The Egyptian Osireion, located in Abydos.

At the back of the Temple of Seti I (r. ca. 1290–1279 BC), is this extraordinarily unique ‘dummy tomb’ known as the Osireion. This structure probably represented the burial place of Osiris, in the form of a primeval island. A sarcophagus was once situated on this artificial island, surrounded by water.

Photos taken by Olaf Tausch.

INFP Confession #1279

i am stuck in a viscous cycle that says i have time, when i don’t. i only have 8 technical days left of school, and i am nearly failing all of my classes, but in my mind, i keep on thinking that it is okay, and that i have time, but in reality, i am only burying myself deeper in a hole and it is causing me to become overwhelmed and not wanting to do my work.