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Avengers x Reader

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 1767

Warnings: I don’t even think I swore :o

A/N: Hey guys! I know a took a bit of a break from writing. Thank you to those of you who were supportive. That meant a lot to me. Anyway, I’ve had this idea for a while, and I felt like getting it down, finally. I’ll turn into a mini-series and go off there based on feedback. It’s mostly an Avengers fic, but there will be subtle Bucky parts, too. Enjoy💛

“And finally, the backup IT quarters. This is where all the out-of-building tech goes on, like our jets, safe houses, comms. It’s also a backup for our in-house systems. Makes things a lot easier.” Roland says.

Our small group nods in awe, twirling around, gazing at all the Stark technology like we have been since the beginning of our tour. “Many of you will be here, managing things that occur outside of the building.” Roland, our guide, continues, beginning to walk through the quarters.

We follow him like lost puppies, all seven of us. In our short introduction to each other, I had gotten three names: Henry, Mya, and Dania. I hadn’t gotten a chance to speak to the others, but I hope to soon. I want to have a good relationship with my coworkers.

We pass by a row of beeping silver computers, all with what look to be radars on them. In the centre of the radars are large, slanted As on top of a blueprints of different buildings, signifying the Avengers buildings. There’s nothing on the radars.

Roland clears his throat and I see him straighten his posture.
“Good morning, Mr. Stark.” I immediately stiffen, whipping my head from the computers to the group. Walking out of a glass room, a man with a manicured beard and a cup of coffee in his hand nods at Roland. It’s him.

“Mornin, Roland. These the rookies?” Tony fricking Starkloosely gestures his mug towards our group. His presence has earned the same reaction from the rest of us as mine, everyone staring wide eyed and silent. I grip the strap of my large purse.

“Yes, sir. Just giving a tour of their new workspace.” Mr. Stark nods, giving us each a look. When his eyes reach mine, I swallow and nod in respect at him.

“I don’t bite, ya know.” he cocks an eyebrow at us, sipping his steaming coffee. Still, none of us move. The blond-haired boy that can’t stop rubbing the back of his neck is the first to speak.

“It’s an honour, Mr. Stark.” he croaks. We nod, a few people—myself included—murmuring our agreements. He smiles like he’s praising a child for saying the alphabet and turns back to Roland.

“Hey, you mind checking the supplies for B12?” he asks. Roland nods curtly. I lean back into the row of computers and feel the heel of my hand press into something. I swallow and ignore it, pushing off. I can’t turn from the conversation while I’m the presence of Tony Stark. I’m not that stupid.

Roland looks like he wants to say something, but before he does, he turns to us.

“Um, why don’t you guys take a look around?” he smiles, “Just don’t touch anything.” Everyone slowly scurries off, but not before peeking in astonishment at the billionaire in our presence. Roland turns back to him and begins discussing something privately. I chew on my lip nervously and realize I’m the only one left standing. I should do something. I begin to pivot on my ankles in search of something to look at. I look down at the table of computers, each of the radars the way they had been when I saw them. There’s nothing on them but the constant circles exiting the centre point. My eyes pan over the room, at the bluntness of it all. At all the seriousness. The Avengers rely on so much just from this one room. It’s almost terrifying, knowing I’ll soon be one of those few people that the Avengers rely on. I even get a silly little thought: like we’re almost the silent heroes. The ones helping the Avengers behind the scenes when they don’t even know it. I shake my head at the thought. Hell, I’m just tech support.

I’m about to push off the table and look around when a mark on the computer in front of me catches my eye. I look down at it and furrow my brows. A small triangular shaped icon is heading for the tower. The side of the computer flashes with information:

Jet A2

438 MPH

Passengers: 3

Contact: 1489 MPH

I tilt my head curiously. The jet belongs to the Avengers, as it’s registered into the system. I frown as I realize something. That’s odd. They should be slowing down. I look at the building in the centre of the radar and recognize the blueprint, bird’s eye view of the building as the same one I’ve seen at every fire emergency map in the tower. The computer must be monitoring this building. 1279 mph until contact. I swallow.

