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🌟This perfect little miniature specimen is ready to shine! Prismatic, aesthetic, and water clear, with near-perfect terminations. The crystals radiate out in a starburst cluster, which would shine in jewelry or as a lovely small specimen. Snap up this tiny treasure for just $12! 🌟 Locality: Brazil. 1.13" x 0.75" x 0.88", 7 g (0.25 oz)–find it in the Crystal Cluster section of PhenomenalGems.Etsy.com. #quartz #quarzo #minerals #minerales #gems #crystals #brazil #brazilianbeauty #tiny #miniature #collection #display #healing #jewelrysupply #phenomenalgems #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram

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me, clinging to your rafters, screeching: DEX IS A CRYPTID

(for day 9 of @omgericzimmermann‘s 13 days of halloween: Supernatural Creatures/Monsters AU)

cryptid!dex inspired by and sort-of-but-not-really-requested by @dexthecryptid


sharon carter in social media 1/3

T H E F I G U R E S K A T I N G E X P E R I E N C E™

youtube: vol. 1, vol. 2

a non-comprehensive playlist of definitive music and moments in the life of a modern skating fan

volume 1:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
chambermaid swing - parov stelar (5:44)
spider-man theme - michael bublé (3:04)
pchan raves about yuna - dj bijoux (3:30)
YeeeEEEeeaaAAAAaaaHHH - adelina sotnikova 2012-13 “burlesque” FS (4:12)
el tango de roxanne - moulin rouge soundtrack (4:43)
oooooooh - 2016 4CC replay music (1:00)
the sergei voronov experience™ - sergei voronov 2014-15 FS (4:41)
HEY! YOU! - ilinykh/katsalapov 2012-13 “ghost” FD (0:32)
feeling good - michael bublé (3:57)
million voices (eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah ah) - otto knows (5:57)
ROAR - scott moir, 2013 worlds “carmen” FD (0:06)
je suis malade - lara fabian (4:24)
ICEBERG! RIGHT AHEAD! - jorik hendrickx 2015-16 “titanic” FS (4:47)
i can’t dance - genesis (4:01)
the all-purpose rach 2 cut - sergei rachmaninoff (4:12)
LOCO LOCO LOCO - shoma uno 2016-17 “balada para un loco” FS (4:51)
hard rock operatic bolero - fuji tv (1:13)
the swag song - jusreign (3:28)
sweet baby - andy hamilton, lena fiagbe, steve byrd (2:05)
tatiana tarasova reacting to maxim kovtun - tatiana tarasova (0:12; source)

volume 2:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
dirty love - johnny weir (3:38)
chimes/technologic - boyang jin 2015-16 EX (2:56)
duetto buffo di due gatti (red cat) - giacomo rossini (3:19)
bahamut - hazmat modine (3:19)
legends (techno harmonicas) - sacred spirit (7:04)
i finally found someone - barbra streisand, bryan adams (3:48)
figga please - FiggaSk8ter (3:13)
yo soy maria - astor piazzolla, horacio ferrer (3:21)
lion king dubstep remix - max aaron 2016-17 FS (1:57)
lonely (bad remix) - akon (3:56)
cowboyang - boyang jin 2016-17 EX (3:04)
my heart will go on (recorder cover) - matt mulholland (4:16)
i put a spell on you - screamin’ jay hawkins (2:26)
the phantom of the opera - kanako murakami 2014-15 FS (4:12)
moondance - michael buble (4:12)
romeo & juliet/the nutcracker remix - denis ten 2016-17 SP (2:56)
sexbomb - tom jones (3:32)
i believe i can fly/what is love - moris kvitelashvili 2015-17 SP (3:01)
iphone ringtone (MetroGnome remix) - mark webster 2016-17 SP (3:19)
#jotem - lara fabian (4:22)
oh my god i hate this event - scott moir, 2012 WTT (0:04)


