13 year old superhero

1D as people I’ve sold tickets to at my movie theater job

Harry Styles: good looking guy who comes up with his equally good looking girlfriend. stares up at the movie times and cant decide what they want. without taking his eyes off the board, he grabs his girlfriend’s hand and makes her start rubbing his belly. his girlfriend also just continues to stare up at the board, unfazed, as if it’s totally normal in their relationship to rub his belly. they buy tickets to a rom com.

Liam Payne: tries to make me, the cashier, laugh at his bad jokes. comes up with his wife. you can tell they have kids, but they must be with grandma and grandpa that night— theyre having a date night. so pure. when he asks for two tickets he says “one adult, one child..” and winks and nudges his wife who also laughs. when he looks at me, I give him a pity laugh (after already having heard that joke 3 times that night, alone) when I tell him how much it is, he grabs his chest and says “HOOO you are an expensive date!” and giggles with his wife, walking into the latest superhero movie.

Louis Tomlinson: the 13 year old who goes to the movie theater on Friday night with the other middle schoolers, stands outside and shares a single drink between three guys and one girl. comes up to my window and looks at my name tag and calls me, a 24 year old stranger, by my first name. turns around to giggle with his little friends at the joke. buys a ticket to Florence Foster Jenkins, but goes into Sausage Party. gets kicked out.

Niall Horan: teenager who cockily tries to climb over the ropes in the queuing area. his foot catches and he falls, landing hard on his shoulder and right side of his face, and to add insult to injury, his pants even slide down. he lays on the ground for a bit…just….letting it happen because it might as well. his friends laugh at him. he stands and pulls up his pants looking around to see everyone else staring too. he laughs the loudest walking up to the window in order to drown out the screaming i can see in his eyes.

comicguy89-deactivated20160918  asked:

Thanks for maintaining this fun blog! I have a question, how old do you think Marinette and Adrien are? I read somewhere that Marinette might be 13, which I find hard to believe.

Hello! This is a very late reply. I kept putting this off until I noticed more people were asking about Marinette’s age. My answer is a bit long which made me put off this question.

The claim that Marinette is 13 comes from an article by Licensing Made In

Miraculous™ […] follows the adventures of a charismatic young Marinette (13 years old) who magically transforms into a vivacious superhero (Ladybug) …”

I cannot recall any other article that explicitly states her age. However…

In AB International Distribution’s site, the french synopsis contains something of interest (click “French Catalogue”)

Paris, aujourd'hui. Marinette et Adrien sont deux collégiens pas comme les autres. Ils ont été choisis pour sauver Paris !

The description caught my attention because it uses “collégiens”.

In France, there are two secondary school systems: the first being collége, and the second being lycée. Colléges typically have students between the ages 11 to 15. Word Reference equates collége to a US “middle school, junior high, junior high school” or a UK secondary school.

Lycées typically have students between the ages 15 to 18. At the end of lycée, most students take le bac (baccalauréat), which serves as an academic qualification.

The french synopsis refers to Marinette and Adrien as “collégiens” instead of “lycéens”. This means that their age range is most likely between 11 and 15. Marinette being 13 may actually be correct.

The more you know ★≡