13 yr olds

A list of possible reasons why I didn't reblog your political/social justice post:

•Its good, but its depressing and I just wanted some positivity that day

•Its something I wouldn’t want to reblog without discussing, but I have no time and/or mental energy to do that at the moment

•There are no sources

•I have seen the same post on my dash three times today and frankly, so has everyone else, adding to that is doing nothing

•Its a callout post still spreading around after the blogger who made the original offense has already apologized/done what they could to fix it

•its a harsh callout post against a mistake due to the misunderstandings of a 13-15 yr old, and I as an adult feel that this is a horrible way to do things 

•It includes a phrase like: If you don’t reblog, you’re a terrible person


a request!

reblog this post & in the tags talk about ur first Legit oc

choose your fight(er):

jackson ignoring bambam for three months because he didnt wear the shirt he bought him.

jinyoung being petty over jackson for buying bambam meat and not him for Literal months.

mark throwing a laptop at 13 yr old!bambam because they couldn’t understand each other in a fight.

jaebum accusing jackson of eating his chicken and them fighting about it, when it was bambam who actually ate it. 

mark punching the aircon and breaking it because youngjae wouldnt find his mask for him


anonymous asked:

Why is Jorah on your shit list?

1) Almost 50 yrs old and is sexually attracted to a 13 yr old Daenerys, going as far as to force a kiss on her while she’s naked

2) Feels entitled to Dany’s love and affection, that she owes him for all that he’s done for her

3) The whole reason behind his exile was that he was attempted to sell people into slavery so he can fund his wife’s spending habits

4) in short, he is a nasty old man with a gross obsession with a teenaged girl and he sees himself as the victim of the made-up relationship he imagined between himself and Dany

is it bad i like big mouth?

im 14, its funny to me. the conversations remind me of shitty convos ive had with my own friends, i can relate to the characters and for once its something about my age group (that ive found) that shows the shitty, weirdass side of puberty in the way we talk about it. its crass and uncomfortable and fucked but real (evidently some parts arent; im yet to meet a talking pillow), the characters act like fucked up hormone ridden 13/14 yr olds. half of it could be taken straight out of the things that have happened to me/people i know. parents cheating, being overly open, underage drinking, bullying, crude sexuality questioning, the ‘couples back seat’. ive seen accusations of pedophelia on the behalf of the creators and the viewers. my own opinion is its not some kind of messed up porn, its a show with all the awkward ugly reminiscing or relating. i binge watched it because i could see myself in the characters, my friends in the characters. anybody else’s thoughts?

Important info on dear Evan Hansen

Harmful method acting does not = success. Just bc Platt harmed himself (is emotionally drained and in physical therapy) for his role does not mean he is obligated to get a tony. No one owes you or him anything bc of his harming himself. Injuring yourself for art is not admirable and it is not a good show of dedication. I love ben Platt and I love DEH I saw it live last month and it was amazing I sobbed and smiled and I felt understood. Platt deserves a tony for the emotion he put in the role, for his singing talent. He is so much better than expecting praise for his injury. Christian Borle didn’t deserve praise for his unhealthy weight loss in AIA. NPH didn’t deserve praise for an onstage injury almost every nigh in HATI. Someone deserves praise for being in a taxing role and still practicing self care. Andrew Rannells, didn’t pick up ONE unhealthy habit in Falsettos he didn’t force himself to lose weight to look sick, he healthily dealt with the emotions the show made him feel. Anthony Rosenthal a 12-13 yr old kid deserves praise for practicing self care in the very same show with such heavy content that I wouldn’t be able to handle when I was his age. Lena Hall deserves praise for taking care of her voice through all her demanding roles. People looking to get onto Broadway; HARMFUL HABITS TO YOUR BODY DO NOT MAKE YOU MORE CREDITED AS AN ACTOR OR MORE DEDICATED TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF SHOWS DEDICATION.

And I’m not saying Ben is bad for picking up these habits sometimes it’s inevitable and he’s dealing with it very well though he deserves a week off soon in my opinion. All I’m saying is people need to stop praising this and saying he deserves a tony because of it. He doesn’t. He deserves it for the same reason everyone else does he’s talented, he lives in his role he’s trying to change the bad habits and injuries he picked up that = GOOD. Don’t allow young theater people to think you have to do this sort of thing to get recognition for your talent

neji is that 13 yr old who talks like he grew up in the 18th century and you’re a grown ass adult so you try to act like you’re not afraid to walk past him on the sidewalk but you’re terrified because you know he’ll call out your biggest insecurity without even looking up from the reddit post he’s making on his phone