Scars in Visions

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1279

Summary: The reader, with Dean’s support, tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione about her visions.

Part 33 in the Magic Series (Harry Potter AU).  Read Part 8 here, Part 9 here,Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here,Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here, Part 23 here, Part 24 here, Part 25 here, Part 26 here, Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here,Part 30 herePart 31 here, and Part 32 here.

I am so so glad you all are loving this series. :) I have a lot planned! Anyways, enjoy!

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alone in the night of the city
with the electrified noise of lonely footsteps
expanding into the hollow emptiness -
there are shadows behind us
waiting to be found,
there are seeds waiting to be planted
in our frozen ground,
there is a hope somewhere
in that empty sound.
—  Michael Lottner (@michaellottner on twitter