Even on my worst days, I remember that I’m still changing.

Picture on the far left was taken about 10 months ago. Picture in the middle was about 6 months ago. Picture on the right is today, about 15 minutes ago.

Height: 5’ 2”

High weight: close to 200lbs

Starting weight: 181lbs

Current weight: 155lbs

Goal weight: 127lbs


I stumbled upon a picture of me from two years ago and I felt really proud to see how much I’ve changed. At that time i weighed 73kg (about 160lbs) , on this day I weigh 58kg (127lbs) and I’m a looot more confident !! I AM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD LOSE WEIGHT TO FEEL CONFIDENT/BEAUTIFUL!

I’m just trying to show that if there are things you want to change about yourself go for it! It can be small things like the colour of your hair or clothing style or things that take time like lose/gain weight or discovering who you are (sexuality,gender,..). I understand that these things can be very hard but if you feel like shit and want to try and do something about it but don’t know how to begin I’m here for you, I can’t promise I can help you but I can always try and listen/talk to you and just try to be a friend 💖


5'0 34-29-39 127lb
Have been struggling with my body image as of lately. Being short means that if I gain a pound, you can see it straight away. I’m a pear shape, with boney ankles, so I always think my thighs look ridiculous in comparison. I’ve seen a lot of people helped by submitting to this blog, so who knows! :)

2014maybe #TBT
weighed about 127lbs 5'2
A lot of Hiits, Sprints intervals, Hill Sprint intervals, jogs and Zumba Class when I wanted to Hide. (Nah 😂) Zumba is Great!
My Hiits consisted of body weight movements, calisthenics, and light Dumbbells.. This was before I started hitting the weight room consistently, and going heavy!
Ate about 5 to 6 small portioned meals daily.
1 cheat meal a week.

Oh yea, before my hair cut 💁🏾

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