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Takashi Miike (1960 - present) is a highly prolific and controversial Japanese filmmaker. He has directed over seventy theatrical, video, and television productions since his debut in 1991. His films range from violent and bizarre to dramatic and family-friendly. He has since gained a strong cult following in the West that is growing with the increase in DVD releases of his works.

Miike has garnered international notoriety for depicting shocking scenes of extreme violence and sexual perversions. Many of his films contain graphic and lurid bloodshed, often portrayed in an over-the-top, cartoonish manner. Much of his work depicts the activities of criminals (especially yakuza) or concern themselves with non-Japanese living in Japan. He is known for his black sense of humor and for pushing the boundaries of censorship as far as they will go. (x)

The Various Ways To Answer The Age-Old Question

Person: Hey, how are you?

Option 1: Currently dying
Option 2: Pining to the nth degree
Option 3: Binge-watching like there’s no tomorrow
Option 4: Dying and resurrecting
Option 5: Shipping people
Option 6: Getting no sleep because fictional characters have taken over my life
Option 7: Sinning like it’s going out of style
Option 8: So very tired

Me: I’m fine


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Weekend in Review

Hey, ciao!

When you have plans on Saturday, but it all goes by the wayside when Netflix catches your attention with a great documentary for 60 minutes. Perhaps you’re thinking 60 minutes isn’t that much time to change a days worth of plans. Agreed. But then you see another title that gives you pause. It is a new Netflix series, 12 episodes, 30 minutes each that I watched the remainder of the day. I am hooked with hopes for season two to follow.

The Samurai Gourmet

The Samurai Gourmet is a show inspired by an essay and manga series from Japanese author Masayuki Kusumi. The series is about the culinary adventures of a newly retired man, Takeshi Kasumi. His adventures take place primarily in restaurants. The show is interesting and entertaining with footage of luscious food. It’s a comedy as well. Throughout the series, Kasumi imagines how a samurai would behave in certain situations in his own life.  

13 Assassins

Great acting and excellent fighting scenes.  The movie is reminiscent of The Seven Samurai…Need I say more?

The Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha Frappe

I tried it. One word: No


Tonight I fixed a pork dish served over rice. I prepared it with garlic, onion, added cherry tomatoes, celery, eggplant, and oyster mushrooms. Shoyu, a dash of salt and pepper was added for taste. The side dishes consisted of Kyuri-asa-zuke (Japanese pickled cucumbers) and kimchi (a fermented cabbage and vegetable Korean dish).

In closing

Out of all the days of the week, Sundays are most bittersweet because it’s still the weekend, but the end of it as well.

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Preferred fandoms:

  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • YURI!!! on ICE
  • Attack on Titan
  • Harry Potter
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • The Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones

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Is Nagisa from Danganronpa based on Nagisa from Assassination Classroom?

As I’ve been watching Assassination Classroom, I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that Nagisa Shingetsu (from Danganronpa: Another Episode - Ultra Despair Girls) is probably meant to be a darker take on Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom).

They do, after all, have a lot of in common.

  1. They both have blue eyes and blue hair with spikes that stick out of both sides in the back (although the exact shapes are different).
  2. Both of them were shunted off to the lowest-level class that their prestigious school offers due to being “problematic students.”
  3. Both of them struggle with parents who viciously push them to “do better“ and “don’t disappoint me/us” in reference to grades/school.
    • The parent in question is the mom for AC Nagisa, but it’s the dad for Dangan Nagisa.
    • The parent in question is also highly abusive if their expectations are not met, and both of said parents view this abuse as “motivation.”
  4. Although both of them contain a darkness that makes them capable of killing, they both struggle with the act itself due to the moral implications.
  5. They both have one-sided “love interest” relationships with green-haired girls.
    • This one is admittedly a little thin, given that Dangan Nagisa likes his girl (and she only uses him) whereas AC Nagisa simply doesn’t notice how much Kaede likes him.
    • Said green-haired girls possess dark secrets and are not whom they seem to be; in both cases, the secrets relate to who their family is.
  6. They’re pretty close to the same age; Dangan Nagisa is about 11-12, AC Nagisa is about 13-14

If there’s one samurai film I’d recommend to you guys if you’re into Samurai Jack and you’re seriously considering watching samurai films but not sure if you have the patience for old school stuff and Akira Kurosawa’s pacing yet, I’d recommend this. It’s more recent. 13 Assassins(2010).

So with a smile on my face, I walked right up to him. Completely normal, like walking to school. That’s when Takaoka-sensei first realized he was about to be killed. Startled, he lost his balance. Everyone startles when they’re about to be killed. Even Koro Sensei. With his center of balance shifted to the back, I grab his shirt, pull him down, and go in for the kill. He can block a blow from the front, so I circle around behind him, and sure enough … 


@kaylabow No need to feel sorry! I was really hoping for someone to ask me about NK lol so thank you for asking <3

North Korea and Malaysia’s diplomatic meltdown

North Korea barred Malaysians from leaving the country on Tuesday, sparking tit-for-tat action by Malaysia, as police investigating the murder of Kim Jong Nam in Kuala Lumpur sought to question three men hiding in the North Korean embassy.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak accused North Korea of “effectively holding our citizens hostage” and held an emergency meeting of his National Security Council.

The United Nations called for calm between Malaysia and North Korea and urged them to settle their differences through “established diplomatic practice.”

The moves underscored the dramatic deterioration in ties with one of North Korea’s few friends outside China since the murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Feb. 13.

Malaysia said the assassins used VX nerve agent, a chemical listed by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction.

Police have identified eight North Koreans wanted in connection with the murder, including two of the three believed to be hiding in the embassy - a senior North Korean diplomat and a state airline employee.

The only people charged so far are a Vietnamese woman and an Indonesian woman, accused of smearing the victim’s face with VX. He died within 20 minutes.

North Korea’s foreign ministry issued a temporary ban on Malaysians leaving the country, “until the incident that happened in Malaysia is properly solved,” state-run Korea Central News Agency said.

“In this period the diplomats and citizens of Malaysia may work and live normally under the same conditions and circumstances as before.”

For more info: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-malaysia-kim-idUSKBN16E0FE