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Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

Life!Au Park Jihoon

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Genre: Fluff

Prologue: from enemies to best friends to lovers ♡

Age 5, “Okay everyone! Can everyone stand up and introduce themselves before we start the day?” The teacher says as she gets up and points to the boy near the door. The boy got up slowly and kept looking at the ground, “I-I’m Bae J-j-jinyoung.” “I’m sorry dear but can you speak louder.” “Teacher! He’s really shy!” “Yes I know Jihoon, but Jinyoung has to be able to speak for himself.” The teacher smiled as she motioned Jinyoung to go again. “I-I’m Bae Jinyoung.” “WOW! JINYOUNG YOU’RE VERY BRAVE!” You screamed as you clapped, showing your smile which had two front teeth missing. “t-THANK YOU!” Jinyoung screamed back before giggling with you. “y/n! Stop! Jinyoung is mine!!” Jihoon pouted as he steps in between you and Jinyoung. “When was he ever yours jihoon??” You crossed your arms. “SINCE NOW.”

Age 7, “Mom! I’m going now!! The others are at the door!!!!” “Okay Okay! Make sure to get home safe! And don’t talk to strangers!” “Okay!” You opened the door to find the others waiting outside with Jisung, a high schooler who offered to babysit. “Finally slow poke!” Jihoon said as he rolled his eyes. “Whatever kid with the different shoelaces.” “Hey! They’re in style~ STYLE~ right Guanlin?” “Huh? Oh yea, sure Jihoon.” “Hey take me more seriously!” “No one will ever take your shoes seriously!” “What did you say!” Jisung then tried to break the two of you off, but you replied “I SAID THAT NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE YOUR UGLY SHOES SERIOUSLY! ARE YOU DEAF!” Jihoon then ran up to you and pulled your hair and you fought back. The other kids then started joining you two in the brawl. Jisung was yelling “Kids, kids don’t fight. Do you hear me? I said to not fight!” Let me tell you something, Jisung quit babysitting the next day. poor jisung.

Age 10, your school was doing a play on Snow White and you were the princess. The bad part was that Jihoon was cast as the prince. It was the last day of practice and you were reciting your lines with your friends. The practice was going great, you and Jihoon were able to put hatred aside except for the little arguments of how you forgot some of your lines. You were excited to play the princess, but you didn’t want to kiss Jihoon. The teacher assured you guys that Jihoon can kiss on her cheek if he doesn’t want to kiss her lips. “Ew, I’m gonna get cooties because of you now.” “ I’m also gonna get the cooties, you better kiss me on the cheek. If you touch my lips, I’m going to kill you.” “We’ll see about that.” The next day, when the narrator stated that the prince will now kiss Snow White to wake her up, Jihoon slowly went down to kiss your cheek, but since your other cheek was itchy, you decided to turn the other way, but that resulted in Jihoon pecking your lips. After the play was finished, she ran to the bathroom to wash off the “cooties”. You then glanced at Jihoon and made eye contact for just a second, before both of you turned away blushing.

Age 12, You and your friends were currently in the convenience store buying ice cream on a hot summer day. Guanlin and Woojin were carefully examining each ice cream that would fit their taste buds, “Hey Woojin, which one is the one with oreo cookies?” while Jinyoung and Daehwi were fighting over which one to get. “Look Jinyoung. The chocolate one taste the best! Trust me!” “But the vanilla one looks good-” You and Jihoon already got your ice cream and was looking at the commotion in front of you guys. “Y/n, what kind of ice cream did you get?” Jihoon asked as he grabbed your hand and takes a lick of your ice cream. “Strawberry~ oh, why are you turning red?” You ran and hid behind Guanlin.

Age 14, You and your friends were currently in Daehwi’s house studying for finals with Jisung, your tutor. Hey Jisung, nice to have you back dude. You were sitting down with Woojin and Jihoon. Jisung was teaching JInyoung and Daehwi. While Guanlin, who was smart AF, was jotting down the answer to each problem. Woojin and Jihoon were helping each other while you were eating chips, waiting for the tutor to come help you with your problems. Woojin then excused himself to go to the bathroom and Jihoon moved next to you and started to steal from your bag. “Yah! That’s mine.” “Sharing is caring.” He stuck out his tongue.