They should be slowing down.

I frantically look at the screen. The jet isn’t heading to the landing site on the east of the building. It’s coming in through the west, by the bio labs. They’ll collide right into the side of the building. A wave of terror runs through my stomach. They don’t intend on landing. They plan on crashing.

I back up and look to Roland and Mr. Stark, still conversing.
“I just think that my office is a bit cramped…” Roland gestures. I need to tell them, but I can’t seem to find my voice. I inhale and straighten up.

“Um.” I blurt. They turn to me, cutting their conversation off. I close my eyes for a moment and open them again. “There’s-there’s a jet coming in.” I breathe. Tony stark smiles and nods his head.

“Yeah, that’s probably Cap coming back from Wakanda. Don’t worry ‘bout it.”

“But—” I begin, but he’s already turned away, walking into the glass room with Roland. I exhale in frustration and look back at the screen. 924 mph until contact. I shut my eyes and take a deep breath. I need to do something. I need to do something now, because there’s less than three minutes until contact. I have to change the jet’s course. I pan my eyes through the room, looking for the jet control. Computers flash and think and whir. The room is too big to go searching for the jet control system. There’s no time.
My hand reaches out and digs through my black purse, past my makeup bag, notebooks, and all my toiletries. My fingers reach all the way to the bottom of the bag to the most important thing I carry in it. My skin brushes metal and I pull it out. My USB, a small inconspicuous thing. I step to the computer and jam it into the open port on the side of it. The virus is in effect immediately, a pop up appearing on the screen, asking whether or not to accept the program. I press “Ok” and drag the window of the radar to the corner of the screen with the mouse. Pulling up the program, decrypting codes to get through the firewall, it takes less than twenty seconds to get to the control panel of the jet. A blaring alarm begins to erupt from the speaker above my head, making me wince. But I’ve done this before. I’ve heard similar alarms before. I’ve learned to drown them out.

“What are you doing!?” a voice says in panic behind me. It’s Mr. Stark. I curse under my breath as I pull up the destination of the jet. I’m so fired.

The destination is the tower, the forty-second floor bio labs. I begin to look for a place to redirect it, looking back up at the radar. 334 mph until contact. My breath hitches. Forty-five seconds. I whip through locations for the jet to land at, noting that the jet needs to be at least forty miles away from the building to keep it from being effected. It’s already too close and too fast to be able to land at the tower. It’s going to have to crash land.

I don’t miss the commotion behind me as Mr. Stark realizes the alarm isn’t just because I’ve plugged a virus into his system, but because a jet is about to level the building. He approaches a panel of computers, but they’re just static. “The system is comprised.” he says grimly, stunned.vI chew on my lip, cringing. Thirty seconds. I take a deep breath until I spot a public water park. I quickly do a background on it, making sure it’s still closed and no one is on the property. I breathe a sigh of relief as I redirect the destination of the jet to the water and bring its speed down. Gasps erupt around me. I look up from the computer and see that diagonal to us, an aircraft’s smoke fogs the window. My eyes widen. That was too close.

I feel a pair of eyes on me. Ripping my gaze from the window, I realize Mr. Stark is staring at me in shock. My jaw clenches. The adrenaline is still in my system.

“There’s gonna be a crash landing in the Westward Water Park. The property is clear, but there’s still people on the jet.” I say. All evidence of uncertainty has disappeared from my voice, the same for my head. I turn back to the computer and reopen the virus, backtracking its effects. The sound of static on the computers seizes, and once I’ve uninstalled and blocked the program, I unplug the USB and return it to the bottom of my bag. The room is silent as I catch my breath that I hadn’t noticed I’d been holding. Mr. Stark clears his throat.

“Right.” he says, turning back to the panels. My eyes look around the room, trying to be okay with everyone’s gaze on me. They don’t know what happened, I’m sure, but they’re trying to understand. “Roland, get them outta here.” Mr. Stark says. I turn to leave when his next words make my heart sink to my stomach. “'Cept for you.” He doesn’t have to clarify who he’s referring to. I stop in my tracks and pivot. The new employees scurry out of the room, giving me wide-eyed, “You’re screwed” looks. I purse my lips and look down as Mr. Stark flicks through the jet’s status. It’s evident once it’s crashed, as alarms begin to beep and ring from his screen. He silences them.

