Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that claimed the lives of 49 Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ people and their allies and wounded 58 others. As the first anniversary, I know tomorrow is gonna sting for a lot of people and the community at large. So tomorrow at 12p Eastern, join me (wherever you are/whatever you’re doing) in 49 seconds of silence. It’s important to honor our dead and reflect on what they meant to us. #Pulse

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1/8 comiccity大阪 6号館Dも34a チュンチュン
新刊はダンガンロンパ3イラストミニブック「ロンパキューブ」A5正方形12Pです。 既刊ダンガン本も持参します。 カラー名刺配付あり。スケブもOKなのでお気軽に声をおかけください。

Prompt list

Hi!! Here are some prompts. Send me one along with any HP character,house and blood status and I’ll try my best doing it. Thanks :) (P-Person)


“For you, I could steal the stars- but I can also get them through legitimate means, if that impresses you more.“


"I’m not that kind of girl boys fall in love with.”


Person A:“I would like to join you in acknowledging the difficulties of your life”

Person B: “You are the WORST at this comfort thing.”


“I’m sure that sounded different in your head, but please never say that again.”


Person A:”You can’t just sit there all day.”

Person B:”I’ve done it before. Never underestimate my ability to idle.”


Person A:“I had a thought.”

Person B:”Oh no.”

Person A:”I swear it’s a good one this time!”


“I will tell my story for all who whish to hear it, and even to those who don’t. As long as I live, I will not let it be forgotten.”


Person A:“Are you sure I can’t punch him in the face?”

Person B:”Yes”

Person A:”What if I just break his nose a little?”


Person A:”How do we keep getting into these situations?”

Person B:”Six years of friendship and I still don’t know.”


Person A:”We have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?”

Person B:”Actually, it’s more like eight.”

Person A:”Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”


P-A:”Did you just…agree with me?”

P-B:”Oh I wish I could take-”

P-A:”Nope! You said it! No take-backs!”


P-A:”Are you clinically insane or incredibly annoying?”

P-B:”I don’t know probably both.”


P-A:"Will you be quiet!?”

P-B:”I didn’t say anything!”

P-A:”Well stop thinking so loud!”


P-A:”That’s not funny.”

P-B:”I thought it was”

P-A:”You don’t count. You started laughing in the middle of a funeral because you started thinking of a joke you heard in class”


P-A:”What’s our exit strategy?”

P-B:”Our what?”

P-A:”Oh my god, we’re all going to die.”


“I’m not going to help you take over the world. No, not even try to bribe me with cookies”


P-A:”Have you ever loved someone so much you actually ached? It sucks. Especially when it’s someone you used to hate”


P-A:”I said ‘used to’, didn’t I!?!”


P-A:”Oh my god, I had the exact same dream!”


P-A:”Are you crazy? Of course I didn’t”


P-A:”Do you even know how to drive this thing?”

P-B:”Normally, I’d lie and say yes, but considering the fact that I almost flew us into that building, I’m going to assume you know the answer”


Fuck coworkers- //inhales
This is like 95% me venting my frustrations and probably overreacting buT

I work at a local tea store that sells loose leaf teas, honey, and a bunch of stuff from local artisans, super cute place, and the owner is neurodivergent and it’s really cool that her Lil business is doing so amazing and people adore it 💞💞💞
I’m the opener so my shift is from 9:30a to 3:30p, we’re understaffed so we don’t have a midshift (12p to 5p) person, so I’m here until the closer gets here, their shift is 3:30p until 9p (plus time for cleaning and closing stuff)
But she doesn’t do any of that as soon as nine hits she’s gone so I come in I’m the morning and have to take the trash out, sweep and swiffer, wipe down all the counters, tidy everything, straightening and organizing the products, filling the water heater, cleaning the French presses, on top of my morning tasks of cleaning the tea sample dispensers, brewing the tea and everything else
And it’s a super lowkey place so she brings her kid with her until her boyfriend can pick him up (it’s been cleared with management and the owner and all that)
And she doesn’t even clean up after him at least
I come in and I find that bits and pieces of his snack foods are everywhere and regularly
And she’s pretty much always an hour or two late to her shift
Any tasks she’s assigned to do doesn’t happen
I came in to do some stuff in the back for a few hours cuz I could and she just sat on her phone watching Netflix while the store is a total disaster and the work she’s been assigned just sits there not being done
So I’m pretty frustrated
The icing on the cake tho is I had brought some cookies and was snacking on them and I forgot to put them in my backpack when I left and she ate all but two of them (I’d never given her permission to have one either so like //inhales)
She texted me and told me she’d be two and a half hours late to her shift the day I’m writing this

And lowkey it’s hilarious that oh hey the shift manager was making the schedule and only scheduled her for weekends and she begged to be rescheduled for more days and so the shift manager did and I get stuck cover half her shift p much daily

2P Ancients React To Other 2Ps

2P America

  • R: 2P america is quite annoying, but he does have good fashion tastes
  • G: I pity him, I mean, have you met his family?!

