Welcome to Weekly Snapshot for 12w27a! 

List of Updates, thank you redstonehelper!

Boats, when broken, now drop boats - Thanks Dinnerbone for the tip!
Re-added debug graph on F3 menu
Signs are stackable now
Crafting them now gives 3 signs instead of 1
Stack up to 16
Added /debug command to enable and disable profiling
Changed a few things around pistons - Most contraptions still work fine, but some require changes to repeater delays and similar. Overall, pistons should have fewer bugs, but will appear to update slightly slower.
Improved performance on MP and SP, including reduced CPU, RAM & bandwidth requirements
When opening SP worlds, users are now given their local IP address & port instead of hostname & port to avoid OS conflicts
Creative mode inventory now shows potion effects
Fixed some bugs
Fixed /kill not working
Fixed powering specific glitched pistons crashing the game
Fixed a visual bug causing pistons to be partially invisible or in the wrong location momentarily
Fixed being able to place portals in the nether in locations where they would end up in illegal locations in the overworld
Fixed the game crashing when publishing SP worlds with certain language settings
Fixed players on minecarts, boats or pigs and spider jockeys not being displayed in the correct location
Fixed a bug with dispensers
Fixed /say not accepting some strings form the console, often triggering the help dialogue
Fixed being able to transmute blocks to certain data values using an orientation-dependant tripwire bug
Fixed drinking potions in creative not consuming the potions, but still giving empty bottles
Fixed signs sometimes not saving the text when placing them

1.3 is coming out August 1st hopefully. Go to the Mojang website for more information on that: http://www.mojang.com/2012/07/minecraft-1-3-info-snapshot-w27/

1.3 geldi, peki bu sefer neler geldi, neler degisti?

Malum bildiğiniz üzere bugün 1 Ağustos ve beklediğimiz gibi Minecraft 1.3 (Resmi olarak 1.3.1) geldi. Aslında neler geleceğini az çok biliyorduk ama yinede bir gözden geçirelim.

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While testing to see if cauldrons would fill with water while raining, I also decided to see if Zombie Pigman could come through a Nether Portal. This was about an hour into the test…in cometh the pigman!

Music: Kevin MacLeod (Static Motion) http://www.incompetech.com/


I was searching for food in the jungle in the newest snapshot 12w27a, when I came across an apple that refused to be picked up. Magic I say! Certainly not server lag on my single player world. Certainly not that.

Minecraft’ta Biyomlar (Biome) ve Özellikleri

Minecraft’ta dünya, bitki örtüsü, sıcaklık, yükseklik coğrafik özellikler gibi pek çok etkene göre bölgelere ayrılır ve bu bölgelerin her birine biyom (Biome) adı verilir. Minecraft evrenine biyomlar Alpha 1.2.0 (Ekim 2000) de eklenmiş ve 1.2 ile beraber Anvil dosya formatının devreye girmesinden sonra Minecraft’ta biyom sayısı 10 adete (1.2.5’te) kadar çıkmıştır. Snapshot 12w19a ile oyuna “Large Biomes” seçeneği eklenmiştir ki buda oyunda bulunan biyomların 16 kat daha geniş alanlar halinde oluşmasına olanak vermektedir. ( Muhtemelen resmi olarak 1.3 ile gelecek ) Peki nedir bu biyomlar?

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