“I’m sorry.” I say quietly. My voice echoes through the room, making it project louder than I spoke. “I didn’t know what else to do.” I look up, but he doesn’t seem to be listening. “Are the people on the jet okay?” I say nervously. He turns and shakes his head, but not in response to my question. It’s more like a shake of surprise.
“Person.” he says. “Only one. One very big, green person.”

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A giant neuron found wrapped around entire mouse brain

Like ivy plants that send runners out searching for something to cling to, the brain’s neurons send out shoots that connect with other neurons throughout the organ. A new digital reconstruction method shows three neurons that branch extensively throughout the brain, including one that wraps around its entire outer layer. The finding may help to explain how the brain creates consciousness.

Christof Koch, president of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, Washington, explained his group’s new technique at a 15 February meeting of the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies initiative in Bethesda, Maryland. He showed how the team traced three neurons from a small, thin sheet of cells called the claustrum — an area that Koch believes acts as the seat of consciousness in mice and humans.

Crick, F. C. & Koch, C. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. Sci. 360, 1271–1279 (2005).

Torgerson, C. M. et al. Hum. Brain Mapp. 36, 827–838 (2015).

A digital reconstruction of a neuron that encircles the mouse brain. Allen Institute for Brain Science

Granodiorite head of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III (r. 1388-1348 BCE), subsequently recarved to represent the head of the 19th Dynasty pharaoh Ramesses II “The Great” (r. 1279-1213 BCE).  Thought to have been found at Thebes; now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

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Chinese Coins from the Scholar’s Study

Free display Chinese Coins from the Scholar’s Study is now open in Gallery 7. Learn how coin collecting developed in China during the Song dynasty (960–1279) when the imperial court had a great enthusiasm for the past and antiquities.

Coins were considered the height of scholarly antiques as they were direct witnesses to history and their appreciation required a certain cultural knowledge, including the study of their ancient inscriptions. The inscriptions follow the evolution of the different Chinese calligraphic styles and were traced by famous calligraphers - and occasionally even the emperor himself.

This brass coin-shaped amulet from the Qing dynasty (ad 1644–1911) would have been used as a gift for a young scholar preparing to take the imperial examinations. The iconography on Chinese amulets is often symbolic, and this one is a rebus. A bat (fu), a deer (lu), a peach (shou) and a spider (xi) are all homonymous to “Fu lu shou xi” 福祿壽喜; “(May you have) good fortune, an official’s career, longevity and happiness”. 

Coin collections could include early coins in the shape of spades or knives, coins transformed into charms and amulets, as well as foreign coins from Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; IN THEATERS NOW

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Justice League 2; 768 days

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Cyborg; 1062 days

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Green Lantern Corps; 1174 days

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Untitled Marvel movie; 1279 days

The Unlucky Child

The Torah speaks of four children: one is wise, one is wicked, one is simple and one does not know how to ask. (The haggadah)

In four separate places, the Torah instructs us to tell the story and mitzvos of Pesach to our children. The Haggadah interprets this as four different conversations, reflecting four types of children who might be asking the question: the wise son, the wicked son, the simple son, and the son who does not know how to ask.

The Haggadah’s placement of the son who does not know how to ask at the very end of the list seems unfair. If the first mentioned is the wise son, the most virtuous, then at the opposite end should be his nemesis, the wicked son. Why does the Haggadah list the wicked son immediately after the wise and righteous son, while the son whose only crime is his lack of knowledge is relegated to the very end?

By setting it up this way, the Haggadah highlights the crucial need to ensure that every Jewish child receives a Jewish education.

