Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

The second exhibition organized by WSP (read about it here…)

Main curator: steliosefstathopoulos

10 photos, 10 photographers, 10 countries.

Rome, Italy, Europe, 2013

by oriettags oriettags

Sapporo, Japan, Asia, 2014

by librarymook librarymook

Paris, France, Europe, 2014

by krameroneill krameroneill

Cologne, Germany, Europe, 2014

by berndschaefers berndschaefers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, North America, 2014

by maialetti maialetti

Central Java, Indonesia, Asia, 2014

by ichsanrahmanto ichsanrahmanto

Sydney, Australia, Oceania, 2013

by jonlisterphoto

Izmir, Turkey, Asia, 2013

by caferakpulat caferakpulat

Sevilla, Spain, Europe, 2014

by 125tel 125tel

Brighton, England, United Kingdom, Europe, 2014

by warrensebastian warrensebastian


To steliosefstathopoulos for the curation and organization of the exhibition.

To all the members who participated in the selection.

To all the photographers who submitted pictures for this exhibition.

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