May 25th Book Club Meeting

The head librarian’s week has been extremely hectic so the Book Club meeting scheduled for May 25th will need to be cancled. Our sincerest apologies! We’ll be back like normal on June 8th to finish up the last 5 chapters of Pride & Prejudice.

Hope to see you all there! And thank you for the support, as always. ♡


I left a note for Rivienne once I was given permission to leave the infirmary. I thought she may very well enjoy a quiet evening with tea and snacks. I was not wrong. She brought a rather singular gentleman along with her, named Lion, who caught my eye. He spoke similarly to she, and seemed to enjoy the book reading just as much. 

He seemed happy to take some of the treats I offered, when I brought back a plate.

Bexy came with me this time. It was rather nice to have her company, and I think she enjoyed the story. Honestly, I was just so relieved to get out of the house…To get close to the Shroud, and smell the loam and feel rain riding in on a breeze…I truly missed the darkness of the wood. 

At least now I am free to return as I please. I just need to make certain I no longer am at the mercy of dragons.

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Far Eastern Performance Showcase

In memory of all that Othard has lost in these recent years and the beginning of a new year and new hope, the Keeper’s Kiss will be holding a special Far Eastern Performance Showcase for Heavensturn. Performers both in house and from the wider community have joined Kiss for this special event to celebrate Far Eastern culture.

When: Tuesday, the 3rd of January, 2017.

Where: The Wanderer’s Elysium: Mists Ward 11, Plot 5

Cost: Free

★ Charity: IC Donations will be taken to help fund a Far Eastern section of the @12oaks-library to collect and preserve Othardian literature as well as to provides guidance for Far Eastern refugees to learn to read Eorzean. 

★ Menu: A special Far Eastern Menu has been compiled for this moon. Come enjoy it during our showcase or anytime this moon. Menu to be released on the 3rd sun of this moon. 

★ Raffle: Feeling lucky this Heavensturn? The Keeper’s Kiss is having a raffle of cash and in game items. More details are available here.

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