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Could you please increase the font size on your blog? It's really small, and kind of hard to read; and when I zoom in sufficiently on my browser, it always messes up the formatting of everything.

really? i had it at 11px before, and i didn’t think it was that tiny…

i increased it to 12px, does that work better?

hey!!! I’m back with my second follow forever and another crappy banner !! its been around a year since I’ve created this blog and turned it into the blue/ white k pop blog it is. even if it’s only been a year, it has also been such a journey to get to where I am right now!! From making typographies to learning to make edits, I’ve done so many things I never thought I would be able to do- and for that , I would like to personally thank all of you for sticking around for following, liking, and reblogging the content I’ve created as well as the ones I’ve reblogged elsewhere! Thank you to all the blogs I look up to for inspiring me to create this content and allowing me to meet so many kind and wonderful people! It’s crazy how even though we all live in totally different places, we are all able to bond over one common interest that we all love. ❤

note: I follow from my main blog @bakugouhs so we might be mutuals from there ! 

(some of these blogs may not follow me, but even so have inspired me to be a better blogger ^^)

[ a || l ] 

@ahsuga@agustdoll, @aoichim, @autummskies @babyseungcheol, @berribaek, @bluetwenties , @btees , @bwemin , @chxn-hxpe , @cottontae, @cumbaeks , @cyphrs , @decaffeinatedemo , @fiorfelicity, @furrykeith , @galaxyxing, @gotmeulk, @guktwt , @hubbytae , @hunfair, @ikxn, @illicitblue, @ilovepcy, , @ilsanprincetrash , @ka-wa-akari, @kiimgyu, @knv, @kyeinthesky@j-bum, @jeon-jpg , @jiminsushi, @jiukook , @jonggdaes , @lamkyun 

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@milktu, @minv , @minsugah , @miizutae, @mochiho , @mochizai@m-rk@mssuga, @murahsoo , @myhoneyoongi, @namjoone , @mywonho, @ochxakos , @o8v , @pamilku , @pasteljoon @pastelunnie , @pinkwoos , @ryuhaii, @sassyseokmin, @sehhunie, @seoksjn , @seuilgi, @skybluell, @sjns, @softjjks, @sonyeondn , @stargguk,@strawberrymochu , @strawbeyeol , @study-ksj , @sugacreme @sukooks , @taebaeul  , @taecheol, @taehist , @taehyunguh @tae-stea , @taestheticals, @thaleias , @thaemis , @thekookiest, @ultjmin, @valuekook, @whateverjimin, @wonqtae, @xehunted , @xiiumin, @xishun, @yoongity , @yvoongi , @yunvvgi

[ # ] 

@12lee, @12px , @1tokkie, @94seulqi

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hi G! i'm in the process of creating my own theme thanks to your wonderful tutorials. :) but i seem to be stuck right now... how do you stylize audio posts? i have looked at other tutorials, but i haven't had any luck. i would certainly appreciate the help!

hello there friend ( i hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly but – ) GOOD QUESTION.  styling music players/audio posts is like styling any other post - it’s a little tricky to give you a single way to do it, as it’s really all based on personal preference for style etc. 

HOWEVER - that being said, there are a few basic things that you can style so i’ll run through them and hopefully it will help :3

the tutorial below will show you step by step, how to go from an audio post like this - 

to something like this - 

the full code is included in the tutorial…

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it's so difficult to find pale kpop blogs like yours :') do you have any pale blog recommendation?

Yes, of course I can rec a few blogs! These are some of the lovely people I follow who I noticed that I reblog a lot from and may have similar posts: @bamethyst @sugacreme @sukooks @cumbaeks @kiimgyu @tuehyung @pjmsx @hopetals @strawberrymochu @minyoocngi @btees @valuekook @cyphrs @jeon-jpg @minblooms @bvrnhater @tpersephone @drogonqueen @softjiminstan @pamilku @12px @starmin @oshleepy @lovebiotic @minsugah @mvssmedia @shmring @namjoone @xehunted @bwemin @milktu @sehhunie

Sugar Baby Masterpost

I added a master post to my profile a few weeks ago, but I still get “How do I start?!?” in my ask box. So here’s an official post with a link to my profile containing all the reading material you will need as a sugar baby. 


