129 pounds

Haven’t done a before & after in a while 😬

• 170 - 129

• 41 pounds lost!

• Size 10/12 to size 2/4

• 2013 - 2016 (though I lost the weight in only 3 months!

• Pre-diabetic to healthy

Sometimes you have to drown to learn how to swim… I was a self-loathing sad-sack, knew nothing about health and nutrition, and now I’ve settled into a rewarding career of body composition and metabolic testing, helping others achieve the health and happiness that I fought for years to find…

Life is good :)


summary: The one and only time Dan had ever looked up what was wrong with him, when he read the words ’anorexia nervosa’ he’d closed out of his browser window in less than a second, wiped his search history and left his computer off for two days. He didn’t have an eating disorder. He’s always been told that eating disorders are for skeletal runway models that puke up their lunches, and there’s no way that chubby, lazy Dan Howell could ever have an eating disorder.

Dan starts running earlier in the mornings and there’s a different barista at his favorite coffee shop who turns out to be exactly what he needs.

genre: angsty, hurt/comfort

words: 3,750 (that is so nice and even frick  yea)

warnings: eating disorder (includes disordered thoughts/behaviors/ect, mentions calories and restricting/starving/bingeing), general self hating, self harm (scratching) mentioned a few times but not depicted in much detail, swearing??

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anonymous asked:

The other members from the looks of it have been to gaining weight to gain muscle which is healthy. Jimin is 21, 5'8" & a grown man. He weighs a lot less than I do I'm 5'3" & 129 pounds(I'm a girl) I've noticed Jimin losing weight, but he's losing his muscle along with it. I can't he needs to eat like he would need calories to burn when he dances or works out because he probably has a higher metabolism because of all the physical activity he does. I want to cry I just want him to be healthy😢

everybody pray for jimin

anonymous asked:

I'm 5'2 129-127 pounds if I do enough exercise can I maintain on 2000 calories?

There’s absolutely no way for me to answer this because there are way too many factors involved.  I would suggest that you calculate your BMR and TDEE, HERE is a link to the explanation of these, as a starting point.

From there, you can get an idea of how many calories you could consume and maintain your weight, but keep in mind that it is just an ESTIMATE, so you’d need to try it and see how it goes. If your weight starts to edge up, then you’ll need to cut back or make a few healthier choices, perhaps substituting a sugary snack with fruit.  Also, if you are insulin resistant, the number of calories you can consume will be affected by what proportion of them are refined carbohydrates vs. protien; that is something else you could experiment with, for example, substituting cauliflower mash for mashed potatoes to lower the effect of insulin in your body. 

Your body is not a math equation. While “calories in / calories out” works sometimes for some people, it definitely does not work all the time for all people. Your body is a complex organism with a metabolism which is controlled by multiple hormones, and, from my experience, hormones don’t do math. 

I’m a little worried about the expression ‘if I do enough exercise’ because you can do TOO MUCH exercise. Your body needs time to recover and rest; everything in moderation.  Compulsive exercising is just as dangerous as anorexia or bulimia, so please don’t begin to think if you workout hard for ‘X’ hours a day that you can then eat everything you want and be fine. You can’t. It will tear your body down.

In the end, this is something that you’ll have to work through and also something that will very likely  change over time and may even change with seasons of the year.  Start with your BMR and TDEE and go from there, proceeding in a way that will focus on your health and how you feel, rather than a specific number on the scale.  Remember that HEALTH and a feeling of vigor and strength is the goal and moderation is key, in diet and exercise.

Good luck, dear anon. 

Lucky the newsie

Real Name- ???

Lucky: the way she got that nickname is, when she was a little kid and her mother and father were still alive… her father taught her to play cards and She always seemed to beat him no matter what,
She’s also know for being really accident prone (and feisty) but she never gets seriously injured or in major trouble so she’s lucky that way
Gender- Female
Age- 16
Date of Birth- February 16
Occupation- Manhattan Newsie
Height: 5 foot 3inches
Weight: 129 pounds (58.5Kg)
Hair Color- Dirty Blonde hair that looks almost brown at times
Hair Style- Depending if she has enough money to spare for a hair cut, her hair is either chest or shoulder length. She usually keeps her hair down but if it gets extremely hot she either has a side bride or ponytail
Skin Tone- fair skin which can get semi tan in summer
Eye Color- Green, but some days they look more blue

