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Can you draw the team penguin from the batman serie ? I like your work by the way.


Heck, I’m surprised I haven’t drawn this loser team until now.

(Also thank you so much for the compliment)

And because Tumblr hates me, here’s the image with a higher resolution >>

Look at that list of shows…..see the awesomeness that is Mark Sheppard, and that’s not all of the shows he’s been in…..i started watching SPN because Mark was in it (I didn’t know it wasn’t until season 5 BUT my point is, I gave it a shot because of him. ) I knew of the show, thought it might be something I would like, but never sat down to actually watch until I caught the last 10 minutes of an episode and saw Mark. (The episode where he snaps Kevin’s girlfriends neck). “Holy crap that’s Mark Sheppard, okay I’m making time for this show.”
Why do I follow this man from show to show?
Again, I refer you to the list above!

The Betrayal

World: The Royal Romance; Choices Stories You Play
Characters: I used the default names Riley and Prince Liam.
Rating: K (If you read the other chapter first it’s a T)
Timeline: Chapter 8 in the game.
Prompt: “Betrayal” - for #ChoicesCreates round 13. ( @hollyashton​  @firefly-hwufanficwriter)

A/N: This is written as a spin-off/side-line to the story I started based on Drake (A Moment Too Far) and happens after that first chapter. You don’t need to read that first if you don’t want to, as this makes sense on it’s own. For those that do want to it just adds more backstory to this. The option is entirely yours  😊


Betrayal is a word that cuts through so many layers of emotion and doesn’t stop until it consumes you. I don’t want to feel this way and in my position I am not afforded the luxury of being sentimental. So inside I am torn apart by the different aspects of my life that continually antagonise each other.

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15 "Holy shit it's Mark Sheppard in that thing!" moments

You’ve probably heard someone say “oh, Mark Sheppard is in everything” and wondered to yourself “how much can he possibly be in?

Well, we’re here to give you proof that Mark Sheppard is in everything, especially genre shows involving space, ghosts, aliens, or pyrokinetics.

Here are 15 of Mark Sheppard’s most memorable genre television appearances.

  1. Mark Sheppard appears in Joss Whedon’s unique and short lived Dollhouse in 2009. In Dollhouse he plays Tanaka who is the kryptonite to Tahmoh Peniket’s Paul Ballard.

  2. Mark Sheppard first appeared in the Whedonverse in Joss Whedon’s Firefly in 2002. In Firefly he plays the humorously aggressive “Badger.” At this point I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a job on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, just saying.

  3. Mark Sheppard played Romo Lampkin in Battlestar Galactica 2007-2009. In his on and off appearances on the show he played the lawyer for Doctor Gaius Baltar.

  4. Mark Sheppard played the director of the Ring criminal organization in NBC’s Chuck in 2010.

  5. Mark Sheppard appears as “Crowley” the King of Hell in Supernatural.

  6. Mark Sheppard played Benedict Valda in Warehouse 13 appearing in four episodes from 2009 to 2010.

  7. Mark Sheppard played Dr. Charles Walker, the serial killer nemesis, in Medium from 2005-2006.

  8. Mark Sheppard played Anthony Anthros in Bionic Woman. His character was one of the initial develops of the Bionic technology used to create the bionic woman.

  9. Mark Sheppard played Canton Evert Delaware III on Doctor Who in 2011. Interestingly enough it’s the first time he appeared on a british TV series, and in it, he played an American.

  10. Mark Sheppard played a demon named Arnon in an episode titled “Witches in Tights” on The WB (CW)’s Charmed in 2002.

  11. Mark Sheppard played Leucon on UPN’s Star Trek: Voyager in 2000. His character infested his son with pathogens that would prevent Borg control and then sent him to the Borg. What a dick.

  12. In 1999 Mark Sheppard played a gang leader named Jack on Sliders. His people are poor and they are forcibly separated from the rich. 

  13. Mark Sheppard played Bob The Caretaker / Cecil L’ively who can start fires with on X-Files way back in 1993.

  14. Mark Sheppard in plays C. Flayton Ruell on the super hero show, M.A.N.T.I.S.
    We weren’t able to find a whole lot of information about his role in M.A.N.T.I.S. so if you know anything, please feel free to write in.

  15. Mark Sheppard played ‘The Chameleon’ in Special Unit 2. The show was about a top secret police unit that focused on super natural beings that were known as “Links.”

This doesn’t even begin to cover ALL the roles that he has been in, in things that you would recognize. These are just some of the most prominent or ridiculous ones that are genre shows. 
Other notable roles include:
Murder She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle 
(TV Movie) - Man In Car
Monk - Chris Downey
CSI: NY - Kevin Hannigan
24 - Ivan Erwich
Leverage - Jim Sterling