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Stranger Things | MTV Movie and TV Awards Show of the Year [x]

As April draws closer, I’m guessing a lot of us are tense. I know I am. Historically, a lot of copycat shootings happen in April. Most are caught because law enforcement has stepped up since eighteen years ago, but it’s reasonable to be especially nervous this time of year. It’s not only the eighteen-year anniversary, but also Eric Harris’s birthday, which I know has and will tick something people. I think it’s also interesting to note how many school shooters dressed in trench coats or heavy, dark clothes: Dylan and Eric, Adam Lanza, Kip Kinkel, Jason Dean (although fictional), the list could go on. 

One tip I’ve picked up from interviews is this: if you find yourself caught with no way out and are forced to wait until the coast is clear, play dead and cover yourself in blood. Do not move. This has proven to save countless survivors in the past.

Stay safe, make smart decisions, and when keeping Columbine in mind, speak of tragedy gently and respectfully; the family and community’s pain is still very raw, and always will be. Whether you believe there were thirteen or fifteen victims that day, Columbine and the survivors are never something to joke about, or characters you can manipulate.

Words will never be able to fully describe the sheer amount of love I feel for this smol, precious, human being.
I honestly get emotional when I think about how much I love him/all the reasons why I love him.

Noah Schnapp is honestly one of the kindest, good natured, loving and angelic souls there is in this universe. From the way he jumps to offer support and love to fans that have been bullied for their love of Stranger Things, or just bullied in general, to the fact that he actually interacts with his fans and sends them messages and shouts out their page etc…This kid has to be one of the purest, gentlest souls to have ever existed.

For me personally, Noah has honestly lifted me out of some god awful moods and depressions, and has brought a MAHOUSSIVE smile to my face, whether it be from a post on Instagram; or a funny video of him; or him noticing me on a livestream/liking my comment on Instagram!! No matter what, the positivity and happiness that this child radiates, has always reached me and positively impacted me and my life, (and my moods).

God bless this precious smol bean, and a Happy 13th Birthday to him! 🎉🎉

He honestly deserves all the love and happiness in the universe, and I can only pray to one day, be as selfless and as kind and caring as he is.


BabyBurky’s Masterlist!

okay so I have been getting messages that my other master list  no longer works since I made my URL change so I am going to delete that post and start fresh with this masterlist!!! 

1) Brendan Gallagher

2) Tyler Seguin

3) Torey Krug 

4) Jonathan Toews 

5) David Pastrnak 

6) Michael Latta

7) Teuvo Teravainen 

8) Brendan Gallagher

9) Artemi Panarin 

10) Jake Virtanen 

11) Tyler Seguin

12) Noah Hanifin 

13) Ryan Murray

14) Nathan Beaulieu 

15) Patrick Kane

16) Derek Brassard 

17) Dylan Strome

18) Brendan Gallagher

19) Patrick Kane

20) Artemi Panarin 

21) Sidney Crosby

22) Beau Bennett

23) Artemi Panarin 

24) Jamie Benn

25) Auston Matthews 

26) Chris Kreider 

27) Alex Galchenyuk 

28) Patrick Kane

29) Brendan Gallagher

30) Beau Bennett

31) Alexander Wennberg

32) Jake Virtanen

33) Patrick Kane

34) Jamie Benn 

35) Evgeni Malkin 

36) PK Subban

37) Jonathan Toews 

38) Patrick Kane

39) Alex Galchenyuk 

40) Mathew Barzal

41) Artemi Panarin 

42) Zach Werenski 

43) Beau Bennett

44) Jared McCann 

45) Nathan Beaulieu 

46) Joe Colborne 

47) Brendan Gallagher

48) Michael Latta

49) Artemi Panarin 

50) Sam Bennett

51) Dylan Strome

52) Brendan Gallagher

53)  Zach Werenski

54) Johnny Gaudreau 

55) Ryan Murray

56) Robert Bortuzzo

57) Brendan Gallagher

58) Brandon Saad

59) Patrick Kane

60) Zach Fucale 

61) William Karlsson 

62) Ryan Murray

63) Andrew Shaw

64) Brendan Gallagher

65) James Neal

66) Ryan Johansen 

67) Jonathan Toews

68)  Tyler Seguin

69) Dylan Larkin

70) Andrew Shaw/Jonathan Toews 

71) Jake Virtanen 

72) Aaron Ekblad 

73) Zach Fucale 

74) Connor McDavid

75) Teuvo Teravainen 

76) Brayden Schenn

77) Brendan Gallagher

78) Jonathan Toews 

79) Tom Wilson

80) Tyler Seguin

81) Mitch Marner

82) Jamie Benn

83) Andre Burakovsky

84) Michael Latta 

85) Shayne Gostisbehere

86) Sean Monahan

87) Noah Hanifin

88) Tom Wilson

89) Connor McDavid

90) Andre Burakovsky

91) Jake Virtanen

92) Johnny Gaudreau 

93) Brendan Gallagher

94) Dylan Larkin

95) Alex Galchenyuk 

96) Ben Hutton

97) Trevor Van Riemsdyk

98) Joel Edmundson 

99) Olli Maatta 

100) Jason Demers

101) Noah Hanifin

102) Sam Bennett

103) Jonathan Toews/ Patrick Kane

104) Andre Burakovsky

105) Haydn Fleury 

106) Dylan Storme

107) Jake Virtanen 

108) Tyler Seguin

109) Brett Howden

110) Conor Sheary

111) Mitch Marner

“Falling”- an Andre Burakovsky story

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so i’m listening to the bible

cus some ppl who never read the bible use it as proof but don’t know what’s in it 

