13 reasons why i love taylor

Hannah Baker Playlist [13 Reasons Why]

The Night We Met - Lord Huron 

Like Real People Do - Hozier 

A Little More - Machine Gun Kelly Ft. Victoria Monet

All I Want - Kodaline

Burnt Letters - Taylor Henderson

Someday - Passenger

Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra

Weak - AJR 

Like This - Shawn Mendes

Dressed In Black - Sia

Strangers - Passenger

Even My Dad Does Sometimes - Ed Sheeran

Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin

Make You Feel My Love - Adele

Night Changes - One Direction

Skin - Rag’N’Bone Man

Cherry Wine - Hozier

Reaper - Sia

Someday - Passenger

Reason #13,000,000 why I love the Rep era

Taylor Swift avoids the media, the one’s who have put her down for years.

Taylor Swift interacts with her fans, the one’s who have supported her for years.

I feel as old as I’m ever gonna get… Older than I ever intended to be.
—  M*A*S*H

13 Reasons why I love 2017

1. Taylor Swift will release her 6th album this year.

2. We got 2 beautiful singles from Taylor.

3. We got the smartest music video ever. (lwymmd)

3. Also we got Better Man that a song Taylor wrote.

4. We listened TIWYCF live (Houston concert)

5. We got super cute videos that Taylor eats cookie dough and videos that Taylor with her cats.

6. Taylor is here on Tumblr with her Swifties.

7. And taylornation joined Tumblr yayy.

8. Taylor came back to Spotify

9. We got a spotify playlist “Song Taylor Loves”

10. We have new Taylor stuffs ( new hoodies, new t-shirts…)

11. We will learn secret messages from Repution newxt month.

12. Olivia and Meredith is OK.

13. Taylor still makes me happy she still loves her fans and lurk them. Make them happy. She is still kind like always. She loves her cats and cookies…

And I wake up everyday “ I am one more day closer to noticed by Tay and meet with her…”

So i really love 2017 and so THANK YOU TAYLOR you saved my 2017 you saved my life. You helped me moment to moment. I love you too much. I can’t explain this… But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…

@taylorswift @taylornation

Review: 13 Reasons Why - 1x04 (Tape 2, Side B)

The ugly side of the human being.

Tape 2 - Side B is for Taylor, Taylor decided because he loves Hannah that he had the right to take pictures of her in her own room Invading her privacy, affecting her safety, making her paranoid. He can still be worse and he divulges the photos.

I need to control myself because this show makes me feel sad and make feel  all this negative feelings like hate.

Because I don’t know what else to feel when I had to listen to this:

“Nothing anyone did to her was any different than what happens to every girl at every high school”

“She just wanted attention”

Because even after all this, they can’t understand the effects of bullying and sexual harassment, so they don’t deserve a second chance.

I can’t handle it. If I comment on every single thing these idiots say or did I’ll just repeat bad words. Let’s change:

Clay has always been a passive person, but this is starting to change, he’s starting to confront people, I will not judge him for having released the photo, it was wrong, especially after everything he heard on the tapes, but Clay is a flaws person, and the fears, anger, sadness, but especially the powerless is become unbearable, he’s on a journey of self-knowledge, I only hope he knows what he is doing and whether he will be able to bear the consequences. After all, it’s a butterfly effect.

Kate Walsh is doing an expressional job as a mother trying to make sense of everything, and it’s hard to watch the people who are left behind, I know that Hannah was hurt and she just wish the pain was gone, but we don’t usually stop to think About the people who is left behind. Sherlock (BBC) have a super interesting quote about that:

“Taking you own life. Interesting expression — taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.”

Committing suicide is something that affects not only the victim, but also those who keep living after the person’s died, Suicide will stop your pain, but, not everyone else; everyone else will stay here and mourn,

So everyone’s giving their reason why they think Pengers didn’t refreeze Ed, and it’s mostly just “he’s still so in love” or “I can’t believe the ship is sank and he hates Ed that much now” but it’s, like, both and so many more things. He didn’t do it because

1) He’s still in love with Ed Nygma and couldn’t stand to see him giving up/ basically committing suicide.

2) He still hates the Riddler, and wants to hurt the Riddler, which really can’t be done if he’s frozen.

3) He is completely and emotionally indiffrent to the person Ed is now, so what does he care if he’s frozen or not.

4) He hates that this Ed, who could be the Ed he loves wants to be the Ed he hates, and so wants Ed to suffer knowing that he can’t be who he wants, just like he won’t be who Oswald wants.