😳🔥Can’t get enough opals? Check out this extravagant Ethiopian chocolate opal nodule, displaying ridiculously beautiful green and orange fire!! This curved nodule section is wrapped in matrix rock, revealing a smooth interior of rich crimson-chocolate opal. Electric flames gleam on one side of the opal, and mysterious deep blue and red flashes across the other. Large, lovely, and a perfect gift for the serious opal lover! 😳🔥 Locality: Ethiopia. 1.38" x 1.13" x 0.75", 16.8 g (0.59 oz)–yours for $152 on PhenomenalGems.Etsy.com. #ethiopia #ethiopianopal #opals #raw #unpolished #rainbow #flash #electric #large #xl #nodule #chocolate #fire #mineralspecimen #gemstones #crystals #minerals #jewelrysupply #meditation #display #collection #healingcrystals #mineralogy #phenomenalgems #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram #giftideas

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How Many Fics Each Seventeen Ship Has on AO3


Meanie - 13.0%

JiCheol - 10.3%

JeongCheol - 8.9%

JiHan - 7.8%

SoonHoon - 6.7%

VerKwan - 6.6%

JunHao - 6.3%

CheolSoo - 3.2%

SoonSeok - 3.2%

WonHui - 3.0%

GyuHao - 2.8%

SoonWoo - 2.0%

JiGyu - 1.8%

JunHoon - 1.5%

Every other ship < 1%

Can I just say that this very clearly illustrates how underappreciated Seokmin and Chan are in terms of fics? I can understand why Chan isn’t really in any of the pairings since he doesn’t really have a main pairing along with the fact that he is the youngest, which  leads to not many fics including him.

But Seokmin, my precious ray of sunshine, rarely ever gets written about. The top two ships that he is a part of, are SoonSeok and SeokKwan. These two combined, he is only in 4.2% of the fics, and that’s assuming all these fics that were being counted, had the pairings as the main pairing. Taking that assumption away, the percentage of fics with a main pairing including Seokmin goes down even more. I’m really not sure what it is about people not writing about Seokmin and just not appreciating him in general, but yall need to stop sleeping on the sun.

Another thing I don’t understand is the lack of SoonSeok fics in general. They are very clearly, one of the main ships within Seventeen, along with Meanie, JiCheol, etc…and yet, the amount of fics they have is on par with the secondary ships like WonHui and GyuHao. It really feels like even though people say they ship SoonSeok, they just get put in the back burner 24/7.

This is a major reason why I’m running the SoonSeok fic fest, and I really hope that all of you out there can help spread the word and/or participate. WRITE SOONSEOK!!!

D&D 5E NPC - Eideard MacGille  - Master Blacksmith

Art by: Hyunsuk Jin

Name: Eideard MacGille
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 3′ / 1.90m
Age: 49 
Class: Fighter (Master Blacksmith)


Level: 4

AC 17 (Chain mail), Hp 37 (4d10 Hit Die), Proficiency +2, Speed 30ft,

Alignment: Chaotic Good

languages: Common, Dwarven, Elvish,

Ability Scores:
Str 20 (+5) Dex 9 (-1) Con 15 (+2) Int 16 (+3) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 11 (+0)

Attacks: Warhammer (+8 to hit, 1d10+6 bludgeoning damage)

Spellcasting: 4th level Eldritch Knight, spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 13, to hit with spell attacks +5)

Cantrips (at will): Control Flames, True Strike,

1st level (3 slots): Shield, Grease, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Chromatic Orb,

Skills: Arcane, Athletics, History, Perception,

Equipment: Chain mail +1, Warhammer +1, Blacksmiths tools, Dungeoneer’s Pack,

Class Features: Fighting Style (Great Weapon Fighting), Second Wind, Action Surge (one use), Martial Archetype (Eldritch Knight),


Eideard MacGille is a towering man who’s as strong as the steal he forges. He takes a no nonsense approach to most people and situations.

Ideal: My craft is more important to me than anything else.

Bond: I’m getting on in my years and have yet to complete my Magnum opus, I must travel to far off lands and hire talents adventures to find the required materials.

Flaw: I have many customers and people who hold my craft in high regard but few friends i can turn to in times of need.

Child Poverty rate in different cities in Canada:

Toronto: 26.8%

Montreal: 25.5%

Winnipeg: 24.1%

Hamilton: 20.6%

Greater Vancouver: 19.3%

Peel region: 19.2%

Ottawa: 16.0%

Edmonton: 15.9%

Waterloo: 14.8%

Durham: 14.5%

York: 14.4%

Calgary: 13.3%

Halton: 10.0%

Quebec City: 9.6%