3 meals and ¾ of a gallon water later 💃 I am exactly 4 weeks out today ! Time has flown by! In 10 weeks of prep I have lost 17lbs following #IIFYM and eating cookies at 10/11pm every night. If someone tells you have to eat chicken, asparagus and brown rice to get stage lean, they are wrong! I want to show yall that you CAN lose fat and enjoy the foods you love. You CAN lose fat without doing fasted cardio. You CAN lose fat without doing two a days. You CAN lose fat without being in the gym any longer then 2 hours a day. You CAN lose fat and not be eating no/low carb. I am 4 weeks out and I am in the gym no longer then 2 hours a day, I never have done fasted cardio, no two a days, I haven’t even touched chicken or asparagus at all this prep. My macros are at 170gC/125gP/40gF and my “low” carb day is at 150g. I am not miserable. I am loving this prep, enjoying the journey and enjoying life. I feel free. Free from any disordered relationships with food. I don’t feel the need to have a cheat meal because I have everything I want every single day. Prep or just losing fat doesn’t have to make your life a living hell.

So I found another neat money making method courtesy of a guy on Reddit: Transmuting Adamantite Ore into Runite Ore! Energies aren’t in my GE history because I already had them, but worst-case scenario, the Incandescent Energies will run you 125GP each to get them en masse off of the forums, which is only 20GP more than their GE mid price right now. It requires 10 energies to do one transmutation, which in this case would cost 4,532,500GP, which when added to the cost of the Adamantite Ores adds up to 31,389,185GP for the supplies to do that. Given how much the Runite Ore all sold for, that’s a net profit of 7,821,540GP. And this only took me TWO HOURS to do, that’s like 3.9M an hour doing Div! Not to mention the XP isn’t half bad compared to normal methods. So how do we do this? Simple.

First we need: 96 Divination, some starting capital for supplies.

How we do it: 

*Set up a bank loadout to withdraw 24 Adamantite Ore and 40 Incandescent Energy.

*Set this loadout as loadout 1.

*Drag the energy to a slot on your ability bar which has 1 as its hotkey

*Move your mouse over the banker so you can click it.

*Click to bank.

*Press 1 to withdraw your loadout.

*Hold down space to auto-confirm the creation interface.

*Press 1 to bring up the creation menu for Incandescent Energies, then press 1 IMMEDIATELY after you see the XP drop. This allows you to transmute faster than you’d otherwise be able to just using the normal interface.

*Just do this four times, rebank and repeat.

Enjoy excellent XP and profit!