Not just Formula 1 we’re talking here. McLaren is also well-known for their road cars. The McLaren F1 is arguably the best supercar ever made. Produced in 1993, it was followed by the McLaren SLR some 10 years later. 

From 2009 onwards, and under the guidance of Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive has produced the 12C, the 12C Spider and the glorious McLaren P1 - the spiritual successor of the legendary F1.


Best of McLaren at Louwman Exclusive

Last month McLaren Automotive continued to expand the retailer network throughout Europe with the appointment of McLaren Utrecht. 

The iconic showroom next to the A2 highway contained some great McLaren highlights. Next to some 12C’s and a 12C Spider, P1 chassis number 026 was present. Another highlight was the Senna McLaren MP4/8 which got a nice spot in the showroom!