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u probs don't remember me but like a week ago I sent y an ask about bein lonely bc graduated high school n I'm not in college yet. n e way I'm going to this LGBT meet up thing in a town close by and I'm pretty nervous. I've never met another LGBT teen before. the organizer said 2-8 kids show up each meeting. also I feel like it might b awkward because it's for ppl 13-18 n I'm 17. I'm scared I'm gonna get there and it's gonna b me n sum14 yr olds. n e way I'll let u know how it goes? pray for me

oh i hope u have fun!!! ik that being around younger kids can be awkward but i hope u have a good time. n i do remember u yea!


Hoje é seu dia, amiga. Sei que é seu aniversário, você tá comemorando mais um ano de vida, mas eu é que te agradeço… Por me dar sua amizade, que pra mim é a coisa mais valiosa do mundo e eu faço o possível e o impossível pra cuidar. Afinal, o que seria de mim sem sua amizade? Sem uma amiga como você pra sorrir comigo, me abraçar nos momentos ruins e comemorar nos momentos bons? Então amiga, hoje eu quero te desejar um feliz aniversário. Quero desejar também que venham muitos outros aniversários e que nossa amizade seja mais forte a cada ano. Muita felicidade, muito amor e tudo de bom amiga, te amo 🎉🎆🎊🎈❤


Wade: And she’s going to art school like some hot shot. Too good for us little blogs she’s leaving behind.

Mod: Which is my cue to inform everyone that,

 1.The blog is not closing and I will not be going on Hiatus BUT I will be very busy for the next few months.

2. If you want to talk to me you’ll find me on my main blogs Qtarts and Pixlezq more than here.

3. Expect a real update before I leave in August, but I’ll be on standby depending on when I can update again. Thank you for sticking with me and I’m excited to share what I learn with you all! I started this blog when I was 13 and now at 18, I’m glad to share this milestone with you!


Suri influence this scene of Black Panther!

Here’s a little info regarding the labrets commonly known as lip plates:

Archaeological evidence indicates that labrets have been independently invented no fewer than six times, in Sudan and Ethiopia (8700 BC), Mesoamerica (1500 BC), and Coastal Ecuador (500 BC).Today, the custom is maintained by a few groups in different countries in Africa and Amazonia.

In Africa, a lower lip plate is usually combined with the excision of the two lower front teeth, sometimes all four. Among the Sara people and Lobi of Chad, a plate is also inserted into the upper lip. Other tribes, such as the Makonde of Tanzania and Mozambique, used to wear a plate in the upper lip only. Many older sources reported that the plate’s size was a sign of social or economical importance in some tribes. But, because of natural mechanical attributes of human skin, the plate’s size may often depend on the stage of stretching of the lip and the wishes of the wearer.

Among the Surma (own name Suri) and Mursi people of the lower Omo River valley in Ethiopia, about 6 to 12 months before marriage, a young woman has her lip pierced by her mother or one of her kinswomen, usually at around the age of 15 to 18. The initial piercing is done as an incision of the lower lip of 1 to 2 cm length, and a simple wooden peg is inserted. After the wound has healed, which usually takes between two and three weeks, the peg is replaced with a slightly bigger one. At a diameter of about 4 cm, the first lip plate made of clay is inserted. Every woman crafts her own plate and takes pride in including some ornamentation. The final diameter ranges from about 8 cm to over 20 cm.

In contemporary culture, most girls of age 13 to 18 appear to decide whether or not to wear a lip plate. This adornment has attracted tourists to view the Mursi and Surma women, with mixed consequences for these tribes.

The largest lip plate recorded was in Ethiopia, measuring 59.5 cm (23.4 in) in circumference and 19.5 cm (7.6 in) wide, in 2014.