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Characters: Jack Zimmermann, Eric Bittle, Shitty Knight, Kent “Parse” Parson, Larissa “Lardo” Duan, Swoops Guy
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Series: Part 13 of 13 Days of Halloween

After an injury takes Jack out of his short-lived NHL career, he’s left drifting. So he buys a house and decides to rebuild it. Fortunately, he’s got a cute neighbour to keep him company.

Day 13 for the 13 Days of Halloween.

You Don’t Have To Look Any Further

13 Days of Halloween:  October 19th: Jack-o-lantern carving!

So I’m working on a longer “Dex is a werewolf” fic that I will post later on!! But I am going to try and do a bunch of one shots that will kind of all go together, and I will keep them all in this tag (that is currently not working wtf) on my blog. Tags: Fluff, pre nursey/dex, canon typical alcohol, descriptions of pumpkin innards (in case that grosses anyone out), also Chowder being snarky. Title from Bite Down - Bastille + HAIM

Derek Nurse has never been a huge fan of pumpkin carving. Sure, the end result is pretty nice, but pumpkin stems are prickly, and the pumpkins themselves are heavy and dealing with the guts is more than gross. Not to mention the fact that his designs never come out as cool as he imagines them. He sighs and tips back in his chair, purposefully ignoring the way Chowder tenses and follows his movements with his eyes. He’s not that clumsy, he’s not going to tip the fuck - The back legs of the chair wobble and he grabs for the table, mentally apologizing to Chowder for ever doubting him. His pumpkin’s lopsided smile mocks him and his internal dialogue. 

God. He hates carving pumpkins.

Nursey reaches for his can of PBR, trying to pretend like the chill in the air doesn’t make him want to go burrow under the blankets in his dorm. Instead, he’s sitting out in front of the house in a rickety folding chair, hands freezing from the nasty pumpkin goop, and not wearing nearly enough warm clothing for the circumstances. When he was a kid, his mom used to let him carve his pumpkin at the kitchen table, but after the Pumpkin Gut Incident of 2015, Bitty had banned pumpkin carving from his kitchen. Nursey had tried to protest, but since he might have been the instigator of PGI-2015, his opinion was not valued whatsoever. So he sucked it up and helped Dex and C move the pong table outside, and maybe stared a little when Dex carried three folding chairs up the basement steps with one arm. You know, the usual.

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This is for omgericzimmerman’s 13 Days of Halloween fic-a-thon. I started writing the prompts in advance at the beginning of October, but school has really be fucking me up lately and I didn’t manage to come up with anything I really liked, so I haven’t posted anything… until now! This is the only thing that I wrote that I actually liked and it’s very short, but here. Have some General Autumn Goodness


         Dex is leaving his building for his early morning jog when the pile of leaves outside the door starts moving.

         Dex, understandably, jumps about a foot in the air and swears. “What the fuck-”

         He’s cut off by a deep groan emanating from the pile.

         “What the fuck,” Dex says soberly. He approaches the pile slowly, hoping that it’s not a wounded animal or something equally worrying. His hope is rewarded because, when he gets close enough to the pile, he realizes that the sound came from a person.

         Not just any person either; one Derek Malik Nurse.

         “Nursey, what the fuck.” It’s not a question; Dex is so incredulous- but then, he’s also not that surprised because it’s Nursey- that he’s lost the ability to wield question marks.

         Nursey groans again, beginning to sit up, and about a handful of leaves fall off of him. It’s nothing compared to the number of leaves that don’t fall off of him. His head looks like one of those fall wreaths suburban moms hang on their front doors. Nursey blinks, causing another leaf to fall, and squints up at Dex, confused.

         “Wha happ’n’d?” he slurs.

         “You fell asleep in a fucking pile of leaves,” Dex says. How the hell does this happen? How in the hell does Nursey’s drunk ass just decided to take a nap in a pile of leaves?

         “Oh.” Nursey looks down at his make-shift bed and pats the pile softly. “Chill.”

         Dex sighs, looking upward for some kind of divine patience to help him deal with this situation. “Come on,” Dex says, stepping forward, “let’s get you into an actual bed.” He helps Nursey stand, brush off the majority of the leaves, and starts helping him into the building.

         It takes about four minutes longer than it should to get to Dex’s floor, as dealing with a hungover, leaf-covered Nursey kind of hinders Dex’s ability to walk. But they reach Dex’s dorm and he lets them both in, thanking God that he doesn’t have a roommate this year, and he plops Nursey down on the edge of the bed, sitting upright.

         “Thanks, Dexy,” Nursey says, smiling sleepy-drunk up at Dex. Dex refuses to acknowledge the warm, melty feeling in his chest and crosses his arms over it in an attempt to stifle it.

         “Sleep it off, Nurse,” Dex says. “I’m going on my run.”

         After setting an alarm for Nursey, since Dex knows he has a class in two hours, Dex does actually go on his run. He jogs his route twice just to get rid of the anxious energy buzzing through him. Dex doesn’t know what it is about finding Nursey asleep in a fucking pile of leaves but the whole thing has just managed to further endear Nursey to Dex.