This is what i found out so far that was interesting:

-The first part where God creates shit is literally evolution but realy realy fast.
like i’m paraphrasing here but it says:
“ so god made fish and other creatures in the water and birds in the sky, and than he told the fish to walk on land and it did. and from that cows and live stock were created and so on on”
basically evolution

- God put Adam to sleep and stole his rib

- a woman is called a woMAN cus she came from man

- Eve’s punishment for eating the apple was labor pain and she was now Adams slave, While Adams was that his crops would be shitty. (so fair brah)

- Adam lived to be 930 and so did everyone else apparently

- one of Adams grand kids had 2 wives
- The ark was 137 m long 41 m wide and 13 m tall

- Noah was 600 when the flood happend 

- The dove brought back an olive leaf not branch (Ur fanart is wrong churches)

- literally everything else so far is (no joke) the narrator goin “and than he had this son and than he had this son and than he had this son and then he died, but than his son had this son etc..

Like if u want more i guess 
i have no idea wut i’m doin anymore

pls correct me if you think i got something wrong

christmas gift idea: percy jackson’s greek gods

great for those friends who annoyingly aren’t into anything and aren’t big readers and who stubbornly refuse to learn about mythology

it’s cheap and now they have it in book form instead of the massive original heavy af textbook version we got when it came out

it’s actually the easiest thing to read because it isn’t a big story, no devotion necessary, its just small myths in a humorous 21st century mindset

if they can’t enjoy a book that simple and fun then what are they even good for

Murdered Over Call Of Duty
Noah Crooks

When Gretchen Crooks noticed her 13 year old son, Noah Crooks, was receiving bad school grades she stopped him playing Call Of Duty. On the 24th of March 2014, Noah snapped and attempted to rape his mother in their Iowa home. After failing at attempted rape he grabbed a gun and shot his mother dead.

More harrowing was the 911 call he had with dispatchers, “Im not joking at all. She’s dead. Im scared. I killed my mum with my .22. I don’t know why i did it”.

In 2016, Noah Crooks was sentenced to 50 years

rise and fall (listen here)

the sounds of lucas and maya falling in (and out of) love

1. ribs//lorde 2. free fallin’// john mayer 3. magnetised(acoustic)// tom odell 4. wait for me// motopony 5. instead// ryan amador 6. can i be him// james arthur 7. all the pretty girls// kaleo 8. in our own worlds// jamie lawson 9. you’re the last thing on my mind// aron wright 10. beacon hill// damien jurado 11. like real people do// hozier 12. fast car// tracy chapman 13. sink// noah kahan 14. state of grace(acoustic)// taylor swift 15. thinkin bout you// frank ocean 16. til the morning// bahamas 17. poison and wine// the civil wars 18. i will let you go// daniel ahearn 19. when we were young(acoustic)// passenger 20. happier// ed sheeran 21. jealous// labrinth 22. home// ben abraham 23. dreaming with a broken heart// john mayer 24. where are you now// mumford and sons 25. berlin// bears den 26. last love song// zz ward 27. hard feelings/loveless// lorde 28. clean// taylor swift

Bambini descrivono esattamente cos’è l’amore. I bambini si che hanno capito tutto dalla vita.

1) ”L’amore è quando baci una ragazza la prima volta e ti rendi conto che non ti annoierai mai più perchè penserai sempre a quel momento.”

— Justin, 11

2) “So cos’è l’amore è quando due si amano reciprocamente e si fanno i dispetti”

— Owen, 5

3) “Bleah, l’amore? bleahhhhhhh.”

— Malik, 6

4) “Papà che non scoreggia.”

— Poppy, 8

5) “La sensazione di tranquillità quando qualcuno ti abbraccia”

— Vince, 7

6) “Quando vuoi baciare un tuo amico. Ma io non ho amici maschi.”

— Keri, 12

7) “Capisco di amare la mia ragazza quando penso a lei con un altro, vorrei dare un pugno a un muro.”

— Robbie, 13

8) “Bacini.”

— Uma, 5

9) “Non lo so! Forse è… No niente, non lo so.”

— Jessie, 7

10) “Pizzicare le guanciotte.”

— Iván, 6

11) “Non ne sono sicuro, perchè tutti quelli che dicono di amarsi sembra che si odiano.”

— Wyn, 8

12) “Niente.”

— Noah, 7

13) “Quando mio fratello va a un pigiama party e io piango perchè mi manca.”

— Lola, 6

14). “L’amore è quando due si baciano, crescono e si sposano.”

— Kelly, 8

15) “So che mia mamma e mio papà mi amano perchè mi danno da mangiare , mi fanno giocare alla playstation e mi abbracciano quando sono triste, li amo anche io.”

— Inigo, 5

Wow, vero i bambini si che hanno capito tutto, ma secondo me quello che ha capito di più di tutti è Wyn: “Non ne sono sicuro, perchè tutti quelli che dicono di amarsi sembra che si odiano”.Un pensiero di un bimbo di 8 anni.

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