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Hey hey! I am looking for more kpop/aesthetic/pastel blogs!! Could you rec some of your faves? (& btw i totally support your side blog idea!! looking forward to itt) 💯👀

hi!! sure i have to distract myself from my thoughts anyway jagshka & thanks for ur support♡

@aoichim, @agustdoll, @asleepykid, @atmosuhophere, @autummskies, @babyseungcheol, @12lee, @12px, @bamethyst, @94seulqi, @because-i-like-blue, @berribaek, @blueruines, @btsmilk, @btees, @byuny, @cinnawon, @cottontae, @cyphrs, @eatchim, @strawberrymochu, @illicitblue, @wonqtae, @sukooks, @sehhunie, @eggkook, @hunbyun, @aestheticsbangtan

if i missed any mutual/friend im v sorry im not feeling that great lately my mind is all jsgsjshs ><

also,, i wish a lovely happy birthday to @strawberrymochu ​you deserve all the love nd happiness in the world!! 💕👀

Pornosexuals: Why are so many young people choosing porn over sex? 

“If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any day.”

Those are the words of one young man - a self-confessed ’pornosexual’ - to Medical Daily. According to the website, this unfamiliar term describes someone whose ‘sexual orientation is linked solely to pornography.’

Simply: they prefer watching online porn to sex with real people.

In the course of my work, as a lawyer representing female victims of sexual harassment, violence and revenge porn,  I have had to study the most popular pornographic websites and films. The majority of scenes contain physical and verbal abuse directed against the female performers.

Most porn is neither sex-friendly nor sex-positive. Rather it depicts oppressive acts of humiliation and debasement that are anything but enlightening.

That we have now entered the era of the ‘pornosexual’ is a worrisome sign that for some young people growing up as digital natives, porn is a way of life. It has become so normalised that it is now being conflated with sex.

.html-embed.component .quote.component{margin-left:0;}.html-embed.component .quote.component .component-content{margin-right:16px;}.quote_source, .quote_author {white-space:normal;}@media screen and (min-width:730px){.html-embed.component .quote.component{margin-left:-60.83px;}.html-embed.component .quote.component .quote_content:before{margin-left:-12px;padding-right:1px;}}@media screen and (min-width:1008px){.html-embed.component .quote.component{margin-left:-82.33px;}}Young people now are taking porn as a major form of sex education

We now have a generation of boys who have been looking at free pornographic images and films since before puberty. Forget snaffling a copy of your older brother’s Playboy from the back of the wardrobe - these children are seeing every degrading and violent fetish that is easily available on computers and smartphones. In 1991, there were fewer than 90 porn magazines in the US, reported Medical Daily, compared to millions of websites today.

And as these boys grow into young men - with porn as their formative sexual reference - their views of what women want are turning out to be very different to what women actually do want.

Porn is an industrial product for making money, whereas sex is a human desire which is fun and creative. But young people now are taking porn as a major form of sex education. Yet it doesn’t teach them about intimacy, tenderness, or mutual interaction.

Recently, the mother of an eight-year-old girl sought my help when her daughter admitted that her 14-year-old cousin sometimes did things to her that she did not like. When she asked her daughter if her cousin always did the same things, she replied: “Sometimes, but if he saw something new on his phone, it would change.”

Sexual offenders are almost always habitual porn users.  And I have advised on many divorces in which porn use is a factor. Real sex and intimacy disappear as the man seeks an impossible standard that frustrates both partners. 

There can also be no doubt that the porn industry has given impetus to the crime of revenge porn, where people find their private and explicit images posted online, often by a former partner. Given the billions of sexual images available online, it is probably easy to rationalise adding one or two more, inured to the fact of their destructive consequences for the real person behind the pixels.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent individuals have been hurt by this crime, which carries a sentence of up to two years in England and Wales. Some victims have gone into hiding and others to their graves, unable to accept that their naked images are spread all over the internet, often with their names, addresses and degrading comments attached.  

It is ‘pornosexuals’ themselves who become increasingly burdened with what grows into an addiction. An Oxford university student came to me to ask if he had grounds to take action against the porn industry.

Henry (not his real name) was a robust porn consumer since his early teens and now had a girlfriend. But found he frequently could not get an erection with her, while he always became aroused when watching porn. His girlfriend didn’t want - or enjoy - porn-style sex and neither did other women he had previously had relationships with.

He told me the sex he did have with his girlfriend was nothing like the porn he had been ‘trained’ on and that he felt stuck, unable to enjoy a real physical relationship and frustrated that porn still had a powerful grip on him.