Age 16, You and Jihoon were in the same class as the others were separated into different classrooms. Thus you spend much more time with Jihoon. “Hey Jihoon, do you remember what the teacher said before the break?” “He said we have a test in 10 minutes.” “Oh shoot-” “Here you can see my notes.” “Thank you! Lifesaver!!!” There was one incident when the girls from the other class got jealous of your closeness to the handsome boys in the school, resulting to them dragging you out one day. “Hey, you think you are really all that huh?” “You’re shouldn’t even be in that group loser.” “Who do you think you are?” They grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the storage room, despite your protest and kicking. “Stay in there and I hope you never come out!” rUDE. Luckily a student witnesses the scene nearby and went to tell Jihoon. It wasn’t long before you were out of the room crying in Jihoon’s arms as the other boys rushed over and started patting your head trying to comfort you.

Age 17, Jihoon was at his deathbed, lol jk. He just got really ill to the point where he can’t get out of bed. So you decided to be the one to bring him medicine and make him porridge. “Park Jihoon! See! What did Woojin warn you about when you decided to play out in the rain?” You gave him a good scolding before helping him sit up. “You have to eat, here.” You handed him his medicine before getting up to get a glass of water. “Hey y/n…” “Yeah?” You turned around to see his flushed face. “I think…” He let out a tiny cough, “I think I’m in love with you.”

Age 18, 1 year dating anniversary! 13 years of friendship. Congrats!! Daehwi gave you guys a pair of amusement park tickets. “Jihoon! Let’s go on that one!” You pointed to the rollercoaster on the map. You could feel him wiggle. “A-Are you sure?” “Nope.” You laughed, “But it’ll be fun! Come on!”

Age 19, current age. “Psst. y/n! He’s here!” You closed the memory book and put it back quickly into the gift bag. “Ready…3….2…1…” Jisung counted down. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARK JIHOON!” Everyone screamed as confetti went everywhere ‘Ah I’m going to have to clean this later.’ No need, you already see Minhyun with a broom. Jihoon stayed by the door. Surprised as he placed his hands over his face, covering most of his mouth. “Oh my god… guys…” He was going to cry. “Aww, it’s okay baby.” You went over to give him a hug while whispering, “Happy birthday love.”

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23 birthday and 13 year anniversary of having type 1 diabetes.
So my diagnosis story.
I was diagnosed 13 years ago in the week of my tenth birthday. I started peeing the bed a lot and it was so embarrassing.
Like all the time. My sisters teased me about it. Then as spring rolled by.
My mother noticed how thin I had gotten.
I had a awesome party planned for my tenth birthday at a pool with slides and water attractions.
I was so excited for it but I was so tired and thirsty all the time. My mom took me to instacare and the doctor just brushed her off, saying that I had strepthroat. Even though my mom reported that I didn’t have strep and my strep test came out negative.
The antibiotics didn’t have any effect and I was getting worse. In my family we have a tradition of a birthday breakfast and my mom made me oatmeal pancakes. She told me if I couldn’t keep my food down then we would have to cancel my party. Well I threw up on my pancakes and my mom sent me back to bed.
I don’t remember a lot of this but my mom put me in her bed to keep an eye on me. I was so weak I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom. And I couldn’t stay hydrated.
My parents were fighting on whether or not to take me to the ER. My dad thought it was nothing to worry about and my mom thought something was wrong.
My oldest sister was watching me and hear me struggling to breath.
My mom put me in the car and rushed to the ER. The ER nurse saw my mom bring me in and I was non-reponsive.
They did a bunch of tests and came out to me mom that my blood sugar was over nine hundred and that I was type 1 diabetic.
I do remember my dad feeding me ice chips and me yelling at him I wanted water not ice. The ER staff gave me the wrong amount of water and it put me in a coma and caused swelling of my brain.
They lifeflighted me to primary children’s hospital.
I woke up with morning sun on my face and the sound of Seagulls. I was so confused and scared. I had a cathader and it was so uncomfortable. I got up off the hospital bed and was like where am I?
I started calling out and a nurse showed up and directed me back to the bed.
She left and came back with my mom.
My mom was crying and I wanted to know what was going on.
They asked me if I knew where I was.
I thought I was in California because of the Seagulls.
But they told me I was in salt lake city.
My mom told me I was a diabetic.
The words had no effect on me, I didn’t understand what it meant.
I didn’t really understand anything. I think I was in shock. They wouldn’t let me leave until my parents were trained for diabetes care. I had lots of tests to make sure there was no brain damage. I was given lots of flowers and stuffed animals. And I chose cheetos for lunch and dinner everyday.
But it wasn’t until on the way home from the hospital when we stopped at Wendy’s for dinner and my mom told me I had to do a shot to eat my food that it really sunk in that diabetes wasn’t going away.

