A Review...Well Sort of... ”The Pilot”

I was asked by an Anon if I was going to do a review of each episode in season 10 of Doctor Who.   Well there are many people doing reviews and if you are interested just check out youtube.  I asked my followers what type of review I could do and @springburn59 had a great suggestion.  

“How about just picking your favorite Peter moments or focus on one aspect from each episode to screenshot and posting them?”

I will do screenshots in the future but the wonderful @spaceshoup posted a gif of my favorite PCap moment in “The Pilot” which I’m eternally grateful for.  

So here is my most favorite moment of “The Pilot” but I will say it was difficult to choose.

I have always loved how the Doctor communicates with his TARDIS and I also like the moments where the 12th Doctor knows what someone is saying without hearing a word spoken.  

I think it shows the complexity of the Doctor and how alien he is.  He uses his intuition so well and then responds to it either by solving a problem or answering an unspoken comment. 

At the tail end of “The Pilot” we see this when he tells the picture of Susan, then the picture of River to shut up then comments when the TARDIS chimes in too.  I think it was wonderfully acted by PCap and it shows perfectly how alien the Doctor can be.

So there you go after watching the episode numerous times this is my favorite PCap moment.  I must admit though that this was a close second.  He looks damn sexy in this scene.

Have a Lovely Day My Dear Followers and I hope I didn’t disappoint.