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Marcha Estudiantil 12M - Caracas - UCV.

Manifestación de universitarios que marchaban para la Defensoría del Pueblo para entregar un documento en contra de la represión y la tortura. La Guardia Nacional impidió el paso de la marcha hacia la sede gubernamental porque no tenían permiso oficial. 

Fotografías: Gregorio Marrero, Vladimir Marcano y Carlos Balza / Orinoquiaphoto.


B-VI-307 underwater pistol

Designed by Dmitry Shiryaev in the late 60′s.
7,62mm proprietary flechette rounds, four-barrel cluster, top break double action, ~12m lethal range against a standard diving suit.

The predecessor to Vladimir Simonov’s SPP-1 underwater pistol, the B-VI-307 was probably the first effective underwater handgun to be developed. Its successor did away with the sorta-rocket cartridges and was overall much simpler and cheaper to produce.

submitted by Russell Kwan

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i fucking love physics book comparisons “you’re playing catch with your friend. the ball comes at you at 20m/s. Except now imagine it’s not a ball. It’s a grenade. You run away at 12m/s but it’s still coming towards you at 8m/s. ok so now it’s a super laser. cant run from light, bitch”

omg guys this match is so close. chrom literally leading before i did the match but apparently ephraim had none of it and did his gary stu magic to retake the lead by 12M which is like the biggest gap i’ve seen??? (pls correct me if i’m wrong)

whatever happens in the end i just want to congratulate everyone on both teams for this close match. lucina may steamrolling everything but ephraim vs chrom is definitely the best match