To call pornosexuality a sexual orientation may anger some - it is a learned behaviour that fundamentally does not open any doors to sustained human pleasure or fulfilment. It is also profoundly isolating and - for its victims - no more sustaining than any other addiction. And it is just a click away.


Music Player 1 - 钻石 - Preview

So I wanted to try my hand at making a music player, and it’s pretty simple but I guess it came out alright.

Liking this post if you use it would be appreciated, as it keeps me motivated to continue coding. Giving credit if you use the player would be wonderful, but is in no way mandatory!

To install is fairly simple, just follow the instructions under the cut.

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Is it possible to have just some words in a theme appear in a different font? For example, just the italic ones? c:

–( rolls up sleeves for tutorial time )–

hello there anon, absolutely.  

i’ll give you the rundown of how to change particular fonts and it’s really not too difficult as long as you know where to paste the bits of code.  if you check out my custom themes, you’ll see that most of them have alternative fonts for things like bold and italic…

this particular guide will only cover using google hosted fonts ( as it makes the whole thing easier tbh ) - there’s a fair amount of choice there, so i’m sure you’ll find something you like :3

step 1. find the google font you like

you need to go to google fonts - then browse the fonts until you see something you like - use the check boxes and categories over there on the left to filter things if you’re looking for a particular style.

for this demo i’ll be adding the ‘rock salt’ font to a theme.

step 2.  grab the codes you need for your theme

on every font, you’ll see two little icons down there in the bottom right corner.  the one you need to click for your codes is the box with the little arrow…

this takes you to the ‘quick use’ page - and it’s divided up into four numbered sections.  the information you need is from sections 3 and 4.

make sure you have a copy of both of those lines of code ( or just leave the tab open… ) and then go to the theme you want to edit…

step 3. adding the font code to your theme

now you need to give your browser a reference to find the font you want to use.  all we need to do is use the code from section 3.  you need to paste this into your code right up at the top where all of the variables are ( where you might have javascript references, or all the stuff that allows you to change colours, upload images, etc. ) - it’s basically the bit that’s all green and grey text.  paste the code from section 3 into that area above <style type=“text/css”> like so…

you can see i have a few fonts here - you can add as many as you want for different text styles…

step 4.  adding the code to your css ( for bold, italics, etc. )

so now we need to style the text - in your code, in the css part ( the bit that’s all orange and blue and purple and yellow… ) there will be different instructions to style different parts of your theme.  your theme maker may have already coded in instructions for things like ‘bold’ or ‘italic’ - so you can change things like colour… what you need to look for is the part that will probably look a little bit like this…

i, em {

and all you need to do is paste in the information from the google font quick use page section 4 - like so…

i, em {
  font-family: ‘Rock Salt’, cursive;

NB/ just be aware that your custom font will not show correctly on the tumblr editor preview!  you will need to save and check your live site to see the font properly!  also make sure to check font-size, as some fonts will look a lot bigger or a lot smaller than your standard text and you may need to make adjustments!

and that’s it!

this is how your posts will look… any text that’s ‘italic’ will be in the new font :3

you can add different fonts into different areas of your code to override the standard body font.  you could add a different one for bold, maybe for asks or quotes…  

i hope this helps anon :3

Aprendiendo sobre propiedades básicas #1.

El código te puede parecer chino mandarín cuando no lo entiendes, así que perderle el miedo es la clave para poder utilizarlo a tu favor. Las posibilidades que te ofrece son infinitas así que, vamos paso por paso, y aprendamos un poco qué hace cada propiedad. Ten en cuenta que lo expongo aquí son mis propias visiones/maneras de entender el código; y que la manera en la que expreso el contenido tratará de ser lo más simple posible.

