13 days

Most kids these days think 80’s music is really old but can you imagine what YOUR future kids are going to think of 80’s music? And not just music, even movies. Like infinity war is going to be some old relic of the past, that to future kids, has crap cgi but to us it’s amazing. Pop culture right now is going to be talked about in some kid’s history essay.


47 phenomenal black talents from @netflix originals shows, films and documentaries came together for Strong Black Lead’s “A Great Day In Hollywood”.

This was a recreation of Art Kane’s 1958 “A Great Day In Harlem” which showcased 57 of the biggest black jazz musicians of the time.


As time has passed, all of us have become really comfortable around each other. All the actors - we’ve definitely gotten a lot sillier. There’s definitely a lot more singing when we shoot, a lot more dancing when we shoot, a lot more silly jokes and impressions that won’t stop and then we don’t hear “action” and we just keep doing our dumb impressions while everyone’s like: “We’re shooting.”


Donald: “Oh my god Fethry, slow down on the juice boxes, it wasn’t that funn- Della I can see you laughing behind your hand, I hate all of you.”

Where is my teenage cousin content??? Where are my ridiculous kids just being 16-13 together, living on their granny’s farm, drinking juice boxes with messy hair and being snarky to one another? If I cannot find it then I will make it myself thanks for coming to my ted talk.


Day #13: Puppies?!

To everyone who has a pet — if you see this, please tell them you love them. Because you never know if it’s going to be the last time they hear it

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