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🍂 ACTIVITY CHECK 12/13-12/18

Dearest fireflies,
Another 2 weeks has passed here at Firefly Directory which means another activity check! The rules will be the same as the previous activity check – simple and direct! Please make sure to reblog the post before Friday December 18th, 2015 ( 9PM GMT-4) if you want to keep your spot in our tree.

  • Failure to reblog the activity check post will result in a warning. In the case of this happening, please contact the admins within 48 hours to inform them if you want to stay or are no longer interested in being in the directory. Failure to contact the admins within this time will result in your spot becomming free to be roleplayed.
  • Please make sure you have followed all admins | members and  have a link for the directory that can be found.
  • If you happen to be on more than one active directory we would like to ask you to choose between this directory and whichever others you may be on. Collectives are welcomed and have nothing to worry about.
  • Members on Hiatus / Semi- Hiatus are exempt from this check. As are new members who join within the time spam of the check posting.
  • If you are inactive for 3 or more days, we will issue a warning of which you will have 48 hours to message us if you wish to continue with us or not!
  • Please warn us if you change your url or are on a hiatus / semi-hiatus and haven’t informed us. Also if you are no longer interested in continuing with us, please just message us saying so.
  • Any reservations that expire within the time of the check will be listed as free to roleplay if you don’t apply within the 3 days given. We want to be fair to all our members that wish to join!
  • If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the directory or the admins directly on aim . We are always happy to help anyone who asks for it!

Thank you once more for everyone that has stuck by our side through all the events and rough spots we may have gone through. Please help us grow as a directory and continue to make every new member of our family feel welcomed.


no backgrounds because fuck it who cares

inspired by recent real life events between two giant shitnerd babies ((((me and rox))))

sometimes i worry that the dialogue between these two is going to feel unrealistic or unnatural, because, idk? maybe i’m just used to being able to speak frankly about my feelings with my best friend. it might come across as a bit hammy to other people. but i don’t think it’s a secret that, like, these two have a relationship that is very heavily influenced by the relationship i have with my OWN best friend. because there’s nothing i can imagine that’s more inspiring than the person who helped me figure out who i am, what i’m worth, and how i want to spend the rest of my life (with him and his boyfriend). they’re not self-inserts, but they tell a story that’s definitely ours.

(also it should be known that river’s personality is based partly on rox’s, not mine. forrest, the moody, angry, insecure and needy one, is more like me.)

really off the ball edit: forgot to mention river’s hair is longer/scruffier cause this is meant to happen like two or three months after the start of the actual story. also i always forget to draw forrest’s hair at different lengths, i have no idea why, but it’s hilarious


i’m posting this crap here instead of twitter because i’m actually kinda happy with them even tho they’re just shitty ballpoint line paper drawings. still can’t draw digitally lmfao

(also i s2g i’m working on a fireflies update i’m just like HNNGHHH w/r/t not being lazy with scripting. it’s not abandoned i’m just lazy as shit i will be the first to tell you)

lindsey is also the holder of the achievement for “biggest hair” to terid’s eternal chagrin

since my characters haven’t been drawn in, literally, a year or more (for most of them), they’re getting updated designs. lindsey is, and has been for a while, asexual and aromantic. 

already many of them i’m starting to be like… HMMM. THIS STORY COULD DO WITH MORE NON-BINARY CHARACTERS, I THINK.