13 candles and a cake to the face

Everything You Wanted Pt. 2 | Jay Park/Reader


summary: He was your best friend… And everything you had ever wanted.

content: smutty smut, slightly unsafe sex, cheating, and a shit ton of angst

length: 5.9k

A/N: so this is a couple days late and i’m sorry, but i poured my life into it, so i hope you enjoy. also this is kind of a long one, so grab your snacks and settle in!

You still lay there curled up in the same spot on your bed hours after Jay left, that same sense of heartache reverberating through your body. You had been torturing yourself, doing nothing but thinking about him and Jeni, what they must be doing right now, if she truly appreciated everything she had… if he touched her the same way he touched you. You were making yourself sick. You couldn’t even understand your own deep sense of melancholy. It wasn’t like this was the first time you two had done this, nor the first time that he left you for her. Not even the first time you had felt so desolate because of him. But, for some reason, today it stung even worse than usual. Your bed felt emptier and you felt a kind of cold that soaked straight down to your bones. Or maybe you were just a melodramatic idiot with a penchant for selfishness and masochism.

You rolled your eyes at your overemotional musings, cutting yourself off from any more depressing thoughts for now. It was starting to get dark and the angry growl of your stomach reminded you that you hadn’t eaten since morning. Reluctantly, you forced yourself from your bed, padding from your room to the kitchen, still clad in only Jay’s old t-shirt.

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