In a certain sense, someone who is lacking a solid Jewish foundation is in a more lamentable position than someone who received that education but chose to rebel against it. A person who was never taught how to live Jewishly, i.e., in accordance with the Torah and mitzvos, will still have a long, slow journey, even when he does ultimately seek to understand and embrace his heritage. The wicked son, on the other hand, despite his current defiance and rebellion, can make the immediate transition into a “wise son,” as soon as he decides to do so.

Furthermore, we are certain that the wicked son will ultimately repent before the coming of Moshiach (see Tanya Chapter 39), as we are promised: “No one banished from Him will remain banished” (Shmuel II 14:14). It is not a question of if, but when. And at that moment, since he has been fortunate enough to receive a solid Jewish education, he will be capable of immediately assuming a full Torah lifestyle.

—Toras Menachem 5743, vol. 3, pp. 1279-1280

Abydos King list found on a wall of the Temple of Seti I r. 1290–1279 BC (19th Dynasty). The start of the king list, showing Seti and his son - Ramesses II - on the way to making an offering to Ptah-Seker-Osiris, on behalf of their 72 ancestors - the contents of the king list. Ramesses is depicted holding censers.

This list omits the names of many earlier pharaohs who were apparently considered illegitimate — such as Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun, and Ay.

Eleanor of Castile (Leonor de Castilla in Spanish) (1241- 1290)

 Eleanor of Castile was born in 1241 to King Ferdinand III of Castile and León and his second wife, Jeanne Dammartin, Countess of Ponthieu. She was the great-great granddaughter of Aliènor of Aquitaine, granddaughter of Berenguela of Castile, and half-sister of King Alfonso X of Castile.

 Eleanor married Edward I of England in 1254, and became queen consort of England in 1272 after the death of Henry III. She and Edward were notably devoted to each other, and Edward was grief-stricken when she died in 1290. As part of his grief, he erected the famous Eleanor crosses.

 Eleanor and Edward would have at least 16 children, though many of them died young. Only six would survive to adulthood: the future King Edward II, Joan of Acre, Mary of Woodstock, Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, Margaret, and Eleanor.

 In addition to being queen of England, Eleanor was also Countess in Ponthieu in her own right, inheriting the county after her mother’s death in 1279.

 Though Eleanor likely did not have much political influence, she did have some cultural impacts on England. Highly educated, she was known for her love of books and patronage of literature, even running her own scriptorium. She was also known for her love of domestic luxury items, in particular wall hangings, carpets, beautiful gardens, and fine tableware.

 Eleanor also had some economic influence. After she became queen, Eleanor began acquiring properties, and by the time of her death, she had amassed a considerable amount of estates. These estates would eventually become part of the dower assignment for English queens, leading to a stable financial system for the queen consort. Few queens after Eleanor would play such an active role in economics, but the ones that did were able to do so because of her precedent.

Virtual Reality

Warnings: none

Words: 1279

Request #3

A/N: I’m doing so terrible with these. Just keep with me, okay? Give me a chance, I’m trying. Number three.

Starset - Monster (Official Music Video)

People waked passed you as you took the care to avoid touching them. The devices on their faces put them in their own little virtual reality, which means nobody in real life was taking care of the world while they all enjoyed their own little dreamland. And you knew they couldn’t save themselves. They were all trapped in that virtual reality with no way out. No matter how many times you thought about pulling those masks off their faces, you kept your hands by your side. You learned your lesson.

There can’t be anybody outside the virtual reality. Even you.

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A warm hello

Harry Styles - 1279 words (not really smut)


There was nothing as beautiful as seeing him giving his absolute best on stage every night, singing his lungs out as his eyes sparkled due to the harsh white spotlight that shone on him. The fact that his heart and his soul were embedded in those songs, along with the cheering girls, made a permanent smirk crawl across his features that couldn’t be wiped off for the remainder of the night. 

There was nothing as breathtaking as getting an opportunity to stand there backstage, a small grin covering my own features as well while my eyes darted along to his dancing and jumping frame. The backstage crew had often laughed at how smitten I had stood there frozen, eyes glued to him for the whole show, every single time I was invited along to one of the shows. 

