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[NCT] Shopping

From prompt-bank’s drabble challenge
Prompt 99: “You got a cute butt” 

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A quick once over in the mirror has a sigh falling from your lips, and you turn to your boyfriend expectantly.
“Well? What do you think?” You ask him, picking at the sleek black fabric of the swimsuit that clings to your body.
“I like it. It looks nice on you.” Johnny says, offering a thumbs up. He seems less than interested in your dilema, evident in the way he shakes his leg in impatience.
“Johnny, you’ve said that to every suit I’ve tried on.” You pout, shoulders deflating.
“Because I think every suit looks good on you.” He counters smoothly.
You glance to yourself in the mirror again. The top of the swimsuit fits perfectly accentuating your features and slimming where you want it, but the bottoms cling to your hips almost painfully, digging into your skin at the waistband but hanging loosely throughout.
“I don’t like the bottoms.” You muse, twisting for Johnny to see the full piece, “It’s like I’m wearing granny panties.”
Johnny laughs at this, rising from his seat and making his way over to you. He claps a hand over your bare shoulder, looking you up and down with a grin.
“It does look a bit like a diaper.” He adds, causing you to scoff and lightly shove at his chest.
“I can’t believe you! I’m not buying this. I’m just going to get one of those old body suits that they wore in the 20s.”
Another laugh, rich and wholesome and enough to have your heart skipping a beat, and then, “It’s not that bad!”
“My butt doesn’t look right!” You exclaim.
Johnny is grinning from ear to ear, and he moves to close some of the distance between you two. Warm hands grab at your hips, trailing down to lightly pat your ass.
“You got a cute butt.” He states affirmatively. “You got a really cute butt.” He says, and something flashes in his eyes for a second. “Maybe we should go home so I can show you how cute your butt really is.”
Johnny waggles his brows, dimples poking out from his toothy grin. You huff, turning back to the changing room, “Help me pick out a nice swimsuit and we’ll see.”  

NCT 127 + Ten & Hansol Reaction: Crushing/Dating On A ‘99 Liner

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Dating: Donghyuk, Mark, Winwin, Jaehyun, Ten

First of all, he would t r e a s u r e you. He’d always ask you if you’ve eaten, and he’d try to help you with your homework, even if he didn’t understand it. If you’re dating Mark or Donghyuk, you’d most likely go to the same school, so they’d want to spend as much time with you as possible with their busy schedules and such. If you’re dating Winwin, Jaehyun, or Ten, they’d do their best to support you when you’re stressed about school or anything else.

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In Between: Doyoung, Yuta

So what I mean by this, is that he knows you like him and vice versa, but you aren’t dating. Basically, he wants to wait until you’re a bit older before really pursuing a relationship, but you know that he won’t look at anybody else (in a romantic light) but you. If you’re ‘dating’ Doyoung, he’d have a big soft spot for you. He’d rarely tease you and might even hold your hands if you let him. Yuta, on the other hand, is big on skinship with you. He won’t go any further than holding hands or hugging, but he likes to be in contact with you.

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Crushing: Taeyong, Johnny, Hansol, Taeil

He adores you, but he knows that he’s a bit too old for you right now. Like Doyoung and Yuta, he’d wait until you’re older to pursue anything with you, but you have no idea (or maybe you might depending on how obvious he is) that he likes you. He’d be protective over you, above all. If Taeyong, Hansol, or Taeil is crushing on you, he’d be really shy and blushy around you. His tone would change whenever he’s talking to you. If Johnny is crushing on you, he’d act relatively normal, except he’d be a bit cautious when it comes to skinship.

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NCT Zombie Apocalypse AU: Doyoung

Member: Doyoung

Genre: Angst, Zombie AU

Words: 1.3k

Warnings: zombies, death, horror ish, etc 

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“Hey, have you seen the news?” You asked Doyoung, casually lazing on the sofa, facing the TV as Doyoung wandered in from the adjacent room. 

“Which news?” He replied, moving your legs to rest in his lap as he turned his attention to the news broadcast playing. 

“The situation is worsening..” Read the newscaster, bolded letters and words highlighted on the screen as she continued. 

“Do you think we’ll be affected? We’re pretty far away right?” You asked, eyes still glued to the glowing screen, no attention being payed to the light dimming outside your windows, oblivious the events happening on the street barely blocks from you, no idea of the horrors that could turn up on your front doorstep. 

“We’ll be fine, if we were in any danger we’d be evacuated. I hadn’t heard much about this until today, so it can’t be that bad.” Doyoung replied, patting your legs reassuringly and settling back into his seat. 

“Yeah, stuff like this never get’s too bad.” 

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Laughter and Forgetting

Topcon Topcor 60mm/f2.8 + Primo Jr(4x4, medium format) + Kodak Portra160 VC*(127Film, Expired 09 2007)
*120film cutted down size to 127film and re-spooled.

We could have been beautiful again
Rolleicord I Art Deco(1934)

Taken with
Topcon Topcor 60mm/f2.8 + Primo Jr(4x4, medium format) + Kodak Portra160 VC*(127Film, Expired 09 2007)
*120film cutted down size to 127film and re-spooled.

Wide Eyes Open, featuring 

Original Black Baby Rolleiflex(4RF 421 Model, born in 1935)
4x4, Medium Format using 127film

This old baby which has the most smallest body size in Twin Lens Reflex had been totally overhauled by the master ‘Hwakwon Kim’, Jung-Ang Camera, Now perfectly working condition, clean lens, bright screen and accurate shutter speed. This vintage is just 10.7cm height and has unbelievable function, f2.8, Compur Rapid 1/500 sec and my favorite lens type, 3groups, 4elements, Tessar 6cm. Just like a Great Dutch 6x6 Rolleiflex 2.8.

I can’t wait this tonight with this little baby :)))

taken shot with, another brilliant 4x4

Topcon Topcor 60mm/f2.8 + Primo JR + Rera Pan 100(127film, B&W)