  • Width. Ancho. Lo que mide un elemento de lado a lado horizontal.
  • Height. Largo. Lo que mide un elemento desde arriba hasta abajo.
  • Padding. Relleno. No te guíes por la traducción literal, el padding entiéndelo como el espacio que rellena un elemento.
  • Padding-top(bottom,left,right). Igual que lo de arriba, pero afectando sólo a uno de los lados del elemento, es decir, se generará un espacio entre el borde de la caja y el contenido sólo por el extremo que queramos.
  • Background. Fondo. Para esta propiedad se puede poner un color, con el código hexadecimal (por ejemplo: #FFFFFF) o una imagen (más adelante explicaré cómo hacerlo). Pero, además, ofrece muchas más propiedades y variables que explicaré en los posteriores tutoriales.
  • Border. Borde. Un elemento que rodea a otro en toda su extensión. Puede ser de un ancho y estilo variable.
  • Border-top(bottom,left,right). Un borde que sólo afecta a uno de los lados del elemento, a nuestra elección.
  • Border-radius. Borde circular (convierte el elemento en un círculo/elipsis). Se puede medir en píxeles o en porcentajes.
  • Margin. Margen o sangría. A diferencia del padding que lo que hace es poner espacio dentro del elemento (lo expande), el margin es el espacio que dejaremos fuera de la caja o elemento con respecto a otros elementos.
  • Margin-top(bottom,left,right). El margen que queremos dejar sólo por uno de los lados del elemento con respecto al exterior.
  • Font. Fuente. El tamaño de la letra y su tipografía ahora se pueden simplificar, por ejemplo: font:12px Arial. Hasta no hace mucho se colocaban por separado: font-size:12px;font-family;Arial. Si sigues escribiéndolo de esta manera estás desfasadX, puedes ahorrarte código y tiempo de la manera simplificada. Con respecto a las fuentes haré un tutorial más extenso así que no me voy a entretener ahora con ello.
  • Color. El color de la fuente. Tiene que ir seguido de un código hexadecimal, principalmente (ejemplo: color:#FFFFFF), pero hay otras variables que ya analizaremos.
  • Letter-spacing. El espacio entre las letras de un texto. E j e m p l o, algo así.
  • Text-align. Alineación del texto. Puede ir a la izquierda (left), centrado (center), derecha (right), justificado (justify), etc.
  • Text-transform. Transformación del texto. Puede hacerse el texto en mayúsculas (uppercase), minúsculas (lowercase), escribir sólo las iniciales en mayúsculas (capitalize), etc.
  • Text-shadow. Sombra del texto. Se puede colocar la sombra y establecer el color de la misma.
  • Font-style. El estilo de la fuente. Puede ser cursiva (italic), oblicua (oblique) o normal.
  • Font-weight. El peso de la fuente. Puede ser negrita (bold), más negrita (bolder), más fina (lighter), etc. También se puede medir en parámetros, del 100-900 (siendo 100 más suave, 900 más negrita).
  • Line-height. Determina la altura de una línea dentro de un elemento, normalmente se usa para alinear el texto. Se puede determinar en píxeles o en porcentajes.

A priori, se puede decir que controlando estas propiedades se puede empezar a entender el código. Es algo así como el primer pasito, quedan muchísimos más por dar pero, ¡paciencia! Puedes ir probando a manejarte con estos elementos y ver cómo funcionan.

¿Tienes dudas sobre alguna propiedad en concreto? ¡Pregunta! También puedes sugerir tutoriales sobre una propiedad que no esté mencionada ya aquí (mi intención es profundizar poco a poco en cada una de estas propiedades listadas antes de pasar a propiedades más avanzadas).

Si te ha servido este tutorial, me harías un favor compartiéndolo, reblogueándolo o dándole a “me gusta”. ¡Un saludo! ;-)

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out of curiosity how many blogs do you follow, do you have a blogroll?

ah i follow 422 blogs and no, i don’t have a blogroll yet ;; but im planning on making one (once i’ll get my laptop back sobs)

but those are the blogs i love the most : 


@12lee @12px @13lhg @22n @23rd @akcernam @amotae @aoibas @autummskies @baekshee @baeseoks @btees @bveathless @bwemin @cactussuga @cloudtaehyung @colorgone @cramjoon @cuddlesuga @cuteyas @evngelion @gotmeulk @gudetma


@haiiqu @haniue @hheartflia @hosoeok @illicitblue @irheon @irnperio @j1minnie @jeon-jpg @jeonpuma @jngkookz @jongday @kimjeongi @kimtqtae @knv @koyukie @kyunggsong @lavendervalar @llhoseok @lovebiotic @lrasshai


@milktu @minsugah @minysuga @mnyunki @mssuga @myhoneyoongi @namjoone @o8v @pastellyblue @pastelunnie @peach-suga @pureblxd @r-m @sebeak @see-and-remember @sehhunie @sehokjin @seoksjn @shmring @shyubi @skyberrii @soukjins @stargguk @strawberryseok @sugacreme @sungeol @syubble


@taecheol @taemed @taestheticals @taesynth @taevguk @tenyu @tofuseok @winkhyun @wydkook @yggirls @yoongity @yooseok @yuijn @yvoongi

rip i wanted to make it short but i love too many blogs

Fansite Header Tutorial

Fansite Header Tutorial

So today I’m going to show you how to make the above. The header I’m making is 900x365 but I headers come in a lot of sizes so as long as the header you are making is rectangular this tutorial can apply to it.