Yep so that was how I found out I was type 1 diabetic. But I’m still here, even though there are times, it would be easier to just give up.
I have made the decision I’m going back to school to become an endocrinologist.
Because I think there should be more doctors who can truly empathize and understand their patients.
My goals is to become an endo and help other diabetics.

Feel free to share your diabetic type 1 and type 2 diagnosis stories. I like to read about them.


Roosterteeth | 7 Years [13 Years Anniversary]

I’m aware a lot of people use this song to the actual ages of the people in the video however what I have done is the ages to the company ages.

In 2016, Roosterteeth will be 13 years old.
So in 2010, Roosterteeth was 7 years old and in 2014 it was 11. Since they haven’t reached 20 years old yet I just put any clip in, especially newer ones.

There is a little number in the bottom left corner at the beginning highlighting the change between 2010 and 2014 (I was surprised which content is almost 2 years old!)

Depression Man....

That’s the worst super hero ever. These last few weeks I feel like I’ve put on that cape.

Today, for instance, I’ve been out of bed and awake long enough to make sure Lola ate and had her potty breaks. Otherwise I’ve been sleeping.

I haven’t eaten, I haven’t showered, I haven’t done my laundry, I haven’t unpacked….

It was like that in Texas too - the only thing that got me out for food was the fact I said I’d be going to those places.

I don’t ever skip meals if I can help it - my sugar gets crazy but here I am missing dinner and lunches like it was normal.

I always take scalding hot showers after a day of air travel but not last night and not today.

I miss my family
I miss my Gram (the anniversary of her death is approaching)
I’m overwhelmed at work - I just hit my 13 year anniversary and it just doesn’t matter.
I can’t concentrate on books I wanted to read
I can’t be bothered to even play fucking Pokémon Go

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt like this.

I’m glad I have my meds though - I can’t imagine what this would be like without them.


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Wait, did she say 15 years? Didn't she celebrate her 13 years anniversary just like some months ago in the show's timeline?

😂 @thatsjustsupergirl and I were just talking about Kara’s age.

Apparently there’s more to suggest that Kara is 25 in the pilot than 24. 

12 years from landing in the pilot, she has an earth birthday in early season one—13 years, a year passes & she has an earth birthday in the middle of season 2—14 years, and then she has an earth birthday within the 6 month time jump—15.

Turns out she’s like 28.

*tries to act like everything is okay* This is my favorite song from the Three cheers for sweet revenge album. This is my favorite album and I want to wish it a happy 13 year anniversary. 😊 *goes in the corner and starts crying*

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11 years ago today Miss @taylorswift dropped her very first album.

Little did she know, and little did I know, that her very first album would help me heal from the death of my aunt (who was ironically named Becky) who died in late August of 2006.

I can never thank Taylor enough for her music and the sunshine that she has brought to my life, album after album, concert after concert for the past 11 years.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

One day I’ll hug you so tight and finally tell you thank you in person. @taylorswift I love you so much.