The set list had almost come to an end, only one song left and I knew that the boys were glad to call it a night. It had been a harsh few nights and I decided to join them for the last leg of the tour, taking a few days off to spend some time with my sort of secret boyfriend. 

“Wipe that drool off of your chin. Disgusting hormonal girl.” Jimmy, the young, handsome lad that was in charge of the instruments grins my way, adding a wink as well for emphasis. “Oh shush it you, you drool on Beyoncé too if you ever had the chance. But you’re stuck here, aren’t ya?” I turn around and lean against the brick wall behind me, arms crossed over my chest. Jimmy holds his arms up in a defensive manner, only drawing the tiniest of chuckles from my parted lips. 

“You were an amazing audience, but we’ve come down to our last song. Thank you all for joining us tonight and adding to the time of our lives!” Liam chirps happily through his microphone, throwing his arm around Harry’s shoulders and hauling him in. 
Without a second thought my tongue darts out to lick my lips as my eyes trail over Harry’s back down to his bum. 

The cheers reach an ear deafening decibels when they finish their one hour and a half show and stumble off the stage one by one. Niall high fives me as he passes me, both Liam and Louis cheering and releasing the last of pent up energy coursing through their veins. Harry is last and he makes a beeline for my small, slumped frame. “Hey you.” He presses me up against the wall, his sweat covered torso pressuring me to suck in a breath while his fingertips trace over my jaw. 

“Such a warm hello I’m receiving.” I chuckle as Harry’s eyes sparkle down onto me before our lips are pressed firmly against each other. “Let’s head out, yeah?” Harry breathes against my lips before he pulls away and throws an arm around my shoulder to haul me along. He’s making small talk with a few of the crew members as he stalk through the deserted hallways towards the back door. 

“We’re planning on leaving tomorrow at ten so be in the lobby fifteen minutes beforehand.” The elder man scolds Harry and he scoffs but waves it away with a smile, his hand trailing from my shoulder over my bare arm to rest along my hip. “Yeah, yeah Gene. We’ll be on time.” My fingers are toying with the hem of his sweaty, to his body clinging shirt as I see them exchange a few silly faces. 

I’m certain Harry will be out like a light within fifteen minutes of reaching the hotel room and I don’t mind. His light snores would lull me to sleep eventually while I got sucked into some fanfiction to swoon over. As soon as Harry’s hand lands far too high up my leg though I know we aren’t sleeping a lot tonight. 

“You were amazing tonight.” I breathe, letting my head fall back onto the car seat, eyes glued to the handsome man next to me. His fingertips ghost over my clothed leg, his pearly white teeth beamed in my direction. “I might be even more amazing tonight..” He smirks suggestively, lips trailing along my hot skin as his large hand now cups my dampened core. “I like that adrenaline of yours.” I breathe, slowly closing my eyes and focusing on his touch. 

I have to slap his hands away the whole way up to the hotel room. Harry was always a hands on guy, although you’d never see any picture of him touching a woman in an ungodly way. I think he very fucking well knew where a camera would be and when to strike a pose. And I kind of admired that about him. He wasn’t your normal celebrity either, but he stayed humble and down to earth. Except for those expensive shirts.

“As if you don’t want to.” Harry’s eyes flicker between my own, lust filled, a smirk covering his plump, pink lips. I visibly roll my eyes and pull him closer towards me by his belt loops, our bodies pressing against one another. “Every day, every minute. But not in public.” Harry’s lips press against my jaw and I let my fingers weave through his hair, lightly pulling on the chocolate brown strands to earn a sigh dropping from his lips.

“I thought you were kinkier than this.”

“Oh believe me, lover boy, you couldn’t handle me if I gave you my all.” I smirk in Harry’s direction, accompanied by a wink as the elevator doors open to let me onto the deserted hallway. The boys had left before us and they were probably already knackered and asleep in their own hotel rooms, leaving us the only ones to roam the hall.

“That sounds like an invitation..” Harry stands back behind me, his large hands roaming over the lower part of my stomach as I dig in my purse for the room key. After Harry had lost that damn card three times in my last visit, I demanded to keep the damn thing on me whenever we set foot outside of the hotel room. He reciprocated by keeping me in bed for the remainder of my stay.

