13 years old

13 year old girl vs The Wall

We just started a new campaign, this time we began as slaves in a battle royal against 3 gladiators.

Cleric: rolls to attack and misses

Gladiator 1 (6'2" with halberd): HAHAHA puny human I will crush you! No one can topple The Wall!

Our 5ft tall half orc ranger child: “I don’t need to topple the wall if I can climb it!” rolls an athletics check to scale the gladiator, passes, then proceeds to attack his exposed neck and rolls a 17 and a nat 20 on a dual short sword attack and nearly removes The Walls head from his body.

Our 13 year old girl toppled The Wall saving the cleric’s life

The Problem with Dany

If I had to pick a character who was the most difficult to talk about in this series, it would probably be Daenerys Targaryen.  The intersection of every single conflict and perspective–in world and modern–about her is one that is almost impossible to address without sidelining one element of it.

That her arc relies intensely white saviorism; depictions of the Dothraki are laden with racist tropes; her experience in Slaver’s Bay harkens to (but does not perfectly mirror) white conquest in the 19th century.  This pairs uncomfortably with the fact that she is 13-16 years old (I’m focusing predominantly on book!Daenerys in this–if you are here for show!Daenerys proceed with that in mind), a child sold into sex slavery, a rape victim, and someone who believes firmly and acts upon the belief that any society that relies upon slavery is not society.  As a woman in Martin’s historically inaccurate misogynistic world, she confronts challenges that are designed by the creator of the series to confront her womanhood; as a Targaryen/Valyrian/Westerosi far from her home and without the resources of that home, she is left with little choice but to look forward.


Before even touching on the content of A Song of Ice and Fire, a point that causes trouble, right out of the gate, is where do “problems” with Daenerys arise?  When, for example, does responsibility lie with a character, and when with the architect of her story?  Add into that–when does the responsibility lie with neither character, nor creator, but with instead the fans who are discussing the media in question?

All this is not to absolve Daenerys of whatever sins exist within her storyline. There are choices that the character makes that are reprehensible and for which the ultimate responsibility does lie with her; however it is also to say that many of the things that Daenerys is loathed for are decisions that lie instead at Martin’s feet.

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Why do employers want credentials a mile long for positions that pay like 12 bucks an hour, and have limited to no benefits? It's an office assistant job for fuck's sake. A 13 year old could easily fulfill the job duties. Why must i have 3-5 years experience for wages so fucking low? How about you actually UP the pay to match the experience???

On 24 April, 2017 13-year-old troubled student Magomed N. of Agvali village, Dagestan found a grenade on the street. He took it to his school and threw it in a classroom full of students. One of them died, 6 kids are in critical condition and lives of other 5 are out of danger. Magomed N. was apprehended.

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Hi in response to the freckles post-do you know any good fics that have that??

Hey! :D

Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve only been on mobile where I can’t properly search things on my blog or link to them. *grumbles* 

Anyway, here are some freckles-themed Destiel drabbles for you! :) 

✓ This adorable little story by @ilostmyshoe-79​ 

✓ This one by @mishananigans
‘AU: Cas, post-wisdom teeth removal, counting dean’s freckles aloud to him.’

✓ This adorable ficlet by @thekingslover

✓ This fluffy gem by @lillardo

✓ Cute story submitted to me by @crackedhalos

✓ Fluffiest freckle fluff ever by @casthewise

I wrote some Destiel ft Dean’s freckles myself as well! 

✓ Pictures On Your Skin
‘AU: Imagine 13 year old Dean being self conscious of all his freckles and his best friend Cas cheering him up by drawing twice as many freckles on himself.’

✓ Random Drabble 1

✓ Random Drabble 2
‘Dean suddenly has a lot more freckles and when Sam asks him about it.  Featuring Team Free Will, Shipper!Sam, and fluffy stuff!’

Pretty much all tooth rotting fluff, enjoy!

@pizzaweasel: Further to the earlier ask about ladies quads, have you seen the tweet from Meagan Duhamel about the 13 year old Russian doing a quad toe?

Yes, Anna Scherbakova. She is coached by Eteri Tutberidze.

Hi! Is there any reason that some skaters did two performances for the gala? Like Evgenia performed her Sailor Moon one, and then did a little bit of her free skate?

The winners of the free skates did encores of their competitive programs in the gala. Sometimes galas have encores, sometimes they don’t.

