13 boats


United States Navy, SSN-774 Virginia-class of nuclear-powered attack submarines, build since 2000 as a replacements for the Los Angeles-class and complement to the very expensive Seawolf-class, 13 boats have been completed, out of a planned total of 48. 


Displacement: 7,900 metric tons (7,800 long tons)
Length: 377 ft (115 m)
Beam: 34 ft (10 m)
Propulsion: S9G reactor 40,000 shp (30,000 kW)
Speed: 25 knots (46 km/h) or over
Range: unlimited
Endurance: Only limited by food and maintenance requirements.
Test depth: +800 ft (240 m)
Complement: 135 (15:120)


12 × VLS (Tomahawk BGM-109) tubes
4 × 533 mm torpedo tubes (Mk-48 torpedo)
38 × torpedoes & missiles (torpedo room)

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hello! sorry to bother but, do you have any series recommendations?

I have a ton of tv recs! I’m currently obsessed with Arrested Development, Fresh Off the Boat, Teen Wolf, and Jane the Virgin and a few of my other favorite shows are Blackish, Parks and Rec, The Walking Dead, Shadowhunters, 13 Reasons Why, and Stranger Things!!

Things rowers hate:

1. Rowing when it’s freezing out
2. Not being able to go out and having to erg
3. Waiting for 3+ hours to be able to leave a regatta
4. Forgetting a post workout snack
5. When the person in front of you splashes you a lot (especially in combination with the first)
6. Novice boats/coxies who don’t know the course yet
7. On-the-square rowing practices
8. When the sun doesn’t rise until practice is entirely over
9. When coaches wake your boat badly
10. When someone says they didn’t pull as hard as they could have
11. Lightning
12. Heavy old wooden boats
13. When people who don’t row complain about how they have to get up at 6:00
14. Disgustingly polluted water

But it’s worth it

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lol about the shipping friends trope in fanfic, my mom told me her and her work friend ship me and her work friends son, who ive never met before, she also literally used the word ship. and thats when i knew i had to destroy the internet forever


i feel like ppl created doing that from fic and not the other way around though lmao. Sometimes Life Imitates Ar t

My (totally doable) summer bucket list!
  • A to-do-list with things, that feel good : )
  • 01. try stand-up paddling
  • 02. buy a cheap ukulele and learn to play one song
  • 03. kiss someone
  • 04. check out at least 3 lakes in or around my town
  • 05. make raspberry milkshakes (they bring the boys to the yard apparently)
  • 06. find my summer anthem 2015
  • 07. make myself a flower crown
  • 08. finish the sherlock book series
  • 09. go see a movie at an open-air cinema
  • 10. wear more lipstick
  • 11. remodel my bathtub into a summer pool for one night (cocktails included)
  • 12. learn something new
  • 13. go on a boat ride
  • 14. read a naughty book that is NOT Fifty Shades Of Grey
  • 15. do the 30-day-yoga challenge
  • 16. have a little herb-garden – basil and mint included
  • 17. throw confetti around randomly at night somewhere in the street
  • 18. spend a weekend at the ocean
  • 19. spread some love and happiness
  • 20. finish the little bliss app
  • 21. watch the sunrise
  • 22. go to Hamburg and send a message in a bottle
  • 23. paint every nail in a different color
  • 24. make home-made ice-cream
  • 25. find 10 great new recipes
  • 26. cut a happy face into a melon and take a funny picture
  • 27. find a stork’s nest
  • 28. bet on a horse
  • 29. write 10 summer postcards and send them to friends
  • 30. finish my tassle basket

January 13, 2016 - Boat-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus major)

Found on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, these grackles live mostly in salt and freshwater marshes and can also be seen foraging in urban areas. They are omnivorous and eat a variety of invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, seeds, fruits, and tubers, as well as food scavenged from humans and domestic animals. They can pry mussel and snail shells open with their beaks and sometimes dip bread or dog food in water before eating it. Females build nests in clusters, choosing safer areas which males compete to defend. One male wins the opportunity to breed with the females in a colony, though DNA testing shows that he may only father around a quarter of the chicks.

Together - Richonne Fan Fiction

Richonne Fan Fiction

**This fan fiction piece takes place the night after Season 6, Episode 13–The Same Boat**

Michonne sat up in bed, propped against a pillow, her legs covered by the bed sheets as she read a book. She looked up when she heard Rick close the bedroom door behind him.  She smiled and he did the same as he unbuttoned and slid out of his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head.

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s getting harder to get Judith to sleep lately.”

He shook his head and picked up the armful of dirty clothes to carry to the laundry hamper inside the closet.

“Really?  I never have a problem.” Michonne said, grinning.  

Rick closed the closet doors and turned around with a half- grin and narrowed eyes.  “So what are you implying?”

With an innocent shrug of her shoulders, Michonne shook her head, sending her locs flying around her face.  “Nothing. Nothing at all,” she chuckled.  

