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新刊コピー本:『ランプの魔神やらしてもらってます2』 12P 200円 

Today I carry:

  1. iPhone + charger + Macbook + charger
  2. A5 sketchbook + 5 x black ink pens, 2 x clutch pencils + lead + miniature bulldog clip + box of 12 white chalks + bone folder
  3. Headphones
  4. Miniature jar of strawberry jam [stolen from restaurant that I did not buy anything from]
  5. 12p [in 1 x 2p coin + 2 x 5p coin]
  6. Paper wallet [that has seen better days]
  7. Book of 12 x 1st class stamps [of which there are 7 left]
  8. Small Batch Coffee Company loyalty card [with 4 stamps]
  9. Cigarette lighter + tobacco tin
  10. 4 x stones from Brighton beach
  11. 8 x 200mg Ibuprofen tablets
  12. Contraceptive pills
  13. Mascara
  14. Miniature swiss army knife + house keys
  15. “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” book on human sexual psychology
  16. “The Rich Man’s Ready Reckoner” book from 1970s of pre-calculated numerical values [stolen from coffee shop]
  17. Diary + golden luck amulet [a gift from an elderly Asian woman]
Iain Duncan Smith's new benefits helpline is going to cost claimants 45p a minute

The phone line to claim Iain Duncan Smith’s new benefits system will cost callers trying to get assistance as much as 45p a minute, it has been confirmed. The Department for Work and Pensions said it would not set up an 0800 freephone landline for Universal Credit and said people should claim online. The benefits helpline will be an 0345 number – meaning calls from mobiles will cost up to 45p and landlines 12p a minute.

The benefits helpline is a premium rate number

you couldn’t make this shit up



A Steve x Bucky fanbook by Voodooling & Riwox

Book details:

12p, 5.5x8.5, A collaboration fanbook of Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes.

 [I am with you]  :A collection of cute and funny 3-panel comics about the domestic life of Steve and Bucky (By Voodooling)

[Till the end of the line]: A cute bittersweet AU where Steve and Bucky own a Sandwich Shop together. (By Riwox)

We each drew half of the book, so basically you open from one end and it’s my section and you open from the other and it’s Ric’s


This is also available on Ric’s store as well!

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