12ax7 tube

All set up for recording tomorrow. Crazy late 60s soviet guitar into Pignose into Freqout into Twin (Blackface tube preamp) with VanAmps spring reverb in fx loop, into interface, and fretless bass (played with lapsteel bar) into M1 (Model T tube preamp) into Acapulco Gold into interface.

The guitar sounds very much like a live room although recording is silent except for string noise and headphone leakage. I put the Freqout after initial dirt here so that it wont detect notes perfectly as that tends to sound unnatural. Both the M1 and Twin uses the same kind of tubes (12aX7) but couldn’t sound more different, although they work great together. I found that the bass doesn’t really need to pass through a cab, it sounds fine lined like that.

Submitted by @letargi

Of course I missed this sub. I feel like I overlook your submissions a lot. Sorry!

This is mad dope though. That guitar is so sick. Fretless is hot too. Very gnarly little rig. It’s gotta be pretty interesting sounding. The tube definitely doesn’t produce the sound necessarily, it’s a component of the overall circuit just like anything else, so I wouldn’t expect them to sound similar but it’s an interesting combo for sure. If you have clips link me to them!