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So with a smile on my face, I walked right up to him. Completely normal, like walking to school. That’s when Takaoka-sensei first realized he was about to be killed. Startled, he lost his balance. Everyone startles when they’re about to be killed. Even Koro Sensei. With his center of balance shifted to the back, I grab his shirt, pull him down, and go in for the kill. He can block a blow from the front, so I circle around behind him, and sure enough … 

Mara Jade As the Emperor's Hand: Head Canons

The Emperor called her “Lilipet” when he feigned particular affection for her, like when she made her first successful assassination at 13 or when she pleased him with the acquisition of a new skill. She had held on to it as a badge of her worth and his love until almost seven years after his death when she came to realize how patronizing it, and how terrible it was that she was so accepting of being owned by another person who thought of her, as best, as a pet.

She learned to love the opera from her days in the Imperial Court. To be trained as a spy and an assassin meant hiding her face behind many faces and many facades, and it was rare that she had a moment to feel deeply enough to have it show honestly on her face. In the dark of the theatre, she was allowed this luxury, was allowed to fall in love for a few hours, to grieve, to understand what friendship could have felt like if she had ever had a chance to make friends of her own.

When she was 15, the Emperor once assigned her to spy on the Death Star engineers on Eadu. She dyed her hair brown and posed as the daughter of an Imperial general who had an interest in the science and was there to root out any suspicious behavior. The head engineer, Galen Erso, had stared at her so oddly that it unnerved her. At first, she thought he was yet another dirty old man, until he said, “I have a daughter your age. Had.” And the sadness in his face and the grief she could feel vibrating through the force had sent her reeling, and she thought of her own father for the first time in a decade, and wondered if he was still alive somewhere and thinking about her in the same way.

What irritated her most about Darth Vader was his tendency toward the overdramatic. She wished on more than one occasion that she could slice off his cape so he would stop swishing around, but she never did because she also knew that he would not hesitate to kill her.

She developed a taste for ration bars after executing a bloody assassination on a disloyal Imperial official a high-end resort on Chandrila. The taste of actual food, especially meat, would turn her stomach too much for her to eat, and the dry, tasteless ration bars calmed her nausea and gave her enough energy to stay alive and keep moving.


How well would you fare in an assassination game? The anime Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Riddle) pits 13 assassins against each other in a school-wide assassination game with one goal— to be the first to kill the target, the innocent Haru Ichinose.

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  • Ch.430: The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games Is Paper Thin
  • Ch.435: All Answers are in the Field
  • Ch.444: Sunglasses of Life and Death
  • Ch.487: An ID Photo is Proof of the Harshness of Reality



  • Ch.502-524: Shogun Assassination
  • Ch.525-551: Farewell, Shinsengumi
  • Ch.552 ->

Does anyone else ever think about how it was Coin’s fucking superiority complex that ultimately killed her? 

And by that I mean she had no protection whatsoever at Snow’s execution. Sure, there were officials, guards, military people, whatever who grabbed Katniss after the assassination and dragged her away, but come on. This is the future. And there exists a little something called forcefields, which we have already seen used for personal protection. The Gamemakers put a forcefield up for Training after Katniss shot the apple from their pig’s mouth. They learned their lesson. But Coin, President of District 13 and front runner/expected next president of Panem, who just lead a fucking rebellion that overthrew a tyrannical government doesn’t have a forcefield up at the public execution of the former president? Because I don’t know, but if you ask me, that’s kind of the sort of place one in her position might expect to get assassinated by some angry Capitolite or woke rebel (like Katniss) who knows she’ll be no better than the one chained to the post. When you are that type of public figure, security is just something you do, you know?

Now, the only reason I can think of for why the fuck Coin didn’t go to better lengths to protect herself is her raging superiority complex. She is too good. She’s above it all. Firstly, the forcefields are Capitol technology. D13 has hovercraft, nuclear weaponry, other fancy weaponry, and the technology of a thriving underground civilization like sunless greenhouses and nice-ass ventilation systems. Coin is too good to use the same technology that the Capitol owned and used to protect their Gamemakers and surround their arenas. Second, she has such an inflated sense of power that she thinks she’s too good to be at risk. She couldn’t even consider a situation where she might want some kind of protection at this event. She’s Coin, of course, the liberater of Panem. Who would want to hurt her, deign to hurt her, or be able to hurt her? She’s better than them.

So ultimately, yeah, on top of being a horrible person, it was her above-it-all attitude that got her killed. How awkward would it have been if Katniss shot at Coin, only to have the arrow bounce off air and clatter on the ground? Pretty awkward for her. Pretty sweet for Coin. But that didn’t happen, because Coin was too cool for a forcefield. 

Assassin | Supernatural x Reader Part 13

Title: Assassin
Part 13 -  Inevitable Signs

Copyright: Fatal_Glow, my Wattpad
Word Count: 1041
Synopsis: The Winchesters take you home, but you come face to face with someone that would confirm your fate.

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Flanked by both Sam and Dean, they walk me back into the bunker. “Whoa easy there, you’ll fall.” Dean slows me down from rushing inside, but I can’t help myself. I need to see if Amara was telling the truth. If any of that was real!

As soon as the bunker door locks behind us, I scramble out of their grip and lock myself in the bathroom. Loud knocks follow soon after, but I will not answer them.

“Just feeling carsick.” I mutter. They are resistant to leave me, but after reassuring them I’m fine, they disappear to the library and leave me to my business. I walk over to the mirror, and anxiously lift up the fabric of my sleeve. My eyes widen in pure horror when my eyes fall upon the same symbol she had.

I have the Mark of Cain.

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Fans of the Rurouni Kenshin manga may have noticed that the cold and calculating Shinomori Aoshi doesn’t appear in Rurouni Kenshin: Origins, but he finally makes his appearance, along with ninja girl Misao, in movie 2: Kyoto Inferno, based on the Shishio arc!

Aoshi’s actor isn’t new to live-action manga adaptations, as he starred in the Honey and Clover movie, but you may also recognize him from Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins!

Misao’s actress, Tao Tsuchiya, also starred as Naho in the live-action Orange movie, based on the manga that inspired the anime that’s airing this season on Crunchyroll!

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