2P Canada

  • R: He’s too quiet for my tastes, his bears cool though
  • G: good kid, I like him

2P England

  • G: no, just no

2P France

  • R: great at choosing wine, terrible in everything else
  • G: he’s always bumming fags off of me

2P China

  • R: He made that cool wall, but he also is related to that Hun chick… I have conflicted feelings on him
  • G: As long as he keeps the Huns away I’m happy

2P Russia

  • R: I have no clue who he is
  • G: he’s very … sweet… but comes off scary

2P Belarus

  • R: why is she so happy!? Make her stop!!
  • G: She made me a flower crown…

2P Ukraine

  • R: great fuck, not so great person
  • G: what Rome said

2P Lithuania

  • R: how come he thinks he’s so strong? He can barely lift a gallon of milk
  • G: He made Klaus cry, he must be killed

2P Estonia

  • R: I can’t stop laughing at his name, I’m sorry. Egor von Bock! It’s hilarious
  • G: good child, if not boisterous

2P Latvia

  • R: he’s so small, like a puppy… I hate dogs
  • G: he reminds me of Lutz as a child, when he was angry

2P Italy

  • R: My perfect son
  • G: too… Stabby

2P Romano

  • R: I tried to make him a warrior, instead he became a policeman… A FASHION POLICE
  • G: He said I should do something with my hair

2P Spain

  • R: He’s fucking my eldest… If it will shut him up go for it
  • G: He makes good soups

2P Japan

  • R: his eyes creep me out
  • G: I like his tattoos, he actually gave me one

2P Germany

  • R: He makes Italy angry, I think… Italy is always angry so you can never tell
  • G: Where did I go wrong?

2P Prussia

  • R: I would say he is a cry baby but *looks at Germania, with Germany and Austria flanking him and Switzerland glaring from the background* I want to live
  • G: My little angel, deserves the world

2P Austria

  • R: I know I created Catholicism, but seriously… calm down satin
  • G: Roland was a hyper child, R: he ate a piano G: as I said, a hyper child

2P Switzerland

  • R: He makes good chocolate, or at least buys it
  • G: Why can’t he handle money responsibly? WHY!?!?1

2P Norway

  • R: isn’t Lokki the god of chaos? It fits him
  • G: He burned when he walked into a church, Even Austria doesn’t do that

2P Iceland

  • R: is his hair on fire?
  • G: HOW? *stares at the ocean which is now on fire*

2P Denmark

  • R: he’s so smart! he repeated one of my stories from memory!
  • G: Why couldn’t Germany or Austria be like that *slowly petting Klaus’s hair*

2P Sweden

  • R: He makes great muffins, but his husband is scary
  • G: I’m too scared of Lore to go near him

2P Finland

  • R: he shot me
  • G: *left*

anonymous asked:

Betty/Jughead long distance keeping in touch while Betty's gone over the summer? Maybe the summer before the show starts or some time in the future.

This became more one-shot than drabble than headcanon’s. And it became angsty. Oops. Enjoy :)

The week before she leaves for her internship, she’s bored. Archie is working everyday and certainly not with her when he’s not and Kevin is spending every chance he gets at the city’s gay bars, trying go get away from his overbearing father. Other than Archie and Kevin, she doesn’t really have friends – no one who would want to spend some quality time with her, at least. At one point, she even went Pop’s to see if Jughead wanted to do something but even he was nowhere to be found, then. So the week before her internship, to get away – so damn far away – from her mother, she went to Pop’s. She spent all day there, actually, feeling like a feminine version of Juggie, knowing her mother wouldn’t dare step foot in this place. Hell, she even sat in Jughead’s booth.

Of course, that ended a few days in, when the door opens with a jingle and Jughead rushes inside, stopping abruptly in front of her when he realizes she’s in the booth he calls his.

