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The inexorable march of the clock stops for no one! However, I’d like to pause for a moment and give thanks to the entire Homestuck community for their kind words and raw talent over the years. It’s been a blast, guys! I’ll always look back fondly on the place where I got my start as a voice-over artist. I’ve met so many wonderfully talented people through this fandom. So thank you guys, you’re all AWESOME!

Art: BlueCanaryGrimDark
Voice: LM-G1

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Me after watching ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka episode 12
  • I’m hurt and ecstatic and nervous and giddy all at the f’in same time!
  • That’s so smart of you Jean (☆ω☆) 
  • Grossular!!!!!! 
  • Mauve is my best girl. OUR Best Girl! 
  • Grossular still has high hopes for Furawau to return..  (。•́︿•̀。) A thing that you’ll wish for someone you consider your friend after all that’s happened
  • Omigod the other chief officers!!
  • Biscuit yay!!! So proud of you!
  • So sad that Jean’s affections was not returned
  • But I really agree to the Kansatsuka girls about Grossular and Mauve. Grossular x Mauve anyone?
  • Rail’s so cute!!!
  • Dowa family reunited at last!!
  • I knew Ōru is Princess Schnee’s loyal guard!!
  • NINOJEAN!!! (The prom scene everyone!!!)

After a few moments…..

  • ACCA’s already finished….?  〣( ºΔº )〣
(Closeted) Witch Tip #14 - Playing Cards Major Arcana Tarot Deck

Granted, not the full 78 cards, it’s just the major arcana. Perfect for closeted or budgeted witches.

  • 0 The Fool - Joker 🃏
  • I 1 The Magician - Jack of Spades ♠
  • II 2 The High Priestess - Ace of Spades ♠
  • III 3 The Emperess - Queen of Hearts ♥
  • IV 4 The Emperor - King of Hearts ♥
  • V 5 The Hierophant - Jack of Diamonds ♦
  • VI 6 The Lovers - 2 of Hearts ♥
  • VII 7 The Chariot - 6 of Clubs ♣
  • VIII 8 Strength - King of Spades ♠
  • IX 9 The Hermit - King of Clubs ♣
  • X 10 The Wheel of Fortune - 8 of Diamonds ♦
  • XI 11 Justice - Jack of Diamonds ♦
  • XII 12 The Hanged Man - 5 of Clubs ♣
  • XIII 13 Death - Queen of Spades ♠
  • XIV 14 Temperance - Queen of Diamonds ♦
  • XV 15 The Devil - 2 of Spades ♠
  • XVI 16 The Tower - 3 of Diamonds ♦
  • XVII 17 The Star - 10 of Hearts ♥
  • XVIII 18 The Moon - 10 of Spades ♠
  • XIX 19 The Sun - 10 of Diamonds ♦
  • XX 20 Judgement - Jack of Hearts ♥
  • XXI 21 The World - Ace of Clubs ♣

The fabulous five head secretaries of ACCA13!

Grossular: likes Steven Universe, stoic and melancholy, gets coal for Xmas

Lilium: the premium chibium, beautiful and poisonous, fan of Hollywood movies

Spade: finely aged, Mr. Casino Royale, drinks Dos Equis

Pastis: the refined, the fashionable, all 3 Musketeers without even tryin’

Pine: big and broad, Bigfoot ain’t a cryptid no more, likes organic coffee

hey guys shades is gonna tell you about gacharic spin

this is them they are my loves

Gacharic Spin (or Gachapin for short) was formed by bassist F Chopper KOGA and drummer Hana, The lineup has changed a few times in the years since, with Hana and Koga being the only remaining original members.

They released five singles as an indie group, finally releasing their major debut in 2014 with a Best Of album that peaked at #7 on the Oricon weekly chart. Their 2nd major single, “Don’t Let Me Down,” was the ending theme for Dragon Ball Z Kai. In 2013 they collaborated with singer Fuki of the band LIGHT BRINGER to form the band DOLL$BOXX, releasing one original album together.

Gachapin is known to be one of the most musically talented girl groups in Japan. According to the liner notes on their CDs, the band writes most of the lyrics and music themselves.  Tomo-zo, Hana, and Koga were consultants for AKB48′s GIVE ME FIVE! single, and all have published instructional DVDs on their respective instruments.

Overseas, they have performed at Anime Matsuri in Houston in 2011, completed a European tour in 2012, and most recently appeared at J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco in 2015. They vow to return overseas soon, and are set to release their 3rd major single and 1st major original album in September.


Bass - F Chopper KOGA (Yellow)

One of the two founding members of Gachapin and the group leader, formerly of  THE PINK ☆ PANDA. Koga is a crazy talented bassist who uses a slap bass style that, as I understand, is very difficult to master.

look at her go she’s amazing but you know who else is amazing

Drums & Vocal - Hana (Blue)

The other of the two founding members, Hana has a long history in the music scene, having been a member of The Spade 13, ARMERIA, and others. It’s not often you see a vocalist drummer in a band, but Hana easily stands out from the back of the stage as the focal member of the band. But in case that’s not enough for you, she also plays keyboard and guitar (stepping out from behind the drum kit to play guitar Boku Dake no Cinderella PV, for example.) 

next up is

Guitar - TOMO-ZO (pink)

Formerly from EU-PHORIA, Tomo-zo joined the group after Gachapin’s original guitarist left. She’s extremely energetic and cute–to the point that you probably wouldn’t guess she’s 26 years old. Her guitar skills are on par with the rest of the band but what she really brings to the table is a huge positive energy, always performing with a big smile and keeping the crowd hyped. The band calls on her from time to time for vocals in songs calling for a high pitched, idol-like voice.

soon after TOMO-ZO came, she was joined by:

Keyboard, Vocal - OREOREONA (Purple)

Also from EU-PHORIA, Reona joined not too long after Tomo-Zo. Onstage she varies between a stationary keyboard setup and a keytar, and shares lead vocal duties with Hana in some songs (or takes lead vocal entirely in some recent songs like Don’t Let Me Down). She’s the “sex appeal” member, usually doing some kind of provocative posing over her keyboard in videos, and during lives leads a call and response of “Sexy! Woo!”

and finally it wouldn’t be Gachapin without these two angels

Performer - Mai (sky blue)

So this is where Gacharic Spin gets a little different from your usual rock band. They have two designated members with the position of “performers.” They do not perform any instruments or sing, but are seen dancing in the PVs. More importantly, they are in charge of fan control during the lives, directing fans in chanting, clapping, and hand movements (what I would call wotagei if this were an idol group, but I don’t know the word applies to this group). The performers bring their lives a unique level of interactivity that you don’t get from many full bands, whose members are usually occupied with their own instruments the majority of the time.

Performer - Nenne (orange)

Nenne is new to the group. Like really new. Like her debut was about two weeks ago. She’s the third generation performer member, after their second gen performer graduated for academic reasons. Nenne seems super excited to be part of the group and I hope she sticks around a while. 

k so that’s it basically, they are an amazing band and you should be listening to them if you like super cute girls who can also shred harder than most guys can (if you’re into that kind of thing i guess)