12th perigree

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> Almani: Suspend consciousness.

In hindsight you would never have expected this to happen.

You never expect anything so disorienting and incongruous it turns out to be more aggravating for your own sanity and peace of mind than it was a magical experience like it could have been.

You are dreaming. You are dreaming the best you can and there is someone breaking and entering and cruising about in your cronked nugbone like they received an open invitation to the Empress’ party on 12th Perigree’s Eve.

You do not even know how or even why, but the kickass hunter’s awareness in you jumpstarts on its guard and warns you of imminent danger. With a slight flick of the wrist you brandish several scalpels between deft fingers and raised your fins at their highest in catching the slightest touch of vibration in the tense air.

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((Entrance stuff and setting)) 

> You stepped inside after shaking the host’s hand. Rather impressed that everything seemed so perfect. It must of taken forever to set everything up.

> Now it was time to mingle… or at least attempt to. Usually mingling to you is just standing int the corner and watching others. You where like this for a few hours now and everything seem to be settling in nicely. Or you thing it was.

> You couldn’t help but notice this one green blood all evening. Where they nervous or something else happened to them. You’ll probably never know.


Homestuck headcanon is that “Rudolf the mutant-blooded large-horned lusus of the hoofbeast variety with a shining nose who was culled along with his charge once it was discovered that his mutant-blooded charge had been helping the Sufferer’s cult, using his innocence, which was represented through the fact that his charge petted Rudolf’s nose so often that it shined so bright that some trolls would even say his nose glowed, to find his way into other lowblood homes and convincing other lusii and young trolls to join the fight against the Empress.” is a popular 12 Perigree movie on Alternia.

It’s 12th Perigrees Eve and here you are, at the last hive on your list. All but one present delivered. The others were a simple task, only leaving them in safe places around peoples’ hivesteps so they could find them later. But this stop was a bit different. Your present was to be hand delivered, and you were actually planning on spending a while here… if Tahzne wanted the company. You didn’t know what his traditions were but you didn’t want him to have to spend holiday time alone.

You knock on the door, waiting and rubbing your hands together, hoping you didn’t come at an inopportune time. You doubt it is. He never seems to have any plans other than seeing you. But this wasn’t exactly planned either… No, no, the last minute nerves won’t get you to back out.


Cronus: so, i heard a fewv of the cats and kittens in the group wvere just beggin for a shellfie of yours truly for 12th perigree.

Cronus: wvhat kind of a guy wvould i be if i didn’t givwe the babes wvhat they wvanted? i’ll fill you in, not a nice one. and its the holidays afterall.

Cronus: havwe at it, ladies. ;)

Cronus: enjoy your christmas shellfie.

Suddenly it dawns on you...

I must have a subcoonscioous deathwish…

>Since 12th perigree, you couldn’t seem to get the more dangerous of your ashen pair out of your thinkpan. The urge to seek him out and check in on him had grown overpowering, and you just could not eben begin to to comprehend the thought process behind what was swiftly growing into an urgently driven obsession. 

>But then details started filtering in…

>Your blood stained claws the night you’d crashed out on Delsul’s lawnring…. Climbing would have worn them mostly clean…

>You trace back your steps, and realize that the you had no memory of travel.  Nostus had found you and the bigger troll with in earshot 0f your hive. You could remember her leaving, and then being in a place that smelled like Hyainewith a cobbled together sled with the corpse on it being hauled over your shoulder…

>But then you’d come to on Delsul’s porch, so unsteady that you’d dropped horns first onto his steps.

Ooh fuck…

>You’d reeked of blood!