5) He’s probably hoping that time out of the ice will help Ed recover, even if it means that he becomes the Ed that Oswald hates, at least he’ll be around and in Oswald’s life on some way.

6) that whole “I created you/you created me, so I can’t destroy you” thing that’s Strange/Mooney/Oswald had going on. Oswald probably felt the first time he had Ed Frozen that he was frozen, not dead, so it wasn’t killing him, just pressing the pause button, but now that Eds out and can’t even be the Riddle, who Oswald hates but was essentially the creator of, he feels immensely guilty, and now that Ed’s out and willing to go in the ice again, Oswald knows that he did destroy is creation, and that freezing him again, this time it would be killing, and he just couldn’t do it.

Ben, Robin, Cory you’re all doing amazing Sweeties, my heart I’d fried, I am hurt, this is a beautiful story.

this is why we can’t have nice things

track 13

SUCH A BOP OH GOODNESS. so this song is a such a cute little mom way of saying, “your a dirty little fucker, get out of my life”. everyone has been in a situation where your “friend” decides to turn on you for some unknown reason? they burn you, you break up, they apologize, you reconnect. BUT THEY DO IT AGAIN, and maybe again and again and again. so then she ends it all for her own sanity and safety. although, they still expect you to forgive them and forget it all. but no, sorry, not happening, cutting this whole thing off because you obviously can’t handle an actual friendship.

favorite lyrics: you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand + i took an axe to a mended fence

People often ask me what I love about Taylor Swift or why I love her.

Most of the times I don´t answer or just say “well, she´s amazing”. Because I have no idea how to put all the reasons in one sentence.

Truth is: I became a Swifty because of her music. Her songs are relatable and I felt like I get to know her through them (if that makes sence). I was very emotional listening to her songs, but the reason I fell in love with her was that she is such a wonderful and caring person.

I love her so so much. She helps me through a hard time and listening to her songs always cheers me up. The days are going better when I´ve heard a song of her in the morning - no matter which.

To me, she is the most beautiful girl in the world, almost a perfect human being.

Taylor is so down to earth and so good to everybody she meets. And that is why so many people want the best for her.

Seeing her smile makes me happy in a way nothing else can. I watch interviews with a smile on my face and performances with tears in my eyes. When I´m with her I can forget all the pain I´m feeling. She taught me to be fearless and to believe in myself no matter what I´m going through.

So I just want to say thank you, @taylorswift , for making me stronger. You´re the reason why I am who I am. And I wish you knew that I´ll never forget you as long as I live. ♥

26 reasons why I love Taylor Swift

1. She’s kindhearted
2. She’s talented AF
3. She loves us
4. She never forgets to thank us
5. She creates magic
6. She appreciates the good things in life
7. She eats cheeseburgers
8. She’s so over the media
9. She smashes records with ease
10. She pulls of killer concerts without a hitch
11. She’s an utter dork
12. She follows her dreams and encourages us to do the same
13. She makes life changing music
14. She has a voice like a freaking Angel
15. She’s not afraid to be herself
16. She’s supportive of her fans dreams
17. She dances like no one is watching
18. She’s a cat lover
19. She has and amazing fashion sense (teach me please Tay)
20. She goes along with our weird jokes
21. She loves baking
22. Ooh ooh?
23. She takes the time out of her busy schedule to lurk on us
24. She’s the friend we all want
25. She’s gorgeous
26. No indie record is cooler than hers

Happy birthday to my number one, you’ve done more for me than you can ever imagine. I love you to the ends of the earth @taylorswift

The Thirteen Project.

So I have an idea. I’m going to make a present for Taylor, and I need your help. 

What is the first thing you think of when you realise that Taylor has bad days? Days where she feels sad, hurt, destroyed, angry, broken, or horrible. I know for me, and for many other Swifties, we wish we could be there. So what if we could be there? What if we could be there in some way to help her, and to comfort her? 

My idea is simple. My plan is to create a big giant ornamental 13, and somehow, incorporate into it reasons we love her. So when she has that shitty day, or feels alone, or crap, we can be there for her. We can be her friends.

I’ll attempt to get this project to her at one of the Asian Red Tour shows.

However, to do this I need you to do me a massive favour. I need you to send me in something, a reason why you love Taylor. Just finish this sentence: I love Taylor because…Now, I’d love it if this could be a unique reason, so that each reason she gets is a little different, but it really doesn’t matter! It’d also be great if you could send me your initials and city, so she can see that she can see that so many people around the world love her. Please try and keep it as short as possible (15 words or less) so that as many people as possible get to have their reason included. 