Set Up

Pick a color that’s not a shade of gray. For mine I’m going to use #824a62. Fill in your background that color with the bucket fill tool. Now make a new layer. Choose a dark shade of gray. I’m going to use #151513. Now with the rectangle select tool make a rectangle that covers about one third of the graphic (mine is 900x120). Bucket fill this and then go to Select<None. 

Next click on the Ellipse Select tool. Make sure that under tool options you check the box next to fixed and put in 1:1. Make a circle in the middle of the graphic like so.

Bucket fill this with a light gray (#bbbbbb). Then move this layer so it is under the dark gray box.

Now get an image of your person and paste it on. Move the layer underneath the dark gray rectangle. Place it so that it’s placed more to the left, make sure most his/her face can be seen outside of the gray circle. Duplicate this image and move it to the right, make sure most of his/her face is positioned outside of the circle. Now get an eraser put it to about 50-65 and erase the top image so both of the images look blended. 

Right click on the duplicated layer and go down to merge down. 

Now put this layer on soft light, 45% opacity.

Now get another image of your person and paste it down. Scale it down if you have to and hard cut it (get rid of the background). Place the layer underneath the the gray rectangle layer.


The font is your choice to be honest, just make sure the text is the same color as your dark shade of gray. Make sure the text covers the gray rectangle just a bit. I’m going to go for a simple font (vijaya, 105 px). There are spaces between the ‘ade’ and 'laide’ so the text doesn’t go over her.

Duplicate this layer but change the color to your original background color (mine is #824a62). 

Shift this layer three times to the left and once down. Place this layer below the dark gray box layer. Duplicate this layer, right click on it and go down to Alpha to Selection. Make sure your foreground color is true black (#000000) and background color is true white (#ffffff). Click on you blend tool and make a black to white gradient from bottom to top. Go up to Select<None. Put this layer on soft light. 

Make a new layer (this should be on top of the dark gray box layer). Take the rectangle select tool and make a thin rectangle like so.

Fill this in with the same color your semi circle is (light gray, #bbbbbb). Go to Select<None. 

Next take a simple font and put it on a relatively small size. (I’m going to use vijaya again since it is already simple on 12 px.) 

Depending on how many you need use the same setting for the rest and space it equally apart.

Make a new layer, put your foreground color to your background color (the top of you header color), take your paths tool and make a line in the middle of the dark gray box. On your tool options and click Stroke Path and put your settings like this.

Press stroke. 

For the welcome text blurb this is what you do:

Use the same font as the one you used on the links put make it a bigger size (like 18-24 px). The color should be the light gray of the links.

Take the same font, switch the color to the color of your original background/top of the header, and make the size smaller (8-12px).

With the same setting as before, put in the rest of your text (in a new text layer) but this time size the text box to where the first line begins and the end of your first line. Put the justify to filled. 

On the other side of the line you can put whatever of your choosing. I put an updates tab thing, using the rectangle select tool and text. 

And you are finished! :)

Please follow for more things gimp and if you found this useful make that ♥ red. 

Theme is functional!

It took 2316 years (’kay about half a day) but the theme is officially finally fully functional! Thanks to @babybcts for her love, care and patience for gifting me this theme that on top of everything I can edit to suit my “I need to be cool-looking but also readable with at least 12px text with visible buttons” needs. ;W; Now I can be a kool kid! ;W;

I’m super excited so here’s a totally not needed post of the new stuff:

  • Pop-ups like the kool kids for… everything :V (fancy bg img will be added… when I’m not exhausted :V)
  • Did my best to make it readable for people who don’t like to squint like me if some place is hard to read DO TELL ME.
  • Confessions (drafts) have their own pop-up and are fancier/more visible with a noice preview; I really like those and I hope to make more ;W;
  • Relationships are here… but not visible yet it is under construction since I need to clean up active/inactive and update them!
  • Three little roses at the bottom for three very special peeps. Thanks for making Archer a better person… or a worst person. /shrugemoji

Do tell me if shit isn’t right.