despite her early success, Williams says that her career before that wasn’t always smooth sailing: “I am a 6-foot tall black woman and I have been since I was about 13 years old. … As a comedian and improviser and somebody who did a lot of sketch and was an actress, I got tons of rejection early on.”

During her four-year stint on The Daily Show, Williams became famous for her satirical reports on racism, sexism and homophobia. In 2016, she launched 2 Dope Queens, a podcast she co-hosts with fellow comic Phoebe Robinson. Now Williams is starring in The Incredible Jessica James, a Netflix film, which she also executive produced, about an aspiring playwright who’s getting over a bad breakup.

Williams describes her character in the film as “authentic to me and the women that I have in my life. … What I also love about her, and I related to, was that she has relationships in her life but is not defined by them. Really what she wants is to succeed in her career as a playwright and as a comedian and actress.”


Hey everyone! I briefly joked and screamed about this on Twitter, but I’m going to be a little more serious here.

All four of these pieces are my work. The drawings on the left are pieces I found in my old sketchbook, from around 2011 when I was about 13 years old. They’re actually my very first drawings of Rin, Len, and Miku. On the right are pieces I’ve only made a few days ago. 

6 years ago I was your typical deviantArt young teenager. I was the type of artist I see people sometimes make fun of now. There were plenty of times in my art journey where I received some rather harsh criticism, and on top of that I have always lived in the shadow of my older brother, who’s an amazing comic book artist. I figured my art would remain looking the same forever. But I really just tried to have fun with it, because despite all the metaphorical rocks thrown at me it was something that I really enjoyed doing. Though it was hard sometimes, I kept drawing. Only because it was fun. Looking at those old pieces now, I can easily point out all the things wrong with them. But I vividly remember, sitting in my room at age 13, adoring these pieces that I made, showing them off to my parents, and to the point where I actually saved them in a drawer (to be discovered by me yet again now lol). 

There’s been some rough spots. There were times where I’d cry and kick myself and swear “I’ll never draw again!” It’s really not easy, being an artist. You can ask me why I didn’t stop now and the only answer I can really give is “Well, making art is just fun”. That’s the most important thing art should be to any artist, no matter how many years of experience, in my own opinion. When I started, I wasn’t expecting to get as far in my art as I did. I wasn’t expecting to get so devoted to it. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many other talented artists and make friends through this medium. It was all for fun. Sometimes I would focus hard and look for ways I could improve. Other times it would just seem to hit me one day and I didn’t even realize it until later. Making art is a journey. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “bad artist”. Every artist is constantly making progress and we’re all only ever improving. 

Again, yes, it can be hard. But look at this. 6 years between the times of these two pieces. All this effort – all the walls I’ve hit, all the holes I’ve been stuck in, all the proud and cheerful moments I’ve had – they’ve all came to this, 6 years later. I love drawing. I can’t wait to see what my art will look like in another 6 years.

Ramblings of a tired 13-year-old #2

Being a judgemental child who speaks English and French, is just like to say, step up your French hamilfic writers. I mean, it’s super cool that your adding French sayings and stuff, to add realism to Laf’s dialogue, but please check your grammar. For example: when Laf is addressing the Hamilsquad as “mes amis,” there’s no “e” in “ami.” There is only the “e” when all parties being addressed are female. Well, I’m done my annoying bilingual rant. Aurevoir, vous humains.

Hey ! I did that once and I met awsome people ( we are still talking ) but I want to make more ❤❤❤

So , I am Chrysoula .I am 13 years old and I am from Greece ! ( heaven )

What i love : movies , series ( almost greek one’s ) , drawing , learning , playing with my cats ( there are 4 cats and 2 kittens ) and making new friends !

What I like ( in a friend ) : just don’t be an asshole ❤

( also I am more comfortable with kids close to my age 12-17 and girls most . I don’t have a problem with boys at all tho )

Thats all ! Add me on sc ( my new ) so we can be friends ( I am adding back ❤)

Snapchat ❤ @chrysaspatoula


that weird moment when you unexpectedly relive your inner 13 year old emo girl and become a hardcore band #hxc #staybrutal #emoisnotdead

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lmaooo anything triggers c stans. gucci said he was the fifth member and they said camila outsold and is more popular. like y'all do realize that gucci mane's net worth is more than 5h and camila combined? just cause you've never heard of him doesn't make the man irrelevant. the guy was mad popular (still is) within the rap community. explore outside your genre and realize that people are relevant outside of pop music. i can't stand these 13 year old kids man. go play with your fidget spinner.

They need to stop. Gucci has been in the industry since Camila and the girls were in like pre school lmao

- C

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13 year old Filipino bi girl in the California delta valley area. I like drawing, playing video games, going on YouTube. Pretty much everyday is a lazy day, especially during summer. Gonna be a freshman in August. I'm not the most outgoing person, but I still love hanging out and talking with friends and stuff.


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so, I have a question. and i'm not being snide, this is a real question: what's up with your aversion to swearing?

i swear a lot in real life but on here/youtube there are a lot of younger people following me and it makes uncomfortable?? like yeah it’s stupid because younger kids know swear words and are exposed to them a lot but i don’t wanna contribute to that? so i’m a heck, frick, darn, and shoot kind of person on the internet