Mother- Deceased
Father- Deceased
No other known relatives
But Race and Crutchie are practically her older brothers
Close Friends- Race, Crutchie, Jack, Davey, Morris Delancey, The Bakers daughter: Celeste Baker
Love Interest- None yet
Lucky Charms
Selling Papes
Helping people



Boring headlines

Hobbies- Singing, Playing Cards(Constantly), Making Bets, Painting

Quote(s)- “kill em with kindness”

Personality- Super friendly unless you are nasty to her or any of her close friends.
She’s also pretty feisty and gets into fights a lot for a girlsie

Her Mother and Father both died in the same factory fire, has a slight fear of fire for that reason, it’s hard for her to sleep when they’ve left a fire burning overnight even if it’s for warmth so she ends up getting up frequently to check on the fire because she’s scared something will happen and she’ll lose everyone she loves again
Once upon an unlucky time Lucky was taken to the refuge no real reason other than to put more money in the spiders pocket, there she found she was sharing a bed with a set of twins Ernest and Daniel (11 years old) who were the younger brothers of her friend Oliver who she owed, so she took care of the boys she always tried to take up as little of the bed as possible, bargained with Race and promised to help him with a lot of stuff so Race would bring extra food for the boys

After about 3 months in the Refuge, Lucky organized one of the biggest escapes from the refuge, helping 38 kids escape
Trivia and Fun Facts-
Carries around little purple pouch filled with lucky charms ( 2 Acorns, four leaf clover, horse shoe charm, rainbow charm, little horse figure she found on the street, small bottle charm with lucky spices and herbs,lucky penny, silver angel wing charm)

(Credit to @sketch-the-newsie for the amazing character detail template)

Omgomg. Today, I weighed in at 129.

Also, I realized that I really, really need to go shopping. Seriously, I have no spring clothes that fit anymore. And all this week it is supposed to be warm and gorgeous and wonderful. I have no shorts or capris that fit… so looks like I’m wearing dresses all week, and I’m okay with that.
Maybe I’ll go shopping tomorrow after school. Just to get the basics.


DAY 5: Progress picture, this can be your weight loss or weight gain or even how long you’re able to go on a run compared to the first time you started.

I couldn’t decide which before picture to use.

TOP LEFT: Easter 2014
BOTTOM LEFT: January 28th 2014
TOP & BOTTOM RIGHT: Oct. 4th 2014

I’m 129 pounds down now. :) Getting closer to da goal.

Also the first time I walked a mile 8 months ago in the beginning of my weight loss I was at 18min+, my last timed mile I clocked in at 9:55min. Getting fasterrrrr. Yay!

Also, my hair is way longer and less blue.

Proceed with Caution! Personal stories and FEELINGS below.

I’ve been thinking back to my days in radio.

I really loved my job. From deciding which song should follow the next, timing intros and outros perfectly so as not to interfere with the music (I was always ALL about the music) to talking to listeners and writing copy and recording ads - it was a good way to make not much of a living (don’t get me started on that!). 

And while I spent a good deal of my time in the studio, I also did a lot of ‘location’ work. 
Promoting events, doing 'remotes’ from businesses, hosting talent shows and bridal shows (don’t ask me about THAT, either…)
And obviously, I met a lot of people. Listeners. Fans. 
Yes - I had fans! It never stopped feeling weird.

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self witness

In the 431 days since I quit smoking I have gained 15 pounds and in the process found the gorgeous round me underneath the skinny. The one I misplaced almost exactly 20 years ago to the day that I quit smoking. That would be seven thousand seven hundred and five days ago today, then.

So now I weigh 129 pounds. Again. The size of my real grownup woman self. The one that isn’t killing herself, fast or slow. My chest is no longer in the shape of a bra, instead my bra must conform to be shaped like me. I feel warm and full and on the verge of bursting out my pores. A succulent. Soft watery gel of a healing plant. And the back of my pants don’t sag. My body pushes on and fills up everything, as if it’s taken up some of the rebellion for me. Relieved my mind of the sole weight of that duty. 

My sexuality, too, is rejoicing to be let loose some. It rides high on the buoyancy, trampolining across skin firmly stretched over grown flesh, but still confidently androgynous in the strength of my ass and back, also growing. All my cheeks are full and my hips now feel some kinship with my wide smile. I can feel the tops of my thighs whispery stroking each other. They giggle and I remember what if feels like to spread eagle feet firm into a sturdy barrier of quads and gluts. To squat and look up daring, let my eyes twinkle an invitation to challenge. To leave fear lagging so far behind the will to engage. 

I am here. I am taking up space.