Rick dove onto the bed, grabbing her in his arms and tickled her until she begged for mercy.  “Stop, stop, please,” she gasped out between her laughter, as she rolled around on the bed in an effort to squirm away from his tickle attack.

Rick kept an arm around her as he lay on his side next to her on the bed and rested his head in his palm. His smile faded as he stared at her.  He exhaled slowly.  “I’m glad we have this together, you and me. A minute to breathe. It’s been a rough couple of days. “

Michonne nodded her agreement.  It had been a difficult week for them.  After going to take out the Saviors for Gregory and then getting Carol and Maggie back home safely after their abduction, they could use a momentary break from the crazy chaos of the days past.

Rick’s fingers slowly grazed her bare arm as he admired the silky textured deep brown skin. He brought his gaze back to her mahogany colored eyes. “You don’t know how glad I am to have you here with me.”

Rick thought about how panicked he’d been knowing that Carol and Maggie had been abducted.  And if anything like that had happened to Michonne, he knew he’d be utterly devastated. He didn’t even want to think about what he’d do if anything worse happened to her.  If he didn’t have her wise counsel and input when challenges arose, her hands to hold, or her lips to kiss anymore, he’d be a wreck.  

Just then, thoughts of her bare skin touching his naked body invaded his mind. No, he couldn’t do without the certainty of knowing that he’d have her warm body pressed against his every night.

Rick took her hand and lifted it to his lips. He planted a tender kiss there before moving up to kiss her lips. He pulled away and continued. “I couldn’t live with myself if you were taken from me like they were today. “

Michonne stared into Rick’s brilliant, sky blue eyes, his brows furrowed as emotion poured out with his words.  She swallowed back a lump of her own emotion which threatened to break free despite her best efforts.

Rick continued.  “You remember, back when we were at Woodbury, and you told me that I needed you?”

Michonne nodded.

“I did need you then.  But I need you even more, now.  In every way.  So does Carl. And Judith.  And all of the rest of our family. I can’t lose you.  I won’t lose you.” Rick reached up to wipe away the tears that trailed down her cheeks, and tried to fight back his own tears, but failed.  A bittersweet smile lifted the corners of Michonne’s mouth when she saw his moist, reddened eyes.  Michonne touched his face and pulled his head down toward hers to kiss his lips.  

“I know you won’t.  And I won’t lose you either, Rick,” she said when she pulled away, her heart swelling with love and emotion.

Rick stared deeply into her eyes and then averted his gaze, the intensity of what he felt for her overwhelming him. His love for her felt natural in an unnatural world.  A world where the threat of danger was imminent and the likelihood of losing a loved one had become one of the most natural parts of their unnatural world.

But he was doing his best to make Alexandria their safe haven, the place where they felt secure and sheltered from the harsh realities outside of their town’s walls. He’d always wanted security for their entire group, but now he had even more of a reason to work toward preserving this world for them. He lifted his head to look back at Michonne’s earnest eyes.  She wanted this world and this life so desperately, and he wanted to work with her to ensure that they could keep it intact, and that they would thrive. He’d do whatever he had to do to face any threats from anyone who meant them harm, head on.

“You look like you have a lot on your mind,” Michonne said, tilting her head to the side, the way Rick noticed she usually did as she studied him, when she seemed to search for the truth in his face.

“I do,” he admitted.

“Like what?”

“I wouldn’t know where to start, but…”

“But what?” she asked

“One thing I was thinking about,” he said, moving closer to her until their bodies touched, “was how I love you so much.”

Michonne drew in a sharp breath, surprised by his words.  She knew that she loved him and that he loved her, but it felt surreal actually hearing him say the words. Michonne grabbed his hand and laced her fingers with his.  “I love you too. So much more than you could know.”

Heat emanated from their bodies as they lay close to one another drinking in the feel, sight and smell of the other.  Michonne studied his pink lips while thoughts of kissing him again swirled through her head.  And she saw no need to deny herself that desire.  Not anymore. Now that he was hers,  those lips were hers and hers alone. She allowed her lips to drift toward his, and passion took over as their touches turned to caresses and their caresses became frantic groping.

Somehow Rick found the willpower to pull away before he no longer had control over his body’s reaction to the fiery woman beneath him.  “I still need to shower,” he whispered as he smiled down at her.

Disappointment clouded her features momentarily until he added, “You want to join me?”

Her face brightened again as she nodded. “Yeah. But how about we make it a bath?”

Rick wiggled his eyebrows playfully. “Even better,” he said, rising from the bed, taking her hand and giving her another deep kiss before leading her to the bathroom.

teen boat is canonically jewish, citing his “boat-mitzvah” as the last time he dressed formally

we can assume from the specific terminology that at age 13 teen boat presented as female, since thinking of a pun that works with the gendered term “bar mitzvah” is simple enough that any supposed error can ipso facto be taken as intentional; additionally, teen boat clearly chose his own name, given that any adult who named their infant son “teen boat” would not be able to make it through 14 years or more of childrearing without being investigated by child protective services

teen boat is the trans jewish superhero we have all been waiting for, my friends