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Hyuroi Week 2016

It is a pleasure to officially announce Hyuroi Week 2016!   This week will be a celebration of the relationship between Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang and will be held August 8th thru August 14th.   Tag your work #HyuroiWeek2016 and we will happily reblog!     

2016 Prompts:

Day 1: Aug 8th - Brotherhood

Day 2: Aug 9th- Photograph

Day 3: Aug 10th- Protect the People I Love

Day 4: Aug 11th- Dreams

Day 5: Aug 12th- Actions Speak Instead of Words

Day 6: Aug 13th- Battlefield

Day 7: Aug 14th- Phone Call


  • All submissions must be your own work.  
  • Romantic and platonic Hyuroi will both be accepted.   NSFW is fine, but must  be tagged.
  • All types of fanwork will be accepted:  Art, fanfiction, gifs, fanmixes, etc.  Whatever you create for this ship week we want to see it!
  • This isn’t a competition, no ‘winners’ will be chosen.  We’re all winners when there is more Hyuroi in this world and no fan’s work is greater than another’s.  Have fun and enjoy!

 Dates were chosen to avoid conflict with other ship weeks and also give participants ample time to work with the prompts.   Any comments, questions or concerns just ask!