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Mana BSMT Resident Sam Cannon (@samcannon​)’s work is currently on view in LIFEFORCE, an all female group show that explores the feminine, on both physical and metaphysical levels, in the context of a genderless future. The exhibition is curated by sisters Kelsey and Rémy Bennett.

LIFEFORCE is on view at The Untitled Space, 45 Lispenard St. Unit 1W.  Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm | Weekends 12pm-5pm


‘Under Distress’ by Timothy Pittides.

2 colour front and 1 colour right sleeve screenprinted short sleeve T shirt, on Gilden 2000 Heavy Cotton 'Gravel’ coloured tees. Available in sizes S- XXXL for $25.

Every shirt order will come with 'The Original’, a 5" x 7", one colour screenprint handbill on Paper Bag Kraft-Tone paper, signed, numbered and hand embellished with white highlighting. (Only 1 handbill per order).

On sale for preorder from 12pm EST Wednesday July 27 until 12pm EST on Monday August 1, after which only the shirt will be available to purchase for $20.

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Relationship status: Single
Pets: I have my two kitties and my three leopard geckos.
Wake up time: between 9am and 12pm sometimes 1pm
Cats or dogs: that’s a tough one :/ um I love my cats but I do enjoy dogs as well I do not really pick one.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Text or call: I enjoy texting but I also like talking on the phone as well because you can hear the persons voice.
Chapstick or lipstick- Chapstick rarely lipstick

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If you don’t want to do it you don’t have to (:

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(No problem!)(small explanation, it works with 24 hours, so like 6hours past 12pm[i think] would be like 18, and the Time goes all the way up to 24 hours, so 11pm would be: 23:00)

Ohhhh okay okay. That makes sense. Thank you so much