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Question for the hubbs and you!! What was the first impression for you both? How did it go?

Me: Hubs seemed very serious. There was this calming, composed air about him, but he also seemed fun and sweet in a sort of awkward way. He was taller than me, kind of gangling, bald. And compared to my boyfriend at the time - short, hairy, rotund - I had no idea that I would be asking him to marry me quite some years later. For the record, this was about 13 years ago.

Author’s note: I just read this to him, and his response was, “Huh. Not as interesting as mine. You should punch up the language some.”
Me: “I’m SO SORRY that my first impression of you was so good!”
Hubs: “That’s because I’m a nice guy!”

On that note…here is…my beloved husband’s response.

Cut due to … mentions … of marijuana.

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Holy shit. Pokemon GO is incredible.

In Edam (Netherlands), a boy died 13 years ago and he LOVED Pokemon, especially Pikachu. The family made a wooden Pikachu to put on his grave, too.

Pokemon GO players found out something incredible and alarmed the older brother of the boy who died. The written news was different from the video interview. In the video, the brother mentions he found it on his own. He was near the church + graveyard when he turned on the game and saw Pikachu was near.

There was a Pikachu right on his little brother’s grave.

wanna know which series has the best official art?
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Kazuya Minekura sensei’s THE BEST (she’s such a fangirl of her own work that she just BOMBS us with au arts of these four -and sometimes Tokito and Kubota- ) 

16,000-Year-Old Tools Discovered in Texas, Among the Oldest Found in the West

Archaeologists in Texas thought they’d made an important discovery in the 1990s, when they unearthed a trove of stone tools dating back 13,000 years, revealing traces of the oldest widespread culture on the continent.

But then, years later, they made an even more powerful find in the same place — another layer of artifacts that were older still.

About a half-hour north of Austin and a meter deep in water-logged silty clay, researchers have uncovered evidence of human occupation dating back as much as 16,700 years, including fragments of human teeth and more than 90 stone tools.

In addition to being some of the oldest yet found in the American West, the artifacts are rare traces of a culture that predated the culture known as Clovis, whose distinctively shaped stone tools found across North America have consistently been dated to about 13,000 years ago. Read more.


Wow Today Marks 13 Long Years Since Aaliyah Passed Away . I Still Remember That Day Vividly. I Remember My Cousin Telling Me At 6:50pm That She Passed Away. I Was Beyond Heartbroken Because She Was One Of My Idols Growing Up (With TLC Being My Other Idols). I Was 8 Years Old & Didn’t Understand Why But Now I’m Glad She’s Finally At Peace . Fly On Beautiful Angel . You’re Now At Peace, Fly On.