“What?” He sputters for a minute with wide eyes as she arches an eyebrow over her coffee and pushes her book’s spine down a bit to mark the page.

“What?” She mimics with a smile as Jughead sits across from her in apprehension.

“What are you doing here?” He eventually asks and she smiles softly, shrugging.

“Had nowhere to go, no one to see.”

“And you came here? To this booth?” She giggles at that, shaking her head.

“Originally, I thought I’d see you, Juggie. But you weren’t around either, so I just borrowed your booth,” she states while watching Jughead’s lips form a smirk. He’s about to respond when Pop himself comes ‘round to the booth and asks for their order – or, as Jughead realizes, more like confirms the order. When he’s gone, Jughead can’t stop himself from looking at Betty before taking his laptop out.

“How ‘bout we share the booth?” He asks, though he knows she wouldn’t have cared either way, especially since she wasn’t walking away. She looks at him in a way that says she knows he knows this, and he can’t help but smile softly. They remain quiet for a while, Jughead tapping on the keys of his laptop and Betty flipping through the pages of her book before eventually, the vibrating of Betty’s phone stirs them out of their stupor, both jumping in surprise. He watches as she looks at her phone before silencing it and he can’t help the arching of his eyebrows at that.

“My mom, trying to talk to me about my internship. Like I’m not already packed and stuff,” Betty scoffs and Jughead frowns.

“When do you leave?”

“The end of the week,” Betty answers, scowling when her phone lights up continuously for the next few minutes.

“And unfortunately, I think I should go so she stops,” Betty states with a small smile just as the food gets there. Her smile turns into a cringe.

“Pop, can I get a to-go bag?” She asks apologetically and Pop nods, disappearing quickly before arriving with said bag.

“I’ll see you later, Juggie,” Betty states and Jughead smiles, not believing for a minute that he will.


But he’s wrong. A day later, he’s back at Pop’s, and she’s back in his booth with a chocolate milkshake – since when did she drink chocolate milkshakes? – and when she notices him, she smiles and waves. He wants to scowl and he wants to ignore her but he know’s that’s rude and he knows she’ll be hurt, so he doesn’t. Instead he walks over and he opens his laptop, orders his food and stares. He doesn’t back down when Betty notices and stares back, not until his food arrives though, a good twenty minutes later.

“Your eyes will go all weird and you’ll be bugheaded’ if ya continue that,” Pops states and Jughead smirks before taking a bite of his food.

“Do you ever do anything throughout the day?” He ends up questioning after eating a good chunk of his burger.

“Do you?” Betty questions back and he tilts his head, saying touché without saying it at all.

“So you haven’t been able to get a hold of Archie, then?” He adds with a quirk of his eyebrow, noticing how pretty she looks when she flushes red and briefly wondering how far down her blush goes. He stops himself from continuing those thoughts though, knowing if he did, he’d only be in for heartache.

He doesn’t know what else he could say so instead, he continues to attempt to write something – preferably, something not about the female in front of him – as she continues to read. The day passes by slowly, and Jughead realizes he doesn’t mind, not when he’d been spending it with her. They talk a few times, for a little while, but it’s mostly silent, just like the day before.

“How about I walk you home?” He asks at the end of the night, and he can see her enough to know she’s pleasantly surprised. They take the long way back to her house and when they arrive, he waves goodbye slowly, the urge to kiss her overwhelming. Not once does he think about the fact that Archie is next door, and they need to plan their trip.


The next day is the day before she leaves and Jughead is surprised to find himself saddened by the thought of being alone. He’s at Pop’s pretty much the moment it opens and he’s surprised to see that she’s there too. He let’s out a grin, thankful when she sends one back before claiming their booth. Unlike the other two days, they begin talking immediately, and they talk the entire time they’re there. They order food throughout, and Pop’s always hand delivers it with a smile on his face, and Jughead wonders what the smile means before he’s back to focusing on Betty. The two continue to talk before the day is over and just like the previous day, Jughead walks her home. When they get there though–

“We should exchange numbers,” Betty states and Jughead looks at her in awe before nodding.

“Because, Juggie, I don’t want to go a long time without talking to you again,” she adds and Jughead nods, more sincere than previously before they exchange numbers.

“I’ll see you la– when school starts,” Jughead states, a frog in his throat as Betty nods and turns around to enter her home. Before she can enter her home completely though, her arms are around him and his arms are around her waist, and he doesn’t want to let her go.

