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Picture 1: 13:30, getting ready for JBB in the Hotel room, drinking wine, completely unaware of my fate.

Picture 2: Live pic Bekah took of me when we were backstage waiting to meet MISS TAYLOR WHO REQUESTED TO MEET ME (And Bekah as well but we found out later on lol) This is also for those who judged me harshly because i was too in shock to write down I met Taylor in a more enthusiastic thing. I WAS IN SHOCK. Im still am.

Picture 3: My dreams since I was 16 are coming true and you can see true happiness depicted in the picture. I got to hug one of my oldest friends and tell her about my sister. My life will never be the same. Taylor recognised me and thought I was funny and cute ❤️

Picture 4: ALL THE FEELS with Bekah @best-dress-fearless and ALL THE CONFETTI. We were too emotional to pay attention to the rest of the singers (I feel guilty) but we were back in shape (barely) for Eds set.

That is an incredibly short summary of my JBB day and I cannot even believe it happened. Im in cloud nine.

Somehow Chargers QB Philip Rivers ended up being the lead blocker for WR Travis Benjamin on a reverse around the left side play in the 2nd quarter. Benjamin did pick up 22 yards on the play and Rivers, who actually didn’t have to throw a block, said after the game, “…there wasn’t anybody [else], and I thought to myself, ‘Gracious, I’ve never been this far down the field in my life….” Chargers beat the Redskins 30-13.

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Nicknames: online its usually yopi or yoi

Gender:  ♀ female

Star Sign:  ♈️ aries

Height: i was around 5′4 last time i checked 

Time: 7:58PM

Birthday: 6th April (2001)

Fav. Bands: Mother Mother, Kero Kero Bonito, BTS, BLACKPINK… so hard to pick 1

Fav. Solo Artist: Bo en, Marina & the diamonds, Lily Allen, Poppy, Mars Argo  

Song Stuck in My Head: honestly this

Last Movie I Watched: 13 going on 30 (and i cried at the end like a fucking baby)

Last Show I Watched: South Park season 21 

When did I create my blog: Omg… years ago, I’ve been on tumblr for a while now

What do I post: memes & fanart i guess

Last thing I googled: boring college-related stuff~

Do I have any other blogs: a bunch of sideblogs for my multiple fandoms

Do I get asks: not enough 

Why I did choose my URL: its just a dumb jojo reference 

Following: 729 (cause i try to follow back everyone)

Followed by: 967 (most are spam & inactive nowadays tbh)

Average hours of sleep: i aim for 9 but i honestly get more like 5 on college nights

Lucky number: 6!!

Instruments: i used to be pretty good at piano and ukulele, but i stopped practising so i could spend more time drawing

What I am wearing: black overalls a knit sweater from Forever21

Dream job: As long as I can draw I’m content ✿(ꈍᴗꈍ)  

Dream trip: Egypt & Yemen (to meet my family) also America, Japan, Hawaii, Paris, Brazil….

Favorite food: I am IN LOVE with butter chicken(with naan bread or egg rice) that is my comfort food I would marry it if I could

Nationality:  2/4 yemeni from my mums side & ¼ egyptian ¼ british from my dad, but i also have family in morocco and pakistan and saudi arabia (i usually tell people im arab cause its easier)

Fav. song: Fly me to the moon 

Last book I read: idk fanfiction

Top three fictional universes I want to join:

defo harry potter for starters (i mean who wouldnt wanna be there)

madoka magica: yh ik i could die but it looks so fun and i dont have a soul anyway

pokemon DUH ive been praying for this one the most

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seashell-fairy  asked:

LOVEEE the new chapter!! I can't wait to see where the story is going! I felt super bad for trixie BUT my poor katya noo 😭 i was Suffering™💔 i am honestly so excited for this story!! I haven't watched 13 going on 30 but i will watch it once the fic is over 💜 you're amazing

thank you so so much! trixie and katya are both going through the wringer in the fic but there’s a good ol’ fashioned happy ending to be had at the end so it’ll hopefully be worth it! i’ve tried to deviate from the movie as much as i can – with the two futures, moving back and forth etc – so i’d like to think that it doesn’t really matter that you haven’t seen it!!! 

now in a minute by thealmightyavocado

      ↳a 13 going on 30 au

harry styles/louis tomlinson. chaptered. 9/13

13 feels like yesterday for many people, but for Louis it actually was.

More than anything in the world, Louis Tomlinson dreams of growing up. Simply skipping over all of the awkward, embarrassing years of teenage existence and getting on with life. Real life.

So when thirteen-year-old Louis wakes up in the body of his thirty-year-old self, he expected everything in his adult life to be picture perfect. And maybe it is. He has it all…or so it seems.

Except his favorite person and lifelong best mate, Harry Styles, is totally missing from the equation and Louis doesn’t understand why. He has a lot of catching up to do and as adult life turns out to be more than what he bargained for, Louis can’t help wondering why a life that seemed so perfect, feels so empty.

Or the 13 going on 30 au that should have been done years ago.

***UPDATED*** CHAPTER 9~ 11.22.17