         So after running his route twice, he stops in to Annie’s for a cup of coffee. He figures that he’s earned it, what with the extra running and all, and maybe Dex is trying to eat up time in the hopes that Nursey won’t be in his bed when he gets back. He takes his coffee black to stay and drinks the whole thing while sitting at a table and going through the few social media accounts he owns.

         He’s eaten up a good twenty extra minutes by the time he throws away his cup, so he deems it safe enough to head back to his dorm. Fortunately- or unfortunately depending on what part of Dex is asked- Nursey is not in Dex’s bed when Dex gets home. Dex sighs, angry at the part of himself that’s disappointed, and sits down on his bed to untie his shoes.

         However, as he sits, he hears a crinkling sound. He looks under his comforter to find a crisp orange leaf. He smiles and sets it on his dresser before continuing to untie his shoes.

No Strings Attached

13 Days of Halloween: Witches. There’s a reason Whiskey doesn’t spend a lot of time with the team. Read on AO3.

Bitty was in the kitchen – as usual – when Whiskey walked through the front door. He’d been baking – also as usual – and his magic permeated the whole Haus, warm and welcoming. Whiskey grimaced.

“Hey, Whiskey,” Bitty called cheerfully – as usual. “You’re just in time for a little pre-practice snack, if you’re so inclined.” He pointed at the muffins cooling on the counter.

“No thank you,” Whiskey said, careful to be polite but firm in his refusal. “I already ate. I’m meeting Tango and Chowder so we can walk over to Faber together.”

Bitty looked at him thoughtfully. “Tango’s not here yet, but Chowder will be down soon. Why don’t you come in and have a seat. I think we should have a chat.”

This was exactly what Whiskey had been hoping to avoid, but he couldn’t risk refusing Bitty’s request – order, more like. He sat stiffly on one of the chairs at the kitchen table.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“Water, please.” There wasn’t much harm in accepting a glass of water. Water was communal; Whiskey wasn’t implying acceptance of anything else by taking it.

Bitty set the glass on the table by his hand and sat down opposite him. “I’m just going to come right out with it,” he began. “I get the feeling you don’t like me much.”

Whiskey went cold. “I don’t…dislike you,” he said. He knew better than to lie, but the truth probably wouldn’t go over much better.

“You never come to team meals. I’ve offered to bake your favorite things, but you refuse to tell me what they are. In fact, you’ve never eaten a single thing I’ve baked. So forgive me if I’m not seeing how you don’t dislike me.”

“I don’t want to be part of your coven,” Whiskey burst out, then cringed, waiting for Bitty’s inevitably angry reaction. Such a powerful witch wouldn’t take his refusal well, not when he’d been trying so hard to get Whiskey to join him.

“Coven?” Bitty asked blankly. “What coven?”


“Lord and Lady, what would I do with a coven? I’m just a simple kitchen witch. I hardly need the power of a whole coven to bake some goodwill into a pie.”

“Oh. The hockey team isn’t…” Whiskey felt stupid all of a sudden.

“There aren’t but a couple of others that have more than a thimbleful of magic on the team. We’re hardly a coven.”

“So when you kept trying to get me do come to team things, offering me food…”

“We’re a team. The better we get along, the better we play on the ice. That’s just common sense, not witchcraft.”

“Oh.” Yep, stupid. His face flushed bright red.

“And let me tell you, if I was to start a coven, I wouldn’t be tricking other people into joining it. I’d flat out ask, and I’d take no for an answer. You got that?”

Whiskey nodded. “Sorry,” he said quietly.

“Well, I’m glad we got that settled. I hate to think what kind of witches you’ve known, if you thought I’d do such a thing.”

Whiskey shrugged. “Just the regular kind, I guess.”

Bitty stared at him.

“I wouldn’t mind trying one of those muffins.” It was a peace offering; also, he really wanted to try Bitty’s baking. The rest of the team kept going on and on about how wonderful it was.

“Go on and help yourself. They’re freely given, nothing asked, nothing promised.”

Relief filled him at Bitty’s words. No strings attached. Maybe it would be okay to trust Bitty and the rest of the team after all.

13 Days After HalloweenDay 11: Pet Sematary (1989)

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Director: Mary Lambert

Writer: Stephen King

Starring: Dale Midkiff, Fred Gwynne, Denise Crosby, Brad Greenquist, Miko Hughes and Blaze Berdahl

Cameos: Stephen King


  • Stephen King would read the obituaries aloud to the cast and crew while they were on break.
  • Jud’s house had an exterior façade in order to look like an old Victorian house.

its october 13 which is just a two-character swap from october 31 which is halloween

but it’s also 10:18 pm which means its almost the day after october 13 which means its close to the day after halloween which means its basically november 1st

merry christmas

13 Days After HalloweenDay 13: Let the Right One In (2008)

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Director: Tomas Alfredson

Writer: John Ajvide Lindqvist

Starring: Kåre Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson and Per Ragnar

Thanks to everyone who followed these posts. I’ll be doing a Christmas marathon starting Dec. 1st.