To the anon about skates’ color: Yuzuru was wearing lilac skates this season for his SP to match with his pants and I don’t believe he got any deductions for it on any competition. I don’t think they’re not “allowed” to wear another color skates, it’s more of a tradition than a set rule.

Those were boot covers, his skates themselves weren’t actually lilac, which is what the previous anon was talking about, I think. But yes, boot color doesn’t matter when it comes to costumes deductions.

Hi this might be a stupid question but why was yuzuru skating last and was allowed an encore at the exhibition? Bc shoma would have gotten first with his total scores so wouldn’t it have been him? Or is it bc yuzu is a fan fav and the best slater ever or sth? Sorry for bothering!

In 2015 they had the winners of the free skate skate last in the gala and do encores, too, which makes no sense, but there is precedent for it.

I know the next Worlds are in Milan, Italy. But do you know (or where to find) more information? And if not, at what time of the year do information and tickets come out?

More information will probably start coming out once the new season actually starts; it’s too early right now.

Hi, I know it’s early, but would you happen to know when the GP meeting is? All the best in the offseason!!!!

Probably around late June. We don’t know yet.

hey guys, I was watching wtt and I noticed only 6 people from each team were on the opening. why isn’t everyone present? weren’t there 8 people on each team? thanks

The ice dancers were warming up for the short dance, which took place right after the opening ceremony.

Hello. Is it rare to have two skaters from different nationality (i.e Suto/Boudreau-Audet ) to skate as pair or ice dance? will they be able to change the country they represent from season to season between their own? i’m very curious because I tend to pay attention to single skaters, but this season i’m learning to enjoy more about pair skate and ice dance. And as always, thank for all the hard work :D

Skaters don’t need to be citizens of the country they skate for, they just need to get permission from their previous federation to switch federations. It’s not unusual for skaters of different nationalities to skate for one country, especially if, like in Japan, it’s difficult to find pairs and ice dance parters who are actually Japanese. But skaters DO need to be citizens of their country in order to compete at the Olympics. Since Francis is Canadian, he and Sumire will not be able to compete at the Olympics next season.

hi! does the ISU release a document listing all skaters being considered for the Grand Prix/guaranteed a Grand Prix spot?

They don’t, but the top 6 skaters at Worlds are guaranteed 2 GPs, and the top 12 are guaranteed at least 1 GP. After that, it’s up to season’s best scores and World rankings.

my 13 year old student: SIR MAHAL KO PO TALAGA E *cries*

me outside: naku madami pa dyan, mag aral ka muna hija. *fake smile*


Aba'y ang bata gang iyun ay nakaka-pang galaite e.


Happy 42nd birthday, Zach Braff!
April 6, 1975

Reasons why Jacob Sartorious is bae😍😘😚😚😗😙😍😍😍😛☺️😊😉:

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•You can cut diamonds with his jawline 💎💎💎
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•His hair is thick and luscious 👌👌
•He is a talented singer, rapper, and dancer 🔥🔥🔥
•He is obvi more talented than Chinese wannabes like Ming Sugar and John WonTon!!! 💁💁💁💁
•Have you SEEN HIM?? Talk about #daddy!!!! 👀👀🔥🔥🍆🍆🍆👅👅💦💦💋💋💋💋

Become a Mrs. Sartorious today!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗😚😚💋💋💋💋

I’m turning 19!!

It’s on March 13th ! Just thought i’d announce it beforehand ^-^  I want to thank everyone who supports and cares for me! Everyone who reads WingSpiral and appreciates the work I do for it! There’s a girl behind this blog (me lol), and I really love all the people who acknowledge that! Glad I mean more to you than just some story machine HAHA! Even tho i am kind of a story machine i just really love stories man i love stories I’m crazy I can’t stop making stories I need help WingSpiral is honestly my life wtf is wrong with me

Thanks for everything!!! ❤❤ And have a great weekend everyone!!

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When I was 15 I dated a 18-going-on-19 years old guy and nobody thought it was weird even tho I was in high school and he was in College. OTAYURI IS NOT WRONG! AND I WILL DEFFEND THEIR HONOR TILL I DIE! Plus two years is like nothing dude!

My dad was 19 when he started dating my mom, who was 14.

Their relationship was (and still is) 100% healthy.

One of my cousins (16) is dating a 27 year old. (Now that is a big age gap)

Also: daily reminder that I am not American.

That America is not the center of the world.

And that entitled Americans who think their laws and culture are superior don’t deserve anyone’s pity.