Either inbox your answer to me (startofan-age.tumblr.com), email us at thetaylorthirteenproject@gmail.com or tweet as at @Taylor13project! Also could you please reblog this so as many people as possible see it!! We will keep you updated with progress on our twitter.


Hi My Sunshine AKA Taylor Alison Swift;
My name is Ezgi. I am 13 and I live in Turkey. I’ve been Swiftie since 09.13.2010. And tomorrow its anniversary. I’m so exctied. You are my best 6 years Taylor. I love you so much. My dream is hugging you. I hope I will do. We were both young when I first saw you. I was only 7 and you are 20. Do you ever notice when I was born you were 13. Yes thirteen. It is magic.
First I’ve saw your Mine music video. Then I’ve started love you. My English wasn’t good when I’m 7. So I really wanted to know your songs. Since then I’ve started learn English. And good for me. I am writing this letter myself.
My favourite album is RED. I love your other albums too. They are Amazing and gives life. When I feel like nobody I listen “The Lucky One”. When I fall in love I listen “I Almost Do” knows I fell in love before. But now I should study. I don’t know he loved me. Maybe he hate me. But it doesn’t matter. Because you’ve been always next to me.
Some of my friends are really rude to me. First time I heard that they hate me. I was starting crying. While I was singing “Mean” loudly. “YOU DON’T KNOW BUT YOU DON’T KNOW” ahaha. Then my mother spoke with my friend’s mum. She is really good friend and she’s never been rude to me. I am the lucky one. She is my Abigail.
I have a brother. And you have a brother. He is younger than me. He is only 8. When he was born I was only 5. Can you believe it? When I grow up, my mom sometimes went her job. And me and my brother are alone in a big house.
I remember, one day he wanted to sleep. But he was baby and we don’t know how can he sleep. Then I thought “Maybe I should open Taylor Swift’s musics.” When “Last Kiss” played my brother slept. This is Magic. You weren’t there but you helped us!!!
My brother is Swiftie too. His favourite song is Out Of The Woods and Shake It Off. He is like “I stay up to FAKE got nothing in my BABE” Because he doesn’t know English and this is funny. He is cute and he loves you so much, you are in our family. My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister AKA Taylor Swift, and me.
My mom and dad love your songs too. My mum loves Blank Space and Clean. My dad loves Bad Blood and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
My favourite songs are All You Had To Do Was Stay, Mean (you know why) , Better Than Revenge (the same reason of Mine), I Knew You Were Trouble (the same reason of Mine), Perfectly Good Heart and Mine. Because I’ve Iistened your Mine song first.
Whatever your lyrics give a hope to me.
I’m 13 and I don’t want to grow up.
My favourite colour is Red. Wish I was born in 1989. Taylor Swift is my queen. I should be Fearless. I Speak Now because you are my best.
From the girl who said never cry anymore.
Yours truly

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How do you get over an ex?

1. Write.

2. Cry.

Write and cry. Write about it and let it out so that you can let go. 

3. Then be done with it and distract yourself.

4. Go out with your friends! Meet new people. Go to coffee shops alone. Take strolls on the beach.

5. Take care of yourself. Exercise more often. Eat better.

6. Take selfies (Lol it seems silly but you’ve gotta be confident about yourself to realize that you’ll be okay).

7. Stop talking about them.

8. Throw away anything that will constantly remind you of them. It’s never the wrong time to do some spring cleaning.

9. Keep yourself busy with work and school

10. On your free time make sure you’re not attached to your phone. PHONES ARE BAD!

11. Delete them from all social media. It may seem immature, but it will keep you from checking up on them. So what if they’re doing good, go out and do better.

12. Remind yourself why you left them and if they left you then remind yourself why you should aim to be a better person.

13. Love yourself. You cannot be happy with someone else if you cannot love yourself first.


I picked some songs for you to listen to: We Are Never Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift (Any Taylor Swift song really!), The Scientist-Coldplay, I Found A Boy-Adele, It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay-Whitney Houston, So What!-PINK, Good Riddance- Green Day, The Reason-Hoobastank

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I think the reason why I love Tayvin so much is cause it was so unexpected. After Taylor not dating for two years and constantly going on about how she's not dating, she's independent and surrounding herself with her friends. Then Calvin swoops in and changes her mind completely. Never in a million years would I have put them together. They took a risk, and I'm so glad they took it. I think he's the one. The one she's been dreaming about since she was 13. Her love story.

taylorswift baby just say YES