“We’ll text. And call. You’ll hear from me,” he whispers and he hears her sniffle, and he pulls away.


Jughead; June 26th; 3:30P - Pop’s is really boring without you. How’s the internship?

Betty; June 26th; 3:34P - Busy! And there’s nothing remotely like a Pop’s here :(

Jughead; June 26th; 3:40P - Shame. How else are you going to possibly remember me?

Betty; June 26th; 3:45P - I s’pose my dreams will have to do

Jughead; June 26th; 4:05P - Sounds …. Fun.

Betty; June 26th; 4:15P - Definitely is.

Betty; June 26th; 4:18P - Crap, I gotta run. Bye, Juggie.

Betty; June 28th; 3:00P - My boss is a hard ass.

Jughead; June 28th; 3:15P - Yeah, but I’m sure you’ll be thankful after.

Betty; June 28th; 3:45P - Let’s not remind me of that.
Jughead; June 28th; 4:15P  -  But it’s so fun.

Betty; June 28th; 5:00P - Finally, freedom! If you were me where would you go?

Jughead; June 28th; 5:03P - Home :)

Betty; June 28th; 5:06P - Anywhere else that’s not in Riverdale?

Jughead; June 28th; 5:11P - Nope.

Betty; June 28th; 5:15P - You’re no help.

Jughead; June 28th; 5:25P - Sorry? I really wanted to answer, ‘to me’ but I didn’t know if that would go over well.

Betty; June 28th; 5:45P - I wish I could go to you. I miss you.

Jughead; June 28th; 6:00P - Same.

Jughead; June 29th; 2:15A - I can’t sleep.

Betty; June 29th; 2:25A - so you wake me up?

Jughead; June 29th; 2:27A - yes.

Betty; June 29th; 2:30A - rude.

Jughead; June 29th; 2:33A - I try

Jughead; June 29th; 2:43A - you fell back to sleep didn’t you?

Jughead; June 29th; 2:53A - damn you, woman.

Betty; June 29th; 11:45P - hehe, sorry. Today was busy though.

Jughead; June 29th; 11:55P - same. Finally sorted plans with Archie about our roadtrip. But I’m exhausted.

Betty; June 29th; 11:59P - Night, Jug.

Jughead; July 3rd; 3:45P - asshole cancelled our road trip! Said something last minute came up!

Jughead; July 3rd; 4:23P - have you heard from him lately?

Betty; July 3rd; 5:12P - No. That is weird though.

Betty; July 3rd; 5:17P - Wanna talk about it?

Jughead; July 3rd; 5:31P - Nah. But thanks.

Jughead; July 4th; 8:30A - Jason Blossom is dead.

Jughead; July 4th; 8:33A - drowned in the lake.

Jughead; July 4th; 8:45A - something’s not right.

Betty; July 4th; 9:10A - oh no!

Betty; July 9th; I miss you.

Jughead; July 11th; I miss you too.

Betty; July 13th; I think I miss you more than I miss Archie.

Jughead - July 15th; I think I would like that.

Jughead - July 17th; I hate our texts are getting sporadic.

Jughead - July 21st; Betty? Haven’t heard from you in a while, everything ok?

Jughead - July 24th; Bets? Betty? Betty-bo-boop?

Jughead - July 27th; Okay. I’ll uh, see you around.


He puts his phone down with a sigh, runs his fingers through his hair and frowns. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, but he was right. He set himself straight up for heartache.

Fuck, he whispers to himself.



Finally back with a breakdown of the look that I created using the Desi X Katy Collection. Follow the steps below to recreate this look:

  1. Apply a clay colored transition shade all over the eye using a fluffy blending brush (mine is from the NYX birthday palette)
  2. Using a smaller blending brush, apply the lime green from the Morphe 12P palette into the crease
  3. Taking the light blue and a pointed blending brush, apply the shade into the crease to deepen the color.
  4. Apply the navy blue from that palette to the lid, making sure to blend the green and blue shades with a blending brush.
  5. Apply Harpoon from the Desi X Katy collection to the lid
  6. To finish the look, apply the dark blue and lime green from the Morphe 12P palette to the lower lash line.

To watch my full review on this collection click this link: https://youtu.be/_w-wysjoKM4

6月23日一迅社様より発売の『Fate/Grand Order コミックアンソロジー VOL.5』にて12Pの漫画を描かせて頂きました!