This loops around to the theme expressed in the season premiere and in many of the episodes since, I think: There’s nothing wrong with being happy. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying something so much that it strips away all that irony and cynicism. And there’s nothing wrong with loving anything so much that it feels like it could pull your heart out of your chest and toss it on the floor. We build ourselves up to not do that, and then we build up the armor so thickly that we have trouble finding what’s underneath. We use that as an excuse to lash out at people who do feel stuff, who do like things (and I am, of course, mostly saying this about myself). It’s hard sometimes to remember that the world isn’t a place to glide through, so nothing can touch you. It’s a place to be experienced.

“Regional Holiday Music” | Community

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Jeff: This is all my fault. I pushed you into competing with other Annie.

Annie: Are you kidding me? I practically ran to you with that flier. I wanted to destroy her. All because I can’t handle the thought of anyone getting more gold stars than me. I’m such a child.

Community 3.02, Geography of Global Conflict

SAVE COMMUNITY #6seasonsandamovie

Why is it that all the shows I love are going on hiatus all of the sudden? First Doctor Who (well we have the Christmas special coming up. But after that we might have to wait until fall of next year for the new season!!!!) And now Community too! After watching community last night and the realization that it won’t return anytime soon suddenly settle in, I now understand this gifs.

And I’ve made that point before. But here’s what “Regional Holiday Music” reminded me: Liking things is vital. Liking things makes life bearable. I’m not trying to say here that I’m a cold, guarded cynic, or that I have trouble giving myself over to things (some might say I have the opposite of that), or anything like that. I’m here to say that for as much as random people who stumble into comments to tell us that this show isn’t good or that it wasn’t as good as it was or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Nobody needs to like what you like. (Hopefully, a large enough number of people will like what you like to make sure that it stays in production, but, hey, we all know how that goes, right?) It’s enough that you like something, that you find something that makes you happy and people to share that something with. In some ways, the Internet has made this easier and harder than it was. Now, we can all come together to talk about how Community is the best, but that also makes us feel a little more alone when we head out to family holiday celebrations, and say, “Guess what? I love Community!” and everybody says, “What’s that?” or, “Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of that one. Doesn’t it have Chevy Chase?”
—  This fantastic review of tonight’s Community