As soon as the door closes behind us, Harry’s shirt flies across the room. He’s quick to discard his pants too before he lets himself drop onto the bed. “Come.” He pats the spot next to him but I shake my head, dropping my purse near his suitcase and bending to grab one of his clean shirts. “I’m going to get rid of this make-up, give me five minutes.”
I am quick to wipe a wet washcloth along my face, discarding my own clothes on the pristine floor, throwing Harry’s shirt over my naked form.

I kind of feel frustrated and disappointed when I come back to the main room, but on the other hand is this the kind of view that I appreciate the most. Harry is on his side, one of his hands tucked underneath his head, his breathing evened out and slow. I knew he would fall asleep as soon as he’d lay his head on the soft, fluffy pillow but somehow I hoped he had a little bit more adrenaline left. I smile softly as I crawl into bed beside him, pulling the duvet up so it would cover our barely clothed bodies.

I scoot behind him, throwing my arm over his waist and snuggling my face up against his shoulder blade. Harry might have hated it whenever I wanted to be the big spoon, but right here, I never had felt more at home.

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Lots of love,
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Royalty Meme[2/9] Consorts
Nefertari Merytmut

Nefertari was the Chief Royal Wife of Ramses II. She married him before he ascended the throne in 1279 B.C.E. The couple had at least six children together, including four sons. Her name means “beautiful companion.” Ramses bestowed many other titles upon her, including “Lady of the Two Lands,” “Lady of Grace,” “Great King’s wife, his beloved,” and “the one for whom the sun shines.” She was well-educated and was able to read and write hieroglyphs.  Egyptian and Hittite records suggest that she played a prominent role in her husband’s court during the first twenty years of his reign.  She appears to have died, however, sometime after Year 24..

Ramses had over two hundred consorts and concubines and more than one hundred children, many of whom he outlived. Yet his love for Nefertari endured.  She is depicted in the Great Temple at Abu Simbel, and he constructed the smaller temple there in her honor. He also built her a magnificent and elaborate tomb in the Valley of the Queens.  The inscriptions there describe a beautiful and intelligent queen who was “unique.” In Ramses’ words, “no one can rival her, for she is the most beautiful woman alive. Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart.”


The Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) was a period in Imperial Chinese history that succeeded the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period and preceded the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty. It is divided into two equally long periods: The Northern Song (960 - 1127), in which they ruled most of central China and the capital was Bianjeng (now Kaifeng), and The Southern Song (1127 - 1279), in which the northern lands were lost to the Jin Dynasty and the capital was moved to Lin’an (now Hangzhou).

Under the Song Dynasty, Chinese culture flourished. The visual arts, philosophy, music, and literature reached great advancements, and due to the heightened amount of printing, there was an enhancement in literacy. Song officials underwent longer educations and stricter examinations than ever before, resulting in higher general education. Even during the Southern Song, in which much of the land had been lost and the Dynasty had been weakened, they managed to bolster their economy and protect themselves against the Jin Dynasty, fx by the establishment of the first permanent Chinese navy and the first use of gunpowder in history. 

During the Song Dynasty unity was preserved, and China rose to become the richest, most skilled and most populated country in the world. The growth in population (doubled from the 10th to the 11th century) was made possible by abundant food surplusses from the expanded rice cultivation. The social life, too, was vibrant with public festivals, private clubs and fine restaurants. Technology, science, philosophy, mathematics, and engineering saw new heights, and philosophers such as Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi revitalized Confucianism into the rising philosophical doctrine of Neo-Confucianism.

The end of the Dynasty came when Kublai Khan, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty and allegedly a descendant of Genghis Khan, finally crushed Song resistance at the Battle of Yamen on the Pearl River Delta in 1279. Emperor Huaizong, the last Song Emperor, then only eight years old, committed suicide along with 800 members of the royal clan. With the fall of the Song, the Yuan Dynasty became the first dynasty ever to control all of China. 

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