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Urie deserves better

ive never felt so strongly against a ship before that I would even call it a notp but every time my boy Urie looks, thinks, is next to or even breathes near that Mutsuki - I get so filled with rage. All I want is his happiness and Mutsuki is just…not it. This crush needs to end quick. I need Mutsuki far far away from Urie. All the progress he’s made so far is dangerously close to being unravelled because of this bizarre twisted subplot with Mutsuki. Just report them already! You know they’re most likely eating humans, have an unhealthy obsession with Haise, and I know you saw the psychotic state their room was in, so please run. Run to hills because this is the last thing you need right now. 

I don’t romantically ship Urie with Saiko, but I hate that nothing really came from her risking her life to save him when he lost control. And that almost every scene with Urie since has pretty much revolved around Mutsuki. I hope this ends soon.