Looking Back at 2016

My BEST posts of 2016 - thanks to all my followers!

December ♥ 372

I’m glad I finally had the confidence to do a photoshoot in this tiny, sexy dress. Maybe I’ll get it in pink too =) 

November ♥ 264

Elegant, yet sexy. I love green and I’m glad you did too =)

October ♥ 126

I didn’t have time to take more photos in October, so I just made gifs from my September photoshoot. It was fun but soooo much work!

September ♥ 497

I liked this outfit a lot and have worn it a lot since. Usually I don’t hike up the skirt this much though ;-) Also, this hair looked the most natural but I think I like blonde better!

August ♥ 75

My “summer bimbo” outfit. Love the bright colors! I didn’t get nearly as many likes back then though.

June ♥ 76

This was the first lingerie I ever bought for myself, a long time ago. Still one of my favorites, but it ripped during the photoshoot =(

May ♥ 203

I look back at these early pics and think how far I came just since May. Imagine how my transformation will continue in 2017 =)

E&P Character Analysis: Josh vs. Park

Disclaimer: I am not multiracial so I will not be able to go into this topic in depth. If any multiracial people would like to speak about this please post it and tag this blog or submit it! If I offend anyone or say anything problematic in this post please call me out.

Josh looked like the Korean genes had skipped him altogether. His eyes were brown and just barely almondy - almond-flavored. And his hair was dark, but not even close to black.

- pg 177

The whole family was cute. Even his white brother.

- pg 126

I just want to say that I don’t want to police anyone’s identity. If it seems like I am I apologize and please let me know so I can avoid doing it in the future.

I’m not here to tell people they aren’t Asian or White. It’s not my place to decide that.

But there is a lot of stuff about Josh that sets off a few red flags for me.

For those innocent, pure souls who have not read this trash book, Josh is Park’s younger brother. He’s smart, cool, and the perfect child.

And Rowell refers to him as White.

Which I wouldn’t mind - if her shitty racist thoughts weren’t so transparent.

Josh’s reason for existence is to be compared to Park. He’s a fast learner and succeeds when Park can’t. He looks “White” while Park looks “Asian”. He’s “perfect” while Park is the outcast.

Josh is used to make Park’s Korean-ness foreign and something disgusting. Rowell conveniently throws Josh’s Korean heritage out the window so she can show how being Korean makes Park feel ugly.

As if Josh himself isn’t half Korean.

As if Josh can’t identify as Korean because he “looks white”.

As if being Korean means fitting into the stereotypes. As if Park’s “Korean features” somehow makes him more Korean than his brother.

The idea that Josh=perfect whiteness and Park=flawed Korean-ness just because of their features is a horrible thing to tell readers. It’s telling multiracial kids that they can’t be part of X group because they don’t “look like it”. It’s telling mixed/non-mixed Korean kids that their Korean blood is what makes them flawed and disgusting.

The only one who can decide Josh is white is Josh. Yet all of the other characters - Eleanor and Park especially - seem to think that someone’s physical traits determine their ethnicity.

And there’s also this fucked up thing where Josh is exalted for his whiteness by Park and his parents. Park repeatedly refers to Josh as the good kid while he’s the fuckup.

Why? Why is the “white kid” superior to the “Korean kid”? Why does Rowell do her goddamn best to make Koreans feel ashamed of our heritage?

Rowell, your racism is showing.