Day 12: Favorite quote:

“If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end”


Day 6: Your “mood lifter” chapter/arc, ch. 331/332

“A job isn’t something that can be high, low, big, small, beautiful or ugly. It’s when people go through any lengths for someone else’s sake by doing work.

That is the essence of a job.”


Day 7: Favorite arc, Obi Hajime arc / ch. 403-410 [1/?]

“Listen up you two…tears are handy for washing away troubling and sad feelings. But when you grow up, you will learn that there are things so sad they can never be washed away by tears. That’s why truly strong humans are ones that laugh as much as they want to cry. Through the pain…through the sadness…they embrace it all and still laugh.

Do that and you’ll find others who will walk with you. If you want to cry now that’s fine…But someday you two…will have to become strong samurai like that.”

Day 9: A character you came to love, Shimura Tae

“When a friend is crying, you should cry together. If your friend is worried about something, you should hold your head and worry together. When a friend takes a dump, then you should take a dump as well. If you’re a friend then you can share any kind of pain with them”


12 Days of Gintama [x], Day 5: A chapter that made you cry - Chapter 132, German Suplex Any Woman Who Asks, “Which Is More Important, Me or Your Work?”

“They’re too spicy. Damn… They’re making my eyes water.”


Day 8: Favorite antagonist, Tobita Danzou ‘Jiraia’ 

“If we are doomed to experience the suffering from a loss, then why shoulder the burden to begin with?”

ok so looking at similar challenges i made this thing

12 days of Gintama

  1. Favorite male character
  2. Favorite female character
  3. Character you relate to the most
  4. A chapter that made you smile
  5. A chapter that made you cry
  6. Your “mood lifter” chapter/arc
  7. Favorite arc
  8. Favorite antagonist
  9. A character you came to love
  10. Favorite ship
  11. Favorite friendship
  12. Favorite quote

idk when im gonna do these because i am not gonna do them consecutively and next